THe Perfect Business Trip – Part 9

Monday Evening – Continued
I had Jeff open a bottle of wine and serve everyone before he was allowed to join us. Beth was seated between Tim and I. Jeff and Janet moved around, pausing to stroke and fondle each other and all three of us. As we sipped our wine, I asked Beth, “Well, Beth, are you enjoying your evening?”
“I’m having a blast,” she responded, “I’d always enjoyed the man-to-man sex in some of the videos Tim and I rented. We even saw a live sex show with two men getting it on. I’d fantasized watching Tim and another guy getting it on for me. Tonight, I got to see it happen. I even saw him with two men at once. Then, I was able to screw his butt myself. I hadn’t even seen either of those in a movie. I wondered how it would feel to have a woman eat my pussy and now I know. I’d say, sexually, I’m having a perfect evening.”
“Do you have any special requests to you would like to try?” I queried Beth.
“Well, I wouldn’t mind seeing another session of Tim sucking or being screwed again by you or the boy. I’d also like to see Tim trying to butt-fuck somebody. He’s always pleading with me to let him try it. Do you think he could try it with one of the slaves? Maybe he’d see that it can’t be done and quit pestering me,” she answered as she dropped her hand into my lap to stroke my cock.
“I don’t know. If he got excited and shoved deep, he could hurt someone. I’ll have to think about it; try to figure out a way that he wouldn’t be able to get carried away. Like you, I’m not sure that anyone can take that much cock up his or her ass,” I told her, “If I agree, I would like a favor from you.”
“Sure. I’ll do almost anything if you let Tim get some ass,” she agreed as she squeezed my dick, “Heck, you can screw me again while I watch him.”
“That sounds good to me,” I replied, “but that’s not the favor I was asking for. I’d like you to make love to the girl, really get into it and make love.”
“Okay, it’s a deal. You figure out a way for Tim to butt fuck somebody and I’ll fuck you, the girl and maybe even the boy,” Beth said with a smile.
“Well, let’s get started,” I told them as I climbed from the hot tub, “No reason to waste any more time.” Grabbing a towel, I dried Beth as she exited the steamy water. Jeff grabbed a towel and dried Tim as Janet worked on me. When I had finished with Beth, I turned and watched as Tim dried Janet as she toweled her husband. Dropping the towels, we returned to the living room.
“Beth, you indicated that you’d like to see Jeff get his ass screwed again. I think this time I’ll let the boy do him. While he does, I’m going to do the girl at the same time. You’ll get watch both asses get reamed,” I informed her.
“If both you and the boy are fucking someone, how am I supposed to get off?” she asked.
“Well, I guess either Tim or the girl can eat your pussy while we fuck their asses,” I answered, “but you wouldn’t be able to watch both butt-fucks. We can position you so that you can watch at least one though. You just have to decide which one.”
“I guess I prefer watching Tim get fucked but I want to watch you at least start on the girl. I’ve never seen a woman take it up the ass except in a video. Can we do that?” she wondered.
“No problem. First, we’ll let you help the boy slide into Tim’s ass. Then you can assist me in plugging into the girl’s butt. When we’re both in place, the fucking will begin. You watch as long as you want and when you’re ready the girl can service your cunt with her tongue,” I explained, “That way you can still watch the boy fuck Tim while you get off.”
I had Tim kneel on his hands and knees perpendicular to the coffee table. I had Janet lie on the table on her back, her head toward the guys on the throw pillow. Her ass lay at the far edge of the table. I moved the video camera to capture the scene, checked the focus and started it filming. Handing the AquaLube to Jeff, I directed him to grease Tim and Janet’s asses. When he had finished them, I required him to lube my cock and then his own.
“Boy, kneel behind Tim and spread his cheeks,” I ordered. Beth immediately grabbed his cock and pulled it forward to touch her boyfriend’s asshole. “You may insert your prick completely but do not start fucking until I say so.” Tim’s anus was still well stretched from my early ass reaming so Jeff slid easily into the warm sheath.
I knelt next behind Janet’s sweet ass and lifted her thighs, resting her calves on my shoulders. As I spread her ass cheeks, Beth quickly pulled my cock forward. Janet hadn’t been ass fucked in over 24 hours so her sphincter had tightened back up. I pushed my hips forward and the head of my cock popped in. With a slow steady thrust, I slipped my dick completely out of sight in her hot, gripping rectum.
