The Junk Yard Woman BY Rick

The Junk Yard Woman
By Rick

I needed a windshield wiper motor for my pick up truck . I usually buy parts at a junk yard because it’s cheaper and the parts are normally in good shape . I called around and was surprised that no local yard had what I needed . I finally found one twenty five miles away I asked the lady to hold the part for me so I could pick it up on Saturday . Saturday morning dressed in my best bums outfit , worn jeans old shoes and a worn out plaid shirt with two flap pockets , I went to the yard . I only got lost once before I found the yard . It was drizzling and my wipers would only work on high speed so I looked like a dumb ass driver . I drove into the yard and went in the office . The only one there was a huge woman she had to be 6’6″ and weighed who knows how much her arm was bigger than my thigh and her thigh had it’s own gravity zone . She was dressed almost exactly like I was except she had boots on . Her long black hair reached her huge ass . Each of her tits had to weigh more than my legs . They were hanging over her big belly and were visible through her shirt which was very tight . Her ass hung over the sides of the stool that she sat on by at least a foot and a half on each side . The seams on her jeans were strained to their limit . She smiled at me and I noticed that she had the biggest teeth that I have ever seen on a human being . But they were straight and white at least she was clean . I wasn’t sure how old she was but I guessed about 40 . You must be the wiper motor she said in a very sexy soft voice . When I had heard her two days earlier I had thought she was about 20 and looked like Brittany Spears man was I wrong . Her long face flared into her neck even though she had a strong Jay Leno chin . She wore bright red lipstick that matched her finger nails . Yep I said that’s me . Got it right here she said . Kind of slow today she said I think I’ll shut down after you leave . I paid her . You run this place by your self I asked . Yep she said since my dad died last year . A big mutt came from behind the counter and sniffed at me . I patted him on his head and he sat next to me and leaned on my leg . Friendly I said . Unusual she said he must like you he doesn’t like many people . What kind of dog is he I asked . Rot and dobie mix . He’s a big guy that’s for sure I said . Like me she said but his ass is smaller . I laughed and said your better looking I said . Please she said flattery won’t get you a discount and you’ve already paid . I laughed and said some of us like larger women . Well she said my last boy friend is missing and some people think I ate him but it isn’t true he moved to California to be with his parents . Do you really like larger women ? I sure do I said ! Would you like to go to dinner ? I asked . Tonight she asked? Yes I said we can go to the Brae Loch in Cazenovia if you like prime rib it’s a great place . I’ve heard of it she said do you think you can afford to feed me ? she asked . Not a problem I said . Well maybe she said . What time ? She asked . When ever you want I said it’s about and hour and twenty minutes from here . Ok she said pick me up here at five tonight . Ok I said . What is your name ? I asked . Cathy she said and yours ? I’m Rick I said . Do I have to get all dolled up ? she asked . No I said . I’ll be wearing slacks and a polo shirt . Ok I’ll have a dress on but nothing fancy she said . Great I said I’ll be here at five all cleaned up . She laughed and said don’t forget to put your new wiper motor in the truck . I said I’ll bring the car every thing on it works . Will I fit in your car ? She asked . No problem I said . Good see you then .
I was back at five P.M. She had a blue dress with a long skirt on . Her bra made her tits look like monster balloons and she was showing about a foot of cleavage . Her makeup was over done her lips were the same bright red that she had on that morning and her eye make up was blue with sparkles in it . I opened the car door for her and we left . What type of music would you like to listen to? I asked . Country would be nice she said . I turned on the radio which was already at a local country station . Nice radio she said . Thanks I said . She turned down the radio and said . Tell me Rick why do you like big women ? Well I said the first time I had sex was with a big woman and I’ve been a chubby chaser ever since . Cool she said . You don’t mind that I’m over a foot taller than you ? She asked . I’ve been short all my life I said so I used to being shorter than most women . Cool she said . What do you do for a living ? She asked . I work for a big PR firm doing advertising and PR for local companies . Would you be interested in a part time job in a recycling yard ? She asked . I have a side job already I said . Doing what ? She asked . I make personal videos for couples . You mean adult stuff ? She asked . Yes I said as a matter of fact I have to make one with a young couple tomorrow afternoon . Cool she said . I’d like to see some of your work . That can be arranged I said maybe after dinner . Cool she said . We had a great meal and were going home when I asked her if she wanted to see some of the videos I had taken . Yes! She said that would be cool . I let her into my double wide and she said typical mans place messy with a big TV . I laughed and offered her a drink . She wanted a martini . I asked gin or vodka ? What are you having ? She asked . nothing I still have to drive you home tonight . No you don’t she said I’m quite comfortable here . Cool I said . Vodka works for me then . I said . Me to . She said . I got the drinks and put a tape in the VCR . It was a couple that I had taped three weeks before . She was a very thin blonde and he was a also a thin blonde with a huge cock . Wow! Cathy said that’s on big dick ! Are you hung like that ? No I said sorry. She reached in my pants and pulled my cock out and started to stroke it . Not to bad she said it should do nicely . I reached over and pulled her left tit out of the dress . Her nipples were the size of dinner plates . I licked the nipple and it quickly hardened and the tip stood out two inches like a small cock . I love that she said . I stood up and helped her out of her clothes and she helped me out of mine . She had a incredibly large hairy pussy the black hair contrasting with the milky white skin making it look even larger . Awesome pussy I said . I’ll bet it tastes great ! She said don’t know never tasted it ! I said have a seat and I’ll let you know . Hold on a second she said you’ll need a condom before we fuck . Not a problem I said and took a new pack from the end table drawer . Cool she said ribbed ! I like that. She sat and I spread her legs and licked her clit and tongue fucked her cunt . I like that she moaned and pushed her cunt into my mouth . So do I ! I said . I put a finger in her pussy and stroked a few times and she came moaning and pushing with her hips . Her nipples were sticking out even further and she was red faced . More she said eat it some more ! I put two fingers in and stroked her pussy while I sucked n her clit . Damn that feels good she said as she came . Her belly was shaking like a bowl of jelly her huge tits were hanging over her arms and she was moaning and groaning and shaking and twisting her nipples . Ugh she said and pushed her hips out and almost fell off the sofa . I stood up and put a condom on and lifted her legs as far up and apart as I could get them and pushed my cock into her pussy . AHHH ! She said and moved her hips in time with my strokes . Fuck me she shouted and I kept on pumping her pussy . I came a few second before she did . She shook so hard that I almost fell over . If I didn’t have a grip on her legs I would have would have hit the floor . I pulled the condom off and backed up a bit . Give me that cock she said . She reached out and grabbed it . I love this cock she said and sucked on it until it was clean . She sucked until it was hard again . Fuck me again ! She demanded . She put another condom on me and I put my cock back in her p
ussy . She was
fingering her clit while I humped . She was cumming hard and fast . I was exhausted when I came again . I pulled my cock out and she laughed while she came again . What’s so funny ? I asked . I was just going to watch TV tonight and go to bed early I was feeling sorry for my self . Now I’m happy and well fucked . I said just another service I supply !

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