The Laundromat

At The Laundromat

It was 1978 and I lived in an apartment that did not have a laundry room , which was normal in the Utica NY area . I would go to the Laundromat in the New Hartford Shopping center early every Sunday morning before the old women came in and hogged all the machines . This Sunday in November it was snowing and very cold around 5 degrees. I parked my car and brought my laundry in . The usual guy that worked on Sunday wasn’t there . I had brought him a coffee because we would sit and drink coffee and talk about cars while my stuff was in the machines . I shrugged my shoulders because there was no one there and loaded the washers and sat down to drink my coffee and read a car magazine .
About five minutes later a short skinny flat-chested girl walked in with a long cigarette in her lips . She was the only platinum blonde that I had ever seen . I noticed that her left arm was shorted than her right and looked withered . She was about 20 years old.
Hi ! She said I need any help I’ll be in the back . She did not have a very attractive face and almost most figure at all. What happened to Bob ? I asked . He quit the boss wanted him to work on Saturday and Wednesday ad he had another job so I got Sunday added to my schedule. To bad he was a good guy I said . Would you like his coffee ? It’s black I said. I sure would she said and sat next to me and took the coffee. You must be Rick the car nut she said and lit her cigarette. You mind if I smoke she asked. No I said it doesn’t bother me. That’s good she said I’m addicted to the damn things . My name is Virginia she said and put out her right hand for me to shake which I did . Be right back she said and went to the back and returned with a lady’s fashion magazine I want to be a fashion designer some day she said. Really I said I want to be a race car driver but it ain’t gonna happen. She smiled and drank her coffee and chain smoked while she read her magazine.
I got up and but my stuff in the dryers . She went to the back room and since she was gone I took out a playboy. I was checking out the centerfold when she returned . She shook her head and said I guess I’ll have to hide from you if you read that you could rape me. I said no unless you want me to . I know she said tapping her chest no tits no sex .
I never said that I replied . The arm isn’t attractive she said and I’ve got no ass either . Virginia I said all you need is a pussy and I’m interested. Really she said ? I got that . I’ll be right back and she left the Laundromat and went to the drug store next door. She came back a couple of minutes later and took a box of ribbed rubbers out of the bag and tossed them at me and said come on to the back room and lets see if your serious.
I got up and followed her into the back room closed and locked the door. By the time I had the door locked she had her top off showing two tiny little pink tipped tits. She pulled down her slacks and panties revealing a remarkably hairy platinum pussy . I picked her up and put her on the folding table and licked and sucked on her nipples and fingered her pussy. She was getting very wet and started to moan. I pushed her further on the table and started to lick her pussy and tongue fuck her . She moaned louder and when I sucked on her clit she came and shook like a leaf in a breeze. I pulled down my pants and shorts I had a hard on she slid off the table and sucked on my cock for a second or two. I but one of the pre lubed rubbers on and put her back on the table and slid my cock in her tiny hairy pussy. She wasn’t tight but she was warm and very wet. I humped her and she moaned and came quickly . I kept on humping until I came . I pulled my cock out and took the condom off and threw it in the trash. I needed that she said I haven’t been fucked in a long time. Me to I said that was a pleasant surprise way to start the day. I started to get dressed she said not so fast I want you to fuck me again and she got on her knees and sucked my cock until it was hard again. I licked her pussy and put on another rubber and she bent over and said I like it doggy style . I slipped my cock in her pussy again and she came almost as soon as I got it in . She said I cum a lot . I guess you do and she came at almost every third stroke. She wasn’t at all quiet either . I humped even after I came until my cock was so limp I couldn’t keep it in any more. I took the rubber off and threw it in the trash . Can I get dressed now I asked? Well I guess so as long as you come back later and fuck me again . I’ll be back after lunch I said . We left the back room and an old lady was putting her laundry in a washer. She gave us a dirty look as if to say I know what you were doing . I took my stuff out of the dryer and put it in my laundry basket and said I’ll be back in a while anything I should bring with me? You know what I want she said.
I smiled and left.