“Man, this is wild,” Beth exclaimed, “Your pricks just slid right in. It took you a lot longer to get it in Tim earlier.”
“Tim was a virgin then. His asshole was very tight when I had him. Now his ass is stretched so the boy had no problems. I have had Janet’s ass several times so it opens easier for my cock now,” I explained. “Now when you decide you need to cum, just straddle the girl’s face. She can lick you off. Boy, let’s fuck these hot asses.”
Jeff and I began to slowly stroke our cocks in and out of the snug passageways that caressed them. As we fucked, Beth would move between the two copulating pairs watching the shafts of meat sliding in and out of each asshole. After a couple minutes, I saw her move toward the end of the coffee table.
“I think it’s time for me to get some tongue,” she announced. Climbing on to the table, she backed her cunt over Janet’s face and eased down to her mouth. From my angle, I could see Janet’s tongue thrust forward to lick at Beth’s slit. “Ahhhhh,” Beth sighed as she glanced over her shoulder toward me, “That feels so good. This girl knows what a lady likes.” Settling lower, she offered more of her pussy to Janet’s oral talents. She then faced forward again to watch Jeff fuck her boyfriend’s ass as his wife licked her cunt. Watching Beth’s delectable rear as she rode Janet’s face, I understood why Tim was so anxious to get his dick in it. I knew I would sure like to myself. I continued to plow my cock into Janet’s rear canal, thoroughly enjoying the sensations it was providing. As I fucked her ass, I stroked her clit with my fingers.
Our mini-orgy continued for a few more minutes before Jeff announced, “I’m going to cum soon.” He sped up the speed of his strokes in Tim’s ass.
“Shoot him full of cum,” Beth told him, “Pump that hot juice in his ass.”
With a sudden lunge, Jeff slammed his hips forward and grunted as his balls spilled their seed into Tim’s ass. Jeff continued to pump him with short hard strokes as he milked his juices from his cock. That set off Beth’s orgasm. She squealed as she humped her cunt against Janet’s mouth and tongue. Beth’s body quivered as waves of pleasure rolled over her. Finally, she swung her leg over Janet and stood watching as I fucked Janet’s ass. Janet’s face glistened with Beth’s pussy juices. Moving my hand aside, Beth reached forward, slid a finger in Janet’s cunt, and teased her clit, as my dick filled her ass. Janet and I came almost simultaneously. Janet moaned as her orgasm hit. Arching her back, she drove her ass hard on to my quickly spurting prick, her convulsions squeezing it even tighter. Gripping Janet’s thighs, I rammed her clinging colon repeatedly as my cum blasted into her nether passage. Finally empty, my deflated cock slid from its recent nest.
As everyone recovered from his or her sensory roller coaster, four of us retired to the bathroom to clean up. Beth relaxed on the couch as she awaited our return. Tim’s huge shaft was standing erect in front of him. He was the only participant that had not had a chance to cum during our last sex session. I knew something would have to be done about that soon.
When everyone had returned from scrubbing up, Tim ma
de sure everyone was aware of his problem. “All of yo
u appear to be comfortable enough,” he said, “Well, I’m not. I’m horny as hell and need to fuck somebody. Anybody want to volunteer?”
Beth looked at me and asked, “Did you figure out a way to let Tim butt-fuck one of the slaves? We could watch him do that. I’m sure that would get his nuts off.”
“I think I’ve figured out a way but it’s not time yet,” I answered. “I need some time to recover before that happens. If you remember, you did say that you might want me to screw you while Jeff gets some tail. Right now, my poor prick couldn’t stand up with crutches. We need to let him get off now and then all of us will be ready to go at it again at about the same time. He’s already been sucked off by the boy and screwed the girl this evening. If you don’t want to give him a hand, I can have the girl blow him. Which do you prefer?”
“Let’s let the girl suck him,” Beth decided, “I saw her swallow the whole thing but the boy took over before Tim came. Besides, I can get his cock anytime I want it.”
“Sounds good to me,” Tim said.
“Tim! Thank your Mistress for allowing you this pleasure,” I demanded, “Otherwise she may decide just to let you suffer.”
“I’m sorry Mistress. My need caused me to forget my manners. Thank you very much for allowing me to have a blow job,” Tim humbly replied.
“You are forgiven, Slave Tim,” Beth haughtily told him. “Unlike the Master, I am fully aware of the fact that you can not think when your cock is hard.” Hearing Beth refer to her boyfriend as “Slave Tim”, I realized the domme in her was beginning to come out.
