The Nagging Mom

Your my mom and I just wont take this shit from you anymore, always telling me what to do so I am going to teach you a lesson.

It’s just gone 7am and dads gone to work, you are your usual self nagging us to go to school well I’m almost 16 and sick of it, no more school for me. I decide to throw a sickly and make believe I’m bad while you get the others off to school, I lounge in bed waiting and plotting my revenge for all the nagging and moaning from my dear slut of a mother. The house is empty just you and me now..

I know that around 9.30 you take your shower and start getting ready, all because of the other sickish in the past that I have pulled. So to pass the time I strip off my pyjamas and play with myself until its time to pounce. I always love building myself up to a climaxed and the with holding. I decide to play with my 8 inch cock working it up till just before I am ready to spurt my load then hold back. Dreaming and thinking of what I am about to do to my mother. It has to happen, all these years just wanting to fuck my moms cunt sore.

There she comes I hear, footsteps plodding up the stairs, I here you go into your bedroom and start getting undressed so I leap out of bed and pear through the crack in the half opened door. I glimpse the dreams of all my past winks standing before me. My mother just about to slip off here nightly. I gazed as you slowly began to pull up your nightly revealing no knickers as your nights half around your waste, then suddenly pulling your nightly down as you sensed me at your door.

I walked into your room and you asked: ” How long were you there” .

Typical you I thought, always snapping at me, ever since I was a kid I was always the one doing wrong, it was never the others, always me! Now it was time I though, threes no going back, I need to teach you a lesson I though, this will end all the pain I have suffered from being pushed out by my brother and sister and for that I blame my mom.

The anger just seem to take over my body before I knew it I pushed you down on to the bed, you screamed out at me as you knew what was coming I was still naked and my erection pressed hard against your soft nightly, planted firm against your backside.

You shout out ” What are you doing” I am your mother”

I tell you I am going to rape you and tell you why.

” But son you can’t do this”

Now my cock is just waiting to burst, the realisation that I was about to rape my own mother just made my 8 inch fat cock seem Hugh. I have always had a big cock and the girth was hard to fit my whole hand round. Now was the time to get some real flesh wrapped around my manhood, and what better cunt than my own mothers.

Slowly I lifted your nightly to reveal your wide bare ass just waiting for my pleasure, I held you down by your hair and had to keep a tight grip on your long greyer fair hair while I moved your legs apart ready for my rock hard dick. As you struggle to escape your sons member from carrying out his fantasy, You feel your hair been ripped out your head every time you desperately try to escape this nightmare.

I have you just where I want you my own mother at my mercy, I slowly place my cock between your legs and begin to force your fanny lips apart, you feel my cock slowly part your moist lips and gradually stretch you cunt like it has never been stretched before, the pain is unbearable as my cock slides deeper and deeper until finally all eight inches are rammed into your warm cunt. I cant believe my moms warm cunt is tightly wrapped around her sons dick, utterly humiliated by your own son you scream out.

” No No, don’t do this to me.

I need you and want to pump your pussy sore, I thrust once in and out quickly to here you beg me to stop. Every thrust of my hard cock inside you makes you squeal for an end to this, but what you don’t realise is this is all I have wanted from you for years, your begging just for fills my dream more. By now I am pounding in and out your cunt stretching you lips more and more.

I ask you what it feels like having your sons dick deep inside you and for just one moment you forget and think to yourself that this is the best fuck you have ever had, but this cant be happening and is not right.

You yell out ” Stop you bastard”’STOP” Your hear is pounding with confusion, this your enjoying, but so wrong. You feel you pussy buzzing with excitement and it grips tighter then ever around my thrusting cock, it feels as if you are milking away at my manhood, my balls tighten as I slap faster and faster against my own mothers arse as her pussy slowly milks me away.

Suddenly I feel the pressure of my dreams rushing to escape deep into my moms cunt, shooting and pulsing my cock goes into your cunt so deep that you feel my spunk gushing deep into your hole flooding back out around my shaft after gushing deep down into your now wet pussy.

You lay on the bed as I lay folded and arched over your bent arse. My cock slips out and your cunt drips my spunk like a dripping tap running down your legs.

You think finally its over. But I got other ideas, I quickly massage my cock back into order, slowly it begins to respond to my next dream of a lifetime. A blow job by my mothers very own lips. Surely this would make her realise I thought, I need respect, I need her to make up for all the lost love, and this was my way of getting back all this. Now she has no choice. As she lay dazed on the bed I began to roll her over. She looked startled that I wanted to humiliate her even more and began to struggle once again.

There was a gap just under the headboard where the pillows lay neatly at the top of the bed, I grabbed her legs and slowly dragged my fighting mother to the top of the bed, from there I pushed the bed away from the wall enough to force her legs under the gap beneath the headboard, the bed was in the middle of the room but my mothers legs were pinned, clamped down by the fixed headboard. I then got back on the bed and pulled her arms above her head so she had no choice but to tilt her head backwards towards my cock, there she was pinned down just facing my increasing hard cock starring into her five, I gradually put my cock to her lips and tried to force her to swallow but she held a firm grip on her mouthy and knew if she let this happen that this would be the biggest humiliation of all, if she let her son do this, he would win. I had no choice but to quickly slap her face to make her lose her fight,, but still she resisted to take me.

But I knew how I could win, quickly I held both arms under my knees and held her nose with one of my hands hoping she would gasp for breath, while the other arm made sure she could not escape from underneath my knees, my cock was waiting for the breath she would take, just waiting to plunge deep into my mothers mouth, finally I could see she was about to give up so I placed my cock against her tight lips waiting for her to open her mouth and got ready to grab hold of her arms as my knees released the lock on her arms when I made my move, there it was my moment.

Her mouth began to open, quickly I drove all my spunk covered cock deep into here waiting mouth, she nearly gapped as the tip hit the back of her throat, I quickly resumed hold of her arms as she struggled to take the length of my shaft, looking down I saw my mothers mouth rapped tight around my glistening dick.

I began to slide my dick in and out of her mouth slowly letting her take more and more. By now she was getting used to taking more so I thrust deeper and deeper into my moms tight mouth as I watched the fear glaze of her eyes looking back at me. Seeing her look at me while I savagely fucked her mouth brought me to my limit, As I felt my come beginning to shoot I drove my cock deep down her throat and began shooting every last spurt into her delicate mouth not letting back until she swallowed every last drop.

My quest was fulfi
lled, as I got up, there she was, her cunt was still glistening and her lips were covered in my sp
unk, traces of come left around her mouth.

Then I heard this shouting, David David, but who could be calling me, I thought.

I was confused, suddenly I realised, it had all been a dream, yet another blooming fantasy.

The shouting was my mom waking me for school, nagging nagging..! Ho well I thought,, Hum… Think I will throw a sickly.


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  1. knowledge

    This is sick evven with your lil comment at the end. To fantasize about raping any woman let alone your mom u have a problem. Secondly please learn how to spell

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  2. adam

    Damn that was good kept me hard all the storie make a part 2 with your aunt or something Keep writing!!!

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