The Perfect Truck = Part 1.

It’s monday morning. Weather’s gone all to sh*t, and Lana leans over to turn off

the ever persistant alarm clock that reminds her she’s late for work. Groaning she

climbs out of bed and stand in front of her full length mirror. Staring back at her is a

woman of 5’8″, waist length brown/blonde hair, blue eyes, 36C breasts, and trim

waist. Her tattoo shows nicely on her left ankle. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes

she roams into the bathroom where it’s just her (or so she thought).

Happening at the very same moment downstairs is another human being coming to

life for the monday morning rush. Lana’s parents are away for vacation, but they

have a house guest who has been staying in the basement. Leigh sits up on his bed

and not realising he is also not alone in the house begins to wander towards the only

working bathroom out of 3 in the house.

Still tired from a long night Lana starts the shower, and goes to the hall closet to

find fresh towels. Standing by the closet door is preventing her from seeing the now

awake Leigh watching attently from the stairway as her breasts perk up at the slight

morning breeze. He takes a quiet step up, one stair at a time so as not to set her off

into noticing his presence. Her natural beauty astonishes him. He never imagined

she would look this good without her clothes on. She turns and closes the closet.

She heads for the bathroom and steps into the shower. He is frozen to the spot,

unable to move as he barely hears the water run over her hair and body.

As the water begins to run over Lana, she begins to think about the truck she

wants to buy so she can show her parents that she is not a child, but a responsible

adult. A big Dodge Ramcharger, early 80’s, big block. Just imagining the roar and

vibration of a truck that size with that power was starting to make her wet inside.

“Weird,” She thinks, “to be turned on by thoughts of a truck…. or is it what I could

do with a truck that size?” Her hands begin to wander torwards her throbbing center.

Images of being caught out in the rain, soaked to the bone having a man ravage her

on the hood of that massave beast start swarming through her mind, her pulse

increases. She begins to moan as her fingers find her clit. Rubbing in circles, both

hard and soft.

Leigh is suddenly propelled to the bathroom door, which stands open. Her moans

have carried him from the middle of the staircase with his hard cock standing at

attention. Oh how it wants to be buried in her soft folds, to feel the velvet touch of

her walls closing around him… She would be oh so tight around him. He can just

barely see her hands on her crotch, fingers darting in and around her fleshy outer

lips. Her head back in the spray of the water, her free hand stroking her breasts,

fingers twisting the nipples just slightly. His hand has crept to his engorged member

and he starts going to the rhythem of her moans, faster then slower, harder then

softer. Her moans are growing louder. He glances at the time to see that he is really

running late, yet his body will not allow him to leave this sight.

Lana snaps back into reality as she hears moans not her own near the bathroom

door. Glancing at the door she see’s a body, but notices it’s face is not looking at

her, but off towards the kitchen. Suddenly she realises that she was not alone in the

house at all, but that the boarder was home. For some reason, this turns her on

more to know that an older man is attracted to her. A policeman at that. He is very

well built and she has had many a dream of him. She decides it’s time to play hard

ball. Taking out her razor, she props her leg up in the open portion of the curtain.

With no fog on the mirror, Leigh can see the reflection perfectly, but thinks that she

still doesn’t know he’s there.

As Leigh watches, she moves her leg as wide as it will go and begins to shave her

cunt. Her fingers traveling ever so often to brush up against her clit sending a spark

through her. When she is finished, he has almost as much as he can take in

watching. Without thinking he runs back to his room to get his handcuffs. By the

time he returns she has her back to him. Walking quietly, he enters the bathroom

and pulls aside the shower curtain. Water splashes on the floor as nothing is

stopping it any longer. Grabbing both her wrists, he cuffs her hands behind her back.

Lana is shocked to feel the breeze on her back, but even more so as her hands

are roughly gripped and thrust behind her back. She was not expecting this to

happen. She tried to protest but he stuffed a face cloth into her mouth and told her

not to say a word. Fear kept her quiet. “Tease me will you… that tight little cunt,

those juicy lips, and your wonderfully firm tits…. you’ve been driving me mad since I

got here, then seeing you in the shower….. Ohhhhh” His voice was like velvet,

throbbing with sexual excitement. She felt hands reach around her body to grasp

each breast. Fingers gripping and twisting her sensitive nipples in a painful, yet

pleasuring way.

Leigh begins to explore his captives body while thinking if he should be doing this.

Hormones tell him he’s been teased long enough. Her tits feel so good in his hands,

her nipples so errect and one hand begins a southbound journey to her now shaved

pussy. His hand glides over her wet, flat stomach down until his fingertips brush her

very wet slit. Pushing his middle finger inside, he contacts with her clit and feels her

body jump. He flicks again, but harder. She jumps again. Forcing her legs apart

further, he pushes his finger into her cunt until he can’t go any further. The feeling

of her walls around his finger are so much that he shoots his load off onto her back

and into her dangling hair.

Eyes wide as she feels that hand move towrds her crotch… she’s not sure what

to expect, but when she feels him open her lips to her clit, she whimpers. His finger

brushes her clit, not once but twice, both times sending shivers and sparks through

her system. Within seconds his finger is buried deep within her as far as possible.

She suddenly feels a hot mass on her back and feels his hand clamp down on her

breast. His breath is coming hard as the feeling of her is too much for him. Suddenly

she feels his finger withdraw and her legs spread wider then before. He inserts two

fingers this time and starts pumping furociously at her hot juicy virgin pussy. Harder

and harder at his own descrestion, completely oblivious to her combination of moans

and screams as he inflicts both pleasure and pain.

His cock is almost back to full length again. Even with his fingers inside her he

knows she’ll be nice and tight for his 7 inch cock. With a 2 inch girth, his pole begins

to swell to rock hard. He presses it up to her ass to show her that he wants her,

wants to thrust more then his fingers in her. Within a minute he has her face against

the wall, and her hands have been adjusted to be abover her head. Holding both her

hands and his cock, he forces her legs apart even further and without prepaing her,

shoves every inch of himself into her cunt.

Her mixed cries of passion and pain fall on deaf ears as the face cloth is in the

way. She feels him groping and grasping her body like a toy as his cock pounds into

her flesh over and over, harder and harder. She doesn’t know what to do as her

body responds to every move he makes. As suddenly as she felt him come, she felt

him spurt his hot seed into her, and withdraw. Handcuffs were removed, as was the

face cloth. He turns her to face him. “Why did you do this?” She whispers as she

looks into his grey eyes. “Because it’s a crime to have that body and not share.” was

his only reply. With that he grabbed a towel and sprinted out of the bathroom,

closing the door behind him.

Heart racing he runs down to his room to get ready for work. His mind going a

million miles to try to figure out why he did what he did. God it felt good! She was

so tight, so warm! Just thinking about it got him hard again…. Into his uniform and

with a quick note dropped on her pillow, he left for a busy day at the station.

With the shock just wearing off of what had just occured, she quickly finishes her

shower and goes to her room. She becomes frozen to the spot as she spots a note

folded on her pillow…..

More to come…. Can you guess how the next part goes?

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  1. Anonymous

    I know it says that it’s bi, and lesbian, as well as to do with a truck, but that is all coming up. Apologies for not including it a bit more in this part..

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  2. Anonymous

    great story when is the rest of it coming?

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  3. Anonymous

    The second but not last part of the story is coming next week sometime.. gotta make sure it’s good… how bad do ya want it?

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