The Layover (part2)

The Layover part 2
by mousie

“BOO!” he nearly jumps out of his skin as her breath escapes from from that single word and connects with the tender skin behind his ear. God she was close….So close he could smell her gardinia perfume, feel her body heat, and taste her breath. She tasted like vanilla…
“So are we ready?” she takes him lightly by the arm and steers him towards the door, using his elbow to guide him along and standing close enough for her thigh to lightly brush his as they walked towards the exit.
Once outside, the driving rain and chilling are more than enough to clear his head, and deciding to take the chivaric rout, he pulls her back under the awning just before she pulls him into the raging storm. Then walking out to the curb, his coat pulled tight with one hand, he gives the classic whistle with the other and after a moment a taxi pulls to a stop. She runs over to the taxi, and as he pulls open the door slides in, pulling him in after her with an almost child-like giggle.
He almost crashes into her, pulling the cab door shut behind him self.
“Where can I takes yous folks tonight?” At the cabbies inquirey, she looks over at him,
“would you mind too terribly if we stopped by my apartment for a minute, just so i can change out of my work uniform into something a little more appropriate?”
“No not at all…..i wouldn’t mind changing myself,but i left my luggage at the airport,” he says, remembering the locker. She gives another musical laugh.
“Don’t worry, I think i have a few things lying around that may fit you from when my brother came for a week last month. He’ll be back for them I’m sure, but I dont think he’ll mind if you use them.” she taps the glass and murmurs and address to the cabbie and he drives off into the storm.
It only takes a few minutes to reach her apartment, and he follows her to into the elevator and to the top floor to her apartment.She pulls out a set of keys from her purse and rattles through them till she finds the right one, then slides it in to the key hole, looking up to catch him watching her before turning it smoothly and slowly in the lock. Once unlocked she opens the door and goes in in front of him. He watches her hips as she walks trasfixed as a rabbit watching a cobra.
As she flicks on the lighting, his attention is drawn away from her and to his surroundings. The walls are all draped with bright satins and richly colored silks making him vaguely feel like he has wandered into a scene from arabian knights. All along the walls, planters with all different kinds of flowers in them were sitting everywhere, giving the air a faint floral scent.
“Champainge Jason?” the two word drifting past his earlobe send shivers down his back and make his head spin……vanilla. He turns around and accepts the stemmed flute form her, holding it up in a brief salute before taking a drink, “To reunions,” she nods, a slight bowing of her head, her eyes never leaving his as she raises her glass slightly then brings it to her lips. He watches her bring he glass up to her mouth, then moisten the bottom rim of the glass slightly with the tip of her tounge before taking a drink. She finishes the champainge in a couple of swallows, then once he has finished, she collects the flutes.
“Go ahead and make yourself comfortable Jason, I’m going to freshen up a bit, back in a flash,” she gives him another heated look then dissappears into the bathroom. He sits down on one of the reclining sections of the couch and sits back but doesn’t recline it. He looks at his watch again……7:32. He looks at the bathroom door, wondering how long it will take her to come out, counting the minutes 7:33……….:34…….35……yaAAWWwwnn..7:30……….
It takes a few minutes for him to realize that something is not quite right when he wakes up. It takes a few more to figure out what is wrong. I can’t move! he thinks.He tries to move his arms and legs again and moves them a few inches before some unseen force stops them from further movement and a metalic jangle is heard. He tries to turn his head to see what he is being held by and becomes suddenly aware of a blindfold of some sort tied snugly around his head. He hears her mellodius laugh from somewhere in the room and everything crashes back to him…..the layover, running into Meg, the taxi, the champaigne….the CHAMPAINGE! She must have slipped something into it without him realizing it!
“I am sorry” she cooes in his ear,”I couldn’t take the chance on you taking off on me just yet” he feels her weight settle on to the bed beside him as she leans acrossed him and whispers lightly into his other ear,
“I have always wanted you….and tonight I am going to have you.” then his world is a vanilla cloud as she leans over to capture his lips with hers. She licks slowly over his lips with the tip of her tounge, then slips between them invading his mouth with her intoxicating taste as she carresses his tounge with her own. It’s not untill she throws one leg over him to straddle his hips that he realizes he is completely naked. He can only imagine what she is wearing as he feels silken material slide up the already rock hard length of his shaft. She grinds her body down hard onto his hard throbbing erection, moaning slightly as she feels him harden even more against her. He grinds his head back into the soft perfumed pillow, more excited than he has ever been in his life, wishing like hell he could see around whatever it was she has tied over his eyes.
“please,” he croaks out in a voice he barely recognizes, “let me see you…..”
“not yet lover….” she whispers against his mouth, “be patient and you will have what you want.”
She rotates her hips against him in a steady rythm as she covers his face with slow tantalizing kisses, tracing from his chin, down his throat, back up to his ear, then down the side of his neck. He feels her hot breath on his neck sending goose bumps acrossed his exposed skin. He heres her giggle slightly, a low throaty sound that sounds sexy as hell making him grind his hips up into her harder, trying to releive some of the pressure that she has built in his shaft with her dry ride. By this time he can feel the moisture of her body’s arrousal soaking the crotch of the silken garment she wears, and being even more turned on by it. He growls deep and low in his throat as he feels himself swell under the weight of her body at his hips.
Hearing his growl, she shifts her hips a bit and moves down, giving his chest her full attention as she nibbles her way from one side to the other, stopping to suck and bite his nipples before moving down his rib cage to his flat stomach.She covers the smooth skin of his stomach with kisses, paying special attention to the hollows of his hips and his belly button. She was so damned close to his throbbing erection, he could only think about how her lips would feel like heaven wrapped around his hot shaft. His breathing was coming fast and ragged and he strains against the chains that hold his hands and feet in spite of him self.
