The Non-Vanilla Club by Screw3

The Non-Vanilla Club Part 3 by Screw3 copy write Aug 17, 2004

We ended part 2 with Andrea sucking Phil’s cock and Gina the voluptuous barmaid and part owner of the Club knocking at the door. Oh yes Phil had just finished giving Andrea 30 strokes with a birch switch. (see part 2 for the details)
Phil answered the knock on the door leaving Andrea kneeling on the floor licking up his cum that had spilled from her mouth. “Who the fuck is bothering me. I paid for 3 hours not 1.”
“It’s me Gina. I have a business proposition for you.”
Phil opened the door as naked as he was born. Gina took a look at his now flaccid dick and touched it. “It is still pretty large even after getting sucked. I wonder if Andrea is slipping. That is beside the point. You knew you were being watched, I assume.”
“Yes, I figured that out. It was not rocket science to do that. So?”
“The ladies watching bid on the next hour and the third hour. You get 1500 for the second, and 1000 for the third. Plus I will throw in a years membership in the club for free id you agree to letting them bid on you again once a week.”
“You want to give me that much money for screwing these women. They must be rich old hags or something.”
“Rich, yes, Old is a relative thing . One is young and number two will be her mother. Her husband is being dominated as the wife is also a sub they don’t work well together.”
“Is this the young one’s husband or the mother’s husband? Not that that matters very much.”
“The mother’s and it does matter. From what I overheard them saying the young one is a virgin and the mother wants to watch her being deflowered properly.”
Phil started laughing. “For some reason that strikes me as frightfully Victorian, but makes it very interesting.” Thinking for a minute, “You shall give Andrea $500 of the money from your half of the money, of course. She shall also remain to assist me and you will tell her while I take a leak. That is unless you would like to hold my dick while a pee.”
Now it was Gina’s turn to laugh. “That might be interesting, but I am a Dominatrix and we would probably spend an hour flagellating each other.”
Gina told Andrea the news and started to release her form the chains. “No way Gina. He might spend the next hour beating me and the customer would want her money back. Go ask his permission first.”
“Phil, Andrea wants your permission for me to release her.”
“Damn it Gina, I thought you changed your mind about aiming my dick for me. Yes, go ahead and tell her it is all right. I gather she agreed to the arrangement then.”
Gina released Andrea after squeezing her nipples. “I’ve always wanted to have you as my sub partner.”
“I know and if I ever decide to switch hit, you would be my first choice.” They whispered so Phil would not hear them. Gina left and returned and returned with the blonde Angela.
Angela was dressed in a Catholic School Girls outfit. Phil gave her the same instructions he had given to Andrea. “Strip as seductively as possible.” He was sitting in a chair with his back to the two way mirror so that Angela would be facing it.
“There are people watching us. Do I have to do that?”
“Yes, and you have to be punished for not showing the proper respect after you remove your garments.”
“No one has ever struck me. I did not think that was part of the deal. You were just to remove me from this curse of virginity.”
“You are in a room dedicated to discipline and if you expect me to fuck you then you will call me either sir or master. Is that clear? No, you stand there and Andrea will strip you then I will spank you.”
Phil moved the chair so the onlookers would have a better view. Angela stood there as Andrea unbuttoned her white blouse and removed it revealing a glorious set of C cup tits. They were held in place by a bandeau that Andrea removed. Then she unzipped the plaid skirt and opened the button holding it together revealing plain white cotton panties. Andrea pulled them down and wondered if switch hitting would be such a bad idea. She had never undressed another female before and she was turned on by the experience.
“Now Angela I want you to face me and kiss me.”
“Yes, master.”
After the kiss with only their lips touching Phil said, “Now lay across my lap so you can see the wall attachments that I can use if needed.”
Hesitantly Angela did it knowing everyone behind the mirror could see her bare ass and shaved pussy. “Now Angela you are to say thank you and count each slap I give your bare ass with my hand.”
“Please remember master that I have never been spanked before.”
“He raised his right hand and she dutifully replied thank you and the number. By the time he reached twenty-one she was ready and wet. “Go lay on the bed on your back.”
He looked at Andrea who was busy playing with herself. “Andrea go eat her pussy and get her ready for me. You have my permission to cum when she does.”
The bed was located so that the watchers got a complete view of this. Andrea found that she was enjoying this and did to Angela the things she liked having done to her. Angela found herself cumming all over Andrea’s lips. Then Phil moved Andrea out of his way and plunged into Angela’s virgin cunt. She was so busy spasming that she did not feel her hymen being ruptured and wrapped her legs around his back. His cock opened her extremely wet sex canal with no resistance whatever as the muscles were opening and closing from her succession of orgasms. Phil who had already cum in Andrea’s mouth was under total control and pulled out from her cunt still hard. He motioned Andrea to lay there and as he started fucking her he instructed Angela to get on Andrea’s face and she could eat her pussy out again.
“Make sure you drink all her cum and mine as well.”

To be continued

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