The Perfect Business Trip – Part 7

Monday Afternoon
As luck would have it, Tim ended up being our waiter. Since most of the lunch crowd was gone, he was able to stand and chat with us. “I’m looking forward to this evening,” he said. “Beth doesn’t know everything that is going to happen but I’ve got a feeling that she’ll enjoy it too. She loves to watch two guys sucking each other and she can almost cum just watching a guy sliding his dick up another guy’s asshole. I told you that she seemed to enjoy the domination scenes. I think she’d really love to be able to fuck a guy’s ass herself.”
“It sounds like Beth has a little domme in her. She probably likes to be on top when you’re screwing. She likes to be in control like I do,” I responded. “Just remember, she can call it all off at any time if she gets uncomfortable with what’s going on. I don’t want to cause the two of you any problems.”
“I don’t think she’ll call off anything. If you’re right and she likes to control, having a male and female sex slave should really turn her on. If she sees a cock in my mouth, she’ll probably start looking for somebody to fuck. I don’t know what the hell she’ll do when I’ve got the only other two dicks in the room buried in me,” Jeff laughed, “Oops, another customer, I’ve got to go. I should get off work after this one. See you in a few hours.”
Janet, Jeff and I finished our meals. I saw Tim wave as he headed out the door after serving his last customers. I was deep in thought after talking with Tim. Some of the things he had mentioned provided a few possible ideas for the evening’s games. Luckily, I had already picked up the toys that might be required. I figured I would just provide the opportunity for some fantasies to be fulfilled. After lunch we enjoyed a leisurely drink and headed back to Jeff and Janet’s suite.
Arriving back in their room, I ordered them to strip and to go through the ritual of removing my clothes. When they had complied, I was sporting a new erection but had no immediate need to satisfy it. I began to organize the items that might be needed for the evening with Tim and Beth.
I ordered Jeff and Janet to clean the vibrator, butt plug and so on that had been used the last couple of days. While they complied, I emptied my bags of the remaining purchases from the previous day. I laid out another large tube of lubricant; a reversible, strap-on harness kit with 3 assorted sized dildos to go with it. The harness had a clit nub on one side so that if a woman used to ride a guy or another woman, it would stimulate her clitoris as she did. The dildos ranged from a small one about 4″ by 1″, one just slightly smaller in size than my cock, to one that was almost as thick as Bobby’s cock in an 8″ length. I, also, added a 18″ double-headed dildo and some extra videotape and batteries for both the camera and vibrator. Next, I emptied the toys that I hadn’t given to Jeff and Janet from the gym bag. This added the restraints, bondage hood, ball gag, and a half-empty tube of AquaLube to the display. When Jeff and Janet returned, a vibrator, and butt plug would join the group. I would leave the enema kit in the bath where it would be needed. I looked at the array and realized that I had a lot of toys designed for the ladies, most of which would work on the submissive males that would be there, but nothing designed to satisfy a guy. I probably should have added a vibrating mouth and throat or vagina to my purchases just for fun but hadn’t thought of it. After all, when I was shopping, I had more mouth, cunt and ass than I could ever hope to use at one time. I definitely had not thought of being satisfied mechanically, I didn’t plan to be.
Jeff and Janet returned with the toys they had cleaned. I noticed their eyes widened as they saw the array of items I had laid out on the end table by the couch. I added their contribution and told them, “My guests and I may need any or all of these items tonight to help satisfy our needs. You only have to be prepared for them. For now, I think I need to cum. Boy, use you’re to use your mouth to get me off. Girl, film the boy sucking my cock.”
Janet grabbed the camera as I sat down on the couch. Jeff dropped to his knees in front of me as his wife knelt beside my thigh to get a close up view of his cocksucking efforts. “Begin,” I ordered. Jeff leaned forward, licked the drop of pre-cum from the tip of my dick, and then slowly engulfed the head. I watched as my cock slowly slid past his lips as he eased the length of my shaft down his throat. With his nose buried in pubic hair, he paused. I felt the muscles in his throat ripple over the head of my cock as he swallowed a couple of times. He then began a slow ascent of the shaft with his lips wrapped tightly around my pleasure rod. With only the head remaining in his mouth, he paused to lash it with his tongue before beginning to descend again. I noted that Jeff was becoming a talented cocksucker. He then established a steady pace, sliding up and down the length of my prick. He made sure to include the little extras he had learned on each trip. Since my need wasn’t urgent, I enjoyed Jeff’s service for 8 – 10 minutes before I felt the familiar pressure begin to build. A minute or two later, I thrust my hips upward as a surge of cum raced from my balls to flood Jeff’s throat and mouth. The rippling of his throat muscles, as he swallowed the load, aided in milking my staff of its juices. With my left fist full of Jeff’s hair, I pumped his head up and down on my pulsing cock. Wave after wave of hot cum spurted forth to empty my nuts. Sated, I released Jeff’s head and relaxed as he continued to suck my softening prick.
Pushing Jeff away from my crotch, I said, “Very good boy, you appear to be learning how to suck your Master’s cock. Girl, hand me the camera.” Janet stopped filming and complied. I focused on Jeff’s face hovering over my cock with his wife next to my thigh and started the camera.
“Girl, stand up,” I ordered. “Boy, slide a finger in the girl’s pussy. “Is she hot and wet from watching you suck cock?” I asked.
Jeff turned and slid his index finger along his wife’s slit as she moaned. I watched as it easily disappeared up her cunt. “Yes Master,” Jeff answered, “Your girl’s pussy is slick and hot.”
I noticed Jeff’s transfer of the possession of his wife to me as “your girl” versus his usual “the girl” response. “Very well, she must be horny. Girl, climb up on the end of the coffee table. Lie on your back with your cunt at the edge with your knees spread. Boy, take a position kneeling between the girl’s thighs but not touching her,” I ordered. As they moved into position, I shifted to the end of the couch where I could film what I planned to offer to them.
