The Older The Better

The Older The Better
by Rick

This is a true story. All the names have been changed to protect all of us perverts involved. I was in my early twenties at the time and Dolores was in her mid fifties. This happened in the early 1970’s. I had finished college and was starting my career with the company that I still work for. Dolores worked in the plant I had worked for her during summers while I worked in maintenance during my high school and college years. Dolores was rumored to be bi and one hot piece of ass. She had been married three times and had several children. She was thin with short hair dyed black.
“Rick what the hell are you doing here? I thought you had graduated from college and would have found a real job!”
“Well the boss offered me a job and the only other offers I had were in Florida and Texas. I can’t take the heat. The army made an offer but I wasn’t all that interested and I have a high draft number. I don’t plan on staying here forever just long enough to build some experience and the get a job for one of the big public relations companies.”
“Good for you this place has never paid anyone well.”
“I’m starting a company news paper and would like you to be the reporter for the plant.”
“I don’t write very well and my spelling is awful.”
“That’s ok I’ll be correcting all the grammar and spelling. All I need is the basic stories.”
“I’ll tell you what take me to dinner Friday night and we can talk about it. As long as the boss pays for it.”
“Ok that will be fine with me and I agree the boss will have to pay for it. Where do you want to go?”
“How about the steak house in the Treadway?”
“Ok that will be fine with me I like steak.”
I went around and arraigned for three other reporters and introduced my self to the managers and explained what I was going to do. Most of them knew me from my days in maintenance and most seemed to be surprised that I had come back to work there after college. I went back to my desk in the general office. I started on the design of the paper and sent a memo to the boss explaining how I had planed to handle company paper project and proposed a budget.
The boss thought it was a great idea, but his eldest son, known as Junior the senior pain, thought that it was a waste of time, money and effort. His dad overrode him because he had a consulting company recommend that the company hire a PR person and start a company paper. I had explained that I would proof read and clean up all the articles. Junior wanted to read them as well before the paper was printed. We all agreed to that. After junior left the meeting early, to play golf, his dad said I wasn’t to worry about him.
“He won’t actually read any of the paper he just wants to pretend he has control over everything. He is mostly an accountant.”
I went back to work and since we didn’t have and computers started to type an article explaining the reason for the paper. It was a busy week because I had to go to all the branches and introduce myself to everyone there. Friday morning I went to Dolores and asked what tie she wanted to have dinner so I could make reservations. She said that seven would be fine since her eldest son would be home by then and could take care of the rest of her brood.
I arrived at her apartment at 6:45 and she came to the door and said that she was ready and grabbed her purse and coat. She was wearing a mini skirt and a tight top the made her B-cup tits look larger than the really were.
“Did I ever tell you that the older a woman is the better she is.”
“No I don’t thinks so.”
“You’ll agree with me I’m sure.”
She laughed and we chatted about work and the people in the plant and the office. She said that she though Junior was a pain in the ass was always hitting on the younger women in the plant.
“Some day that jerk is going to get some poor dumb girl pregnant. I wonder what his wife will say about that.”
“I wonder what his dad will say!”
“He will try and hide it from daddy as long as he can. Junior must be the laziest human being alive. He didn’t get to work until 2 this afternoon and the left at 3!”
“He had a golf game with some friends.”
“Maybe he had some blonde to play with!” We both laughed.
We were seated by a cute waitress with huge tits who was showing a lot of cleavage.
“Nice tits on her eh Rick?”
“I could hardly help but notice.”
“Me either I like women and men, you may have heard about that.”
“I had heard rumors but I don’t but a lot of sock in rumors.”
“I not only give a great blow job I’m a damn good pussy eater as well.”
“Well I’m a pretty good pussy eater as well.”
“We can see after dinner we can rent a room here and spend the night. I hate to be rushed.”
“We can go to my apartment if you want to.”
“Where do you live Rick?”
“I have an apartment on Green street. An older Polish lady owns the building I have the entire upstairs two bedrooms and a big living room.”
“Your sure the landlady won’t mind? I can be loud when I cum.”
“The carpet is thick and I can never hear anything from her place.”
“Cool lets have some wine with dinner after I have another martini.”
We got to my apartment at about 11 P.M. Dolores was pretty much drunk. She had jerked me off in the car on the way and had licked her hand clean and giggled.
When I took her coat off she asked for a beer so I got one for her and one for me. We were making out on y sofa when she took her top off and I took her bra off. Her nipples were hard and as I sucked n them she came. I slipped my hand up her mini skirt and was surprised that she had no panties on. I fingered her and she came again. I got on my knees and spread her legs and sucked on her clit and fingered her pussy. She came hard and was very loud.
“Now it’s your turn strip!” She said as she wiggled out of her mini skirt. Her pussy hair was salt and pepper not jet black like the hair on her head. She pushed me down on the sofa and sucked on my hard cock bobbing her head up and down and playing with my balls.
“I’m about to cum!”
She just kept on running her hot tongue around the head of my cock and when I did cum she swallowed it all and licked y cock clean.
“Lets go to your bedroom I need to get fucked before I get some sleep. Then we can fuck tomorrow morning away.”
We went to my bedroom and I was sucking on her tits and fingering her and she was cumming every few seconds and making a lot of noise. My cock was hard again and she sucked it a bit and then got on her hands and knees.
“I like it doggie style the best.”
“I’ll get a rubber.”
“No I’m fixed and don’t like the damn things anyway.”
I was OK with that. I slipped my hard cock in her pussy and she started to moan and groan. I was pumping as slowly as possible and she was cumming and giggling and telling me to fuck faster.
“Fuck me faster and harder and fill my cunt with cum!”
I pumped as hard and fast as I could and she and I came at the same time.
“Shit Rick I needed that. Now I need some sleep.”
She got between the sheets and was asleep in a few seconds. I got up and took a quick shower. I was sleeping a few seconds later.
The next morning Dolores was up at 7.
“Hey get up and make me some coffee. I’ll call the kids and tell them I’ll be home in time for dinner.”
I got up and put a bathrobe on and made some coffee. Dolores put on one of my shirts and found the phone she made a short call and came into the kitchen and I pored her some coffee.
“Your a damn good cunt lapper Rick. For a guy you surprised me.”
“Well I learned from a bi lady when I was in high school. Your one hot woman. I’ve never fucked anyone before with out a rubber it feels damn good.”
“I think I need to have my pussy sucked on while I finish my coffee and the you can fuck my ass. Your cock isn’t to large so it should feel great.”
I put my coffee down and started to suck on her clit and finger her pussy while she drank her coffee. Then I pu
t my finger in her ass and she giggled. I was sucking on her clit and fingering her ass and she came very hard.
“If you keep
that up I’ll have to suck on your cock again.”
She was laughing until I started to tongue fuck her pussy while I fingered her ass then she pushed her crotch into my face pulling my head harder into her pussy and came and squeezed my head with her skinny thighs.
“Oh fucking shit that feels great now fuck my ass. Do you have any KY jelly?”
“No I do have some Vaseline.”
“There is KY in my purse it works better for me.”
She got it and lubed my cock and I lubed her ass she was on he hands and knees again this time on the floor of the living room. I gently pushed my cock in her ass and she moaned.
“Just the right size! Fuck me hard!”
She started to finger her pussy while I fucked her ass. She had to cum a dozen times before I did when I did cum it felt great.
“I think we fit together well Rick but you have to promise not to tell anyone at work.”
“I won’t but you were right last night.”
“Right? About what?”
“The older the better!”
We both laughed.

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