When I came back she was alone in the Laundromat again I was excited but almost as soon as I walked in another girl came in. Hi Val, Virginia said and I noticed a very close family resemblance except her sister had very light red hair but had the bad arm and was even skinnier. Valerie this is Rick , Rick this is my younger sister Valerie. Hello I said . I thought to my self no more sex for a while . Valerie said to me Virginia says that you are a pretty good pussy eater . Lets go in the back I want to see for my self . I smiled and said lead on. She grinned and said cool. Virginia closed and locked the door to the back room.
Valerie took her skirt off she had no panties on. and pulled off her top. Her tits were even smaller than her sister’s her pussy was just as hairy but the light red hair looked even sexier. I started to lick her pussy and her clit . her sister, Virginia , unzipped my fly and started to suck my cock . Valerie came just as easily as her sister. Damn she said you were right he knows how to eat pussy. She started to sweat and moan and groan. She grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her pussy . Damn she said over and over. Virginia was now naked and had put a rubber on my hard cock. Hold on a second she said and hopped up on the table she laid down her ass and legs hanging over the edge of the table now fuck me hard . Her sister said how about me I want him to eat my pussy. I thought for a second and said no problem and picked Valerie up and put her back on top of Virginias ass and told her to wrap her legs around my neck so I could eat her while I fucked her sister. I slipped my cock in Virginia’s pussy and ate Valerie’s pussy at the same time. I humped as long as I could and kept on going until my cock fell out of Virginia’s pussy . I move Valerie off of her sister and put her down. We were all exhausted. That was nice Valerie said It sure was said Virginia we should do this every day ! I don’t think I’m up for that I said . The both laughed . I got dressed and Valerie said I’m taking him home so he can fuck me . I’ll be there in an hour Virginia said don’t wear him out. We went to the trailer that the two sisters shared and I started to lick Valerie’s pussy . She took out a rubber and some lube and said I want it up my ass. I lubed her ass and the rubber and was amazed at how easily my cock slid in her tiny little ass. I said wow that was easier than I thought it would be. I use a dildo in my ass every day it gives the best orgasms. She said between moans she was obviously enjoying her self. I came and pulled out and before I could take the rubber off Valerie grabbed my cock and pulled the rubber off and licked my cock clean . I love it up my ass she said . Virginia doesn’t but she is a great pussy eater . Most guys don’t like us because we are so thin and the withered arm turns them off. I normally like fat women myself I said but I’ve never been accused of being choosy and both of you are awesome ! You like fat women she said . Yes I do . Can I call my neighbor ? She is almost 400 pounds and wants to get fucked . She is a 30 year old virgin . I’d love to see her loose it . Sure I said I’ve never seen
a virgin before. Valerie
got up and dialed the phone . I heard her talking to someone . She hung up and said she’ll be over in half an hour or so she wants to shower and wash her hair. Ok I said I could use a rest. We were both sitting there naked when Virginia came in. She stripped as soon as she had closed the trailer door. Hold on Valerie said Karen will be coming over soon and Rick is going to fuck her and we can watch.
Awesome Virginia said I want to see that . Did Valerie tell you that she’s a virgin?
Yes she did I said . Did she tell you the she is huge ? Yes I like big women I said.
Wild Virginia said . She went to a drawer and took out a couple of dildos and handed one to her sister. They started to play with them selves Virginia had hers’ in her pussy and Valerie had hers’ in her ass. I just watched my cock getting hard again. The two sisters put on quite a show and I lost track of time but my cock was hard as a rock when Karen came in the trailer . She had a heavy over coat and boots on. When she took the coat off she was naked except for the boots . I’ll keep the boots on she said my feet get cold easily. Karen was a brunette and at least 400 pounds. She looked at my hard cock and said I want that . I said relax a bit of foreplay first. I started to kiss her and fondle her huge tits and suck on her nipples . She moaned and I started to play with her pussy. I lead her to the bed and spread her legs. I licked her pussy and clit she was wet and came after I ate her for ten minutes. I put a rubber on and lubed her pussy. Even though I was using a lubed rubber I didn’t ant to hurt her . I tipped her as far back as I could to get access to her hairy pussy. I slipped my cock in and was stopped my her virginity. I pushed hard and broke free. She screamed and came at the same time . I humped and humped since I had fucked so much that day it took some time for me to cum. She almost fainted by the time I finished she had cum many times. Thank you she said it was great !
It was wonderful I said . Virginia and Valerie stood up and applauded .

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