“Boy, you must follow my directions exactly if you wish to fuck the girl. You are to do only what I say when I tell you what to do. Girl, you are also to follow my orders specifically as given. If either of you disobey, I will stop you from fucking and you will not be allowed to cum until later this evening. Do you understand?” I demanded.
“Yes, Master,” they answered in unison.
“Very well,” I said. “Boy, ease forward and slip only the head of your cock into the girl’s pussy,” I directed as I zoomed the camera in for a close-up of Jeff’s cock penetrating his wife’s pussy. Jeff quickly complied, his wife moaning as he made contact. “Now you are to remain in that position until I tell you otherwise. Girl, you are not to move or try to get more of the boy’s cock into your cunt. If either of you disobeys, I will stop your fuck,” I told them.
After about 30 seconds, Janet pleaded, “Master, please let the boy fuck me. I can’t stand it.”
“Quiet girl,” I told her, “I will decide when you get fucked.” I forced them to wait another 30 to 45 seconds before saying, “Boy, remove your cock from the girl.” Jeff did as ordered and waited for further instruction. The tip of his cock glistened with a combination of pre-cum and his wife’s juices. After about a mi
nute, I instructed, “Boy, now you ma
y slide half and only half of your prick into the girl’s pussy.” Jeff again slid his throbbing dick into his wife, stopping when about 3″ had disappeared. Again, I made them wait.
Janet lasted a little over a minute before she begged, “Master, please let us fuck. This is torture. I can’t stand it.”
“Girl, I told you to be quiet,” I said. “If you speak again, I will have the boy withdraw completely and have you suck him off instead. He would be allowed to cum but you will not. That would be true torture for you. This is exquisite torture. You can feel that hard, hot shaft of meat just waiting to be allowed to drive itself completely into your wet, wanting pussy. Now be quiet or you will never feel that full feeling this afternoon.” Janet whimpered quietly as I extended the pause for another minute. “Boy, remove your cock,” I ordered. Jeff complied and moved back from his wife. “Boy, now you may put all of your dick in the girl,” I directed, “Once you are in, you will again wait for my instructions.” Jeff quickly buried his staff into that waiting cunt. Once he was in place, I said, “Now reach forward and massage the girl’s clit until she cums. Afterward, I will decide if you get to cum as well.”
Janet moaned as her husband’s fingers flicked and stroked her joy button. She was so horny by this time it only took a couple of moments before she came. As her orgasm hit, Janet’s legs wrapped around Jeff’s waist trying to squeeze even more of his cock into her. She squealed in pleasure as her juices poured over Jeff’s prick. With his wife’s orgasm complete, Jeff stopped his teasing manipulation. He waited patiently with his cock buried deep in Janet’s hot, quivering cunt.
“Very good boy. You obeyed my orders very well. Because of that I will allow you to cum. Do you want to fuck the girl or would you prefer to have her suck your cock?” I asked.
“Master, can I have both? I would like to fuck her until just before I cum and then pull out and shove it in her mouth to finish,” Jeff answered.
” Okay, you’ve been an obedient slave this afternoon. You may use both her cunt and mouth,” I answered, “However, if you miss the girl’s mouth with any of your cum, I will order you to lick it up. Girl, when the boy pulls his cock out of your pussy, open your mouth wide for his load. Begin.”
Jeff wasted no time. He immediately began to pound his prick in and out of his wife’s cunt. Janet was still so excited she had a second orgasm on about the third stroke. Jeff was soon to follow. Within 30 seconds, I watched and filmed as he pulled out and scrambled onto the table. His orgasm hit just as he hurried into position over Janet’s face. Jeff’s first spurts of cum splashed across her chin and lips as his cock disappeared into her mouth. Janet wrapped her lips tight around his shaft as he fucked her face. Jeff’s ass pumped frantically as he emptied his hot load of cum down his wife’s throat. When he finished coming, he relaxed in place, straddling Janet’s chest with his cock in her mouth and his now empty balls resting on her chin. She continued to gently suckle his prick as he rested. I allowed them to recover a little before I ordered them up. As Jeff rose, I watched as he leaned down and, with his tongue, lick the splash of his cum from Janet’s lips and chin.
Checking the time, I saw that we had just over two hours before Tim and Beth should arrive. I directed Jeff and Janet into the bathroom to get ready for the evenings festivities. Each of us took care of our toilet needs then I started things off by requiring them to administer enemas to each other. I thought there was a very good possibility that one or both of them would get butt-fucked before the night was done. The only pleasure hole of Janet’s that hadn’t been filled that day was her tight sweet ass. I expected to remedy that later in the evening if the opportunity arose. With their colons freshly cleaned, we jumped into the shower. I checked them for pubic stubble and ordered a touch-up to remove the little that had shown up since that morning. I also had both of them to shave their legs. If it bothered Jeff, he gave no indication of it. They scrubbed me thoroughly with lots of mouth and tongue action thrown in for good measure. Jeff and I shaved our 5 o’clock stubble as Janet knelt in front of us and massaged our cocks and balls. By the time we left the bath, I was ready for more sex. I decided it would be better to wait for our guests to arrive so that there wouldn’t be any delay to the evening games caused by my dick being limp.

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  1. k4256

    I love your stories.. In real life, I love enemas especially. Maybe someone can be most humiliated by that in the future? And I can’t wait to find out what his finacee is like! Great job!

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    Please Please write more. I really cannot wait to read how your story ends.

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