The new agency worker

The new agency girlpart1

Hello im writing of an experience i won’t forget when i was working as an accountant and needed someone to help with the overload of paper work. My secretary suggested that i get help from an agency. I got her to do all the paperwork for the hired help while i got stuck into the pile on my desk it should only take me 3 weeks to get back on track. My secretary carol told me that i had interviews for the the help the next day from 1oclock onwards and she would take a pile of my work home with her. I have to tell you my secretary is one hot woman 36d 28 34 and 36 yrs old with long brunette hair with blonde ends for the last 3in of it married and not interested in work relationships (bummer) always wears a short skirt and tight blouses just to tease me i think.

The next afternoon arrived and i had just cleared my desk for the interviewes. The interviews past and they were all middle aged women or young guys i was hoping for something better but had one left to do and she was late i sent carol home and tidied my office giving her just 10 more minutes when this gorgeous woman came in about 25 with the same figure as carol but a thinner waist she said my secretary let her in i said hello let’s get started it’s friday and i want a night out.

While i was looking at her cv she kept figiting and touching her stomach while i was questioning her she was still playing with her stomach i asked her what was wrong she showed me her belly button ring it was just done this morning and a little red. I jokingly asked her if she had anymore she smiled and said yes i automatically look at her breasts but couldn’t see an outline she noticed and laughed and said down there i thought she was joking but we got talking about piercings i said i wouldn’t have any done but ive got tattoo’s she said let’s see i said show me your’s first we laughed but i showed my tats anyway there on my arms and back.She told me she was impressed with my body i told her thats the reason that i need help, spent to much time in the gym than working. She was stroking my back which was turning me on, the tat on my back was still healing

When she walked around the front of my body she noticed my hardon trying to burst out of my trousers she laughed and stroked it and said do you need some help i laughed and said if your offering she licked my stomach kissed me then grinded her body against my cock we were kissing hard when she ran her nails down my stomach, biting my cock through my trousers it wasn’t sore but such a turn on, removing my trousers my cock slapped her in the face she giggled and said it’s so big, can’t wait to have this monster inside me, im 9in long and as thick as her wrist, she was licking me getting me nice and wet massaging my balls and tickling them with her nails i could feel my cum building fast. I stop her and pulled her up she groaned but i needed to get my mouth on her amazing tits, slowly i sripped her while planting kisses all over her body.

Come and feel how wet you have made me as she sit’s on my desk and pulls her panties to the side she pulls my cock to her and rubs it against her clit she pulls my head just inside her tight pussy she holds me there and contracts her pussy muscles and rubs her clit furiously she cums hard screaming and falls back onto my desk my cock slips out with a pop and i imediately go down and suck on her clit she is so sensitive she almost jumps off of the desk she giggles as i chase her around the room i corner her a my leather couch, she kneels on it and wiggles her ass at me i dutily move up behind her and inssert the head of my cock into her pussy and without warning i slam it into her i ignore her screams and pound her really hard, moaning really hard she starts to push back at me i reach around and rub her clit she cums hard i pull out just as im about to cum spin her around and cum on her face she wasn’t expecting it but opens her mouth wide and take’s it.

I leave her on the couch panting and go and sit in my chair to relax, she is scooping the cum off her face and sucking her fingers she smiles cheekily and crawls over to me and starts to clean my cock she is rubbing her pussy at the same time and her ass is wriggling about on this is turning me on so much im hard in seconds she climbs onto my lap and inserts my cock into her pussy and grinds onto me her tits bouncing an inch from my face i pull her back into me so i can get my tongue on these fantasric tits i suck her nipples out there about ½in long the i flick my tongue over them really fast bairley touching them she’s moaning her nails digging into my shoulders she cums and slumps onto me biting my neck as her orgasm subsides she climbs off of me and says your still hard, i said with your body i’ll be hard all night.

I stand up and turn her around i let my cock stand up against her back with my balls at the crack of her ass i cup her tits squeeze her nipples gently then run my hands all over her body running my fingers up between her puffed up lips she is making contented noises and her body contracts everytime i touch her clit. I push her body down onto the table and push my cock into her from behind and pump her slow and gentle with long strokes within five mins i feel my cum building again and her groans are rising i increase the tempo, she grips the table she groaning with every stroke now im realy close and pump really hard and deep in short sharp strokes i feel her contract on my cock and it sends me over the edge i cum deep into her pussy and slump over her exhausted she moans and reaches behind her to stop me from pulling out of her we lay there till my cock slips out of her she turns round bends down and cleans my cock with her tongue saying thats incase i don’t get the job. I said i had already decided to employ you before you touched my cock you start in the morning if you can make it. For that cock anything she say’s, shall i wear underwear, why i said it’s only more for me to take off.

When we left what we didn’t see was carol hiding behind her desk she had been watching through the blinds.

To be continued

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