I sat down on the couch beside Beth and directed Tim to stand in front of us facing sideways. “Girl, kneel in front of Tim and give him one of your great blow jobs,” I ordered Janet, “Boy, you need to film this.”
Jeff grabbed the camera as Janet moved to face Tim’s long, hard shaft. Leaning forward, she grasped its base and slipped her lips over its head. In one smooth motion half of Tim’s prick slid out of sight. Janet paused and drew back leaving only the head in her mouth. Moving forward again, she engulfed about nine inches of hot throbbing cock. After another trip back up the shaft, Janet buried her nose in Tim’s pubic hair.
“Damn, I still don’t know how she does that,” Beth exclaimed, “I usually don’t get even half of it in without gagging.”
“It’s all in training your throat to relax,” I told her. “With a patient teacher, I’m sure you could do the same thing. I had to give the boy several sessions on my cock before he could deep throat it.”
Grinning, Beth said, “I bet you didn’t complain about having to train him either. I can imagine just how much you enjoyed shooting your cum down his throat.”
Laughing, I responded, “Well, it definitely wasn’t the most unpleasant class I ever taught.”
Turning our attention back to Tim and Janet, Beth and I watched the action we had directed. Janet massaged Tim’s nuts as her head bobbed up and down the length of his dick. She paused on each upstroke with only the head in her mouth. Having enjoyed her talents several times, I knew that she was giving it a good tongue-lashing as she sucked it.
Tim’s level of sexual excitement was already high. It didn’t take long for Janet to put him over the top. “Arrrgh!” Tim groaned as he grabbed the back of Janet’s head, shoving his spurting cock deep into her throat. He held her in place as he fucked her face in short, rapid strokes. “Oh, yes, suck me dry,” he told Janet, “Swallow my juice.” Beth and I could see Janet’s throat muscles working as she eagerly obeyed Tim’s request. Finally satisfied, Tim reluctantly pulled his deflating cock from her mouth.
Sitting down on the coffee table, he looked at Beth and said, “That was great. You’ve really got to learn how to do that.”
“Why, so I can give you blowjobs all the time?” Beth answered. “Don’t you like the ones I give you now? I could just stop altogether. Remember, you are my slave tonight.”
“I’m sorry, Mistress. I love the blowjobs you give me. It’s just that being deep-throated is so nice. I was just hoping you’d think about it, please.” Tim pleaded.
“I may think about it, as long as you remember who the boss is from here on out,” Beth told him, “For now, just worry about tonight. I’d say you’ve had enough blowjobs to keep you happy for a while. Right now, I want to hear how the Master plans to use one of the slaves to let you get a little ass.” She looked at me to see if I had an answer.
“Well, the main problem is to make sure Tim is not able to just ram that long pole of his in to the hilt. I think it would probably cause some injury if it wasn’t controlled,” I told them. “If you and Slave Tim agree to the conditions and procedures I lay out, I think he’ll get a chance to get his first piece of actual ass tonight. We will have to restrain Tim somehow to reduce the amount of movement he is allowed as he butt fucks the boy. I wouldn’t want Tim to be able to grab the boy’s hips and just shove it in when he cums. The other conditions are that, at first, Tim will be on his back on the coffee table. Then we will have the boy straddle him and slide down onto Tim’s prick until he has taken as much of it as he feels comfortable with. Unless the boy manages to get all of the cock in, I might have to wrap and secure a towel around the remaining length of Tim’s shaft. It might give a little but it would prevent him from being able to force himself completely into the boy’s ass. By being on top, the boy controls the length of cock Tim gets to put in his ass. After that, the boy will use his asshole to fuck Tim until he cums. Is that agreeable to you and your slave, Mistress Beth?”
“It sounds fine to me,” Beth answered, “If Tim gets to fuck an ass; he’ll stop bugging me for it. Right, Slave Tim?”
“Mistress, I will probably always desire to screw your ass but at least this will let me see what I’m missing. I’m just not sure that I want to be placed in the restraints. I’m hesitating about surrendering that much control to someone other than you,” Tim replied.
“I think you will look fine in restraints. You’ll wear them if you want to try some of the boy’s ass,” Beth told him. “Besides, you’ve already surrendered everything tonight. The Master and the boy have both fucked you in the mouth and I, along with them, have fucked your ass. You have nothing left to surrender. Therefore, you will do as I tell you. Master, when can we get started?”

More later.

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