Then, without warning, she stops kissing the skin on his belly and he feels her weight shift on the bed. He groans in frustration as her feels her heat leave him, feeling bereft and chilled and aroused to the point of losing it. Suddenly he feels a tug on the fabric covering his eyes. He looks over to see her knealing beside him on the bed, her large firm breasts exposed and her long brown hair a wild mane, her face flushed with the heat of the moment. Then giving him a searing look of pure animal lust she moves up slightly. She turns so that he can see her perfectly rounded ass mostly exposed by the silky blck thong she wears, then with slow deliberation slides her fingers down her hips, catching the slender pieces of fabric, drags them down her hips and thighs, casting them to one side. When she turns her back to him and straddles his shoulder putting her tight hot female core right up in his face, he has no doubt in his mind what is expected of him. He pauses for a
moment to look at her womaness, shaved, firm,
and perfectly shaped. She moves back a little farther giving him easy and complete access to her and he responds to her cues by leaning into her a bit and spreading her open with his lips, he centers in on that spot he knows she wants.He positions his lips around the small bud sucking it to make it pop out a bit for easier access. He feels hes grip his upper thighs, digging in with her nails, and knowing he has the right spot, shows no mercy. He sucks it in a bit farther, hearing her moan as he flicks his tounge over the very tip.
She wraps her hand tightly around the base of his shaft, then teasing him slightly, licks the tip of the head, flicking her tounge over it a few times and breathing lightly on him before taking him fully into her mouth. She hears him groan loadly as she slowly pulls back, running her tounge back and forth along the top of his shaft, then reaching the tip, swirls her toung around the head sucking like a hoover vacuum cleaner. By this point he is starting to worry, as her attentions on his thick cock have him very close to the edge, and the last thing he wants is to finish before she does. He cleches down hard holding back the explosion that is threatening to overtake him, focusing on the task at hand. As if she knows how close he is, she stops her assault on his hard erection for a moment , moving her hands down to rub his balls instead, nibbling lightly on the inside of his thighs as he fights for control.He works her clit for a moment longer then moving down to her wet, hot center, he sticks his tounge as far into her tight pussy as he can, feeling strong muscles work against his invading tounge as he pistons it in and out. As he moves back to capture her clit once more, he feels her shift her hips slightly, pushing herself down into his face. He zeroes in on her hot little nub and sucks hard on it, drawing it into his mouth and flicking his tounge over the sensitive tip. She moves back to his shaft, taking him so far into her mouth he can feel the head run into the back of her throat. He quickens the pace, determined to get her to cum before he does, feels her groan against him, every muscle in her body tense with aproaching ecstasy. He fights for control of his body, feeling his balls tighten in anticipation of release, frantically working her over with his tounge and lips. She releases his hard cock from the wet torture of her mouth and throws her head back with a savage cry, grinds her wet pussy into his face as the climax tears through her body making her tremble and shake. She moans as he continues his tounge’s assault of her body till he feels the tremors slow and her body relax.
She rolls off him as the last spasm leaves her, and as she leaves the bed, he wonders what comes next. He is so arroused his cock has its own heart beat and remembering her the way her mouth felt on his most intimate part he draws a sharp breath. She doesn’t leave him wondering long. He hears a snap as his wrist manacles are unfastened, Then moving to the foot of the bed, unchains his ankles, freeing her captive as quickly as she had captured him. He looks at her curiously, not sure what to do. She looks at him with a sideways smile and a sparkle in her eyes.
“You don’t expect me to do ALL the work do you?” she gives him a tinkling laugh.”My arms are tired, you be on top for a while.”
Not waiting around for an engraved invitation, he captures her face in his hands and her mouth in a long deep kiss, guides her down to the bed, lowering himself gently on top of her. He positions his elbows under her knees, looking at her face closely and seeing no hesitation in her eyes, slides her knees up to rest on his shoulders. He reaches down and grabs his shaft,. moistening the sensitive tip in her wet folds before, braced at the entrance to her heaven, he thrust his hips, burying his entire 7 inches in her up to the balls. So tight…..Watching her face, her eyes close tightly at the moment of penetration, lips parting slightly as her breath comes in quick short gasps, he nearly cums on the spot. He pulls out not quite withdrawing from her, moves with short quick strokes. She wiggles her hips, trying to take more of him in as he teases her with the head of his shaft. He keeps it up as long as he can working her into a frenzy beneath him. He feels her tight wet pussy tighten around him even more as she reaches again for release and is unable to deny his body any longer. He drives fully into her, hammering her as hard as he can. He drives into her with powerfull thrusts, feeling his his orgasm over take him with the force of a flood just as another ragged cry is torn from her. He shakes with the force of his release wondering momentarily if he is having a heart attack as he releases his own roar of pleasure, burying himself deep into her as cums harder than he ever has. He groans as the last shot is buried deep inside of her, then rolling to the side as his body colapses to avoid crushing her, he pulls her still trembling body into a tender embrace and drifts into the deepest sleep he has ever experianced…………
TO BE CONTINUED……………..(if ya like my work, post a comment and let me know…..i wanna know what ya think)

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  1. innerpretzel

    This story is absolutely amazing. you need to keep writing.

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  2. Great Story-very erotic

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  3. funnyman

    some of the best writing this website has ever seen. I feel like I should be paying for this story.

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