The new agency girl part2

The new agency girl part2

This is the second part of what happened when i employed a new member of staff read the first part before continuing.

I came into the office the next day (saturday) didn’t see my secretary as she was at the toilet but when i got to my desk there was some blue panties lying on my desk i new they weren’t the agency girls because they were the wrong colour. These pair were obviously worn as there was a big stain on them.

My secretary came back from the toilet and before i could say anything she said your due me a new pair of panties thats what you did to me yesterday.
I said you were watching she nodded and then smiled i didn’t know you were so big or good, i said your a married woman your not supposed to know. At that moment my new employee arrived and i said we’ll continue this descussion over lunch. She goes back to her office to continue working i was thinking hard about what to say or do at lunchtime.

I walked over to kelly with a pile of work for her to get through as i stood up she turn’s cups my cock and balls and kisses them through my trousers i stick my hand down her top and feel her tits there’s no bra i said what about panties, she spreads her legs and says feel i run my finger up her slit and feel a hint of wetness, i resist and say after work there’s to much to do i notice her stiff nips so i bend down and kiss her gently on the lips while i just brush her nipple with the palm of my hand she moans into my mouth but i walk away with a semi erection.

I go through to see carol as i need files she can see my cock bulge but dosen’t stare, i notice she isn’t wearing a bra and wonder to myself is she wearing panties almost give myself a hardon thinking about it.

At lunchtime i tell kelly that she get’s an hour and that carol and i are going for lunch, she can have lunch here or there a couple of bakers around the corner, me and carol will be back in about a hour and a half.

Me and carol get lunch at a local pub which is nice and cosy we were just talking normally when i felt a foot run up my leg and touch my cock it was so soft at first i thought nah it never happened as carol’s face never changed then it happened again and my cock started to respond she smiled at me and rubbed her enormous nipples through her blouse and said i want to see that big cock.

I was hard as a rock when she said that, we rushed lunch and drove to a local park took out a blanket and walk to a secluded part and disappeared into the bushes.

I had just spread the blanket and sat down when she dove right into my lap and started licking my cock through my trousers. She took my belt out and slid my trousers down i had no boxers on so my cock just stood right up she let out a little scream of joy and said “ive never seen one this big” and sucked on it’s big head i lay back and enjoyed the feeling.

She stopped after about five minutes lifted her skirt and was about to straddle me but i stopped her as i wanted to taste that pussy.

That pussy that looked well looked after trimmed neatly and had nice puffy lips i slipped down her body and slide my tongue from her asshole right over her clit she let’s out a groan and unbuttons her blouse as i stick my tongue in her pussy and lick her clit i rub those big nipples.

I was down there 2 min’s and she pulls me up and demands that i fuck her good and hard. I rub my cock up and down her slit before forcing it right into her hard she let’s out a scream digs her nails into the blanket and pushes her cunt up to meet my thrusts cums hard then collapses, but i keep fucking her almost limp body suddnly she bites my shoulders and digs her heels and nails into my back and pleads don’t stop don’t stop.

Im close now trying to hang out for her second orgasm she just gets there before me and i cum hard i can feel her pussy muscle’s grip my cock as it milk’s the cum from my balls. I roll of exhausted and lay there she rest her hand on my cock it feels good but we have to get back to the office i tell her.

When we get to the office Carol goes back to work in her office i open my door to see kelly lying on my desk naked with her hair falling over the side and one knee raised such a sight i had an instant hardon i walked over took out my cock and slapped it on her chin she takes it deep into her mouth and then spit’s it out and says you’ve been fucking on your break i can taste her on your cock i smile and say there’s still plenty for you if your interested.

She complains a little until i run my finger up her beautiful slit and circle her button this is enough for her to gulp my cock down her throat and suck like theres no tomorrow i was in heaven.

I lean down and have a little taste of that amazing pussy just the aroma could make me cum, musky but sweet, i had to have her i spun her round slammed my cock into her fucking her hard for about 10min’s and withdrew and shot over her tits,stomach and pussy.

I scoop a big drop up and feed it to her with my fingers, she sucks my fingers hard and says i feel like ive been ripped open and still have a cock inside me. We have to do this more often she say’s.

Needless to say i had them both working late into the night…………..and not only on paperwork.


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