The Return Trip

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It was the day I returned from my year-long excursion and I had already known from hints that you had been dropping that you had big plans for us that evening and weekend, for that matter. Little did I know just how big your plans were?

First, you came to the airport by yourself in a stretch limousine. How you managed to arrange that, I had no clue and didn’t care. I was riding in the back of it with, as far as I’m concerned, the most beautiful woman in the world – my wife! Little to nothing was said to the driver before we pulled out onto the highway. Again, I didn’t care because, as soon as we started moving, we were cuddled up next to each other and starting to kiss and rub each other through our clothes. Of course, with all the build up of me coming home and the rubbing and kissing, my cock had grown very hard already and it was just yearning to get out of its captivation. I think either you could tell how much my cock needed to be free or you were just so beside yourself with your own excitement and just didn’t care that the driver could see what were doing in the back seat because what happened next was my second surprise.

The next thing I knew, you had started to take off my pants. To your surprise, I wasn’t wearing any underwear. So as soon as my cock was uncovered, he stood straight up and even began to wiggle showing his excitement. That little bit you love to see and eventually feel somewhere else. But at this moment, you began to grasp it with your hands, rubbing it so gently up and down. By now, I had a little pre-cum oozing from my head and you stuck your tongue out to lick it up. All the while your eyes were locked on mine to see my reaction – boy was I ever excited! Then your tongue began to circle my hole, trying to get all that was to be gotten at that time, and then it was making bigger circles around the head and up and down my shaft. It felt so good….it felt like I was rolling my eyes in the back of my head. Although I knew it hadn’t been that long, it seemed like hours that you were giving me the blow job of my life. I just couldn’t hold back any longer, I was about to blow my load. You knew this and pulled back just enough for me to see it squirt deep into your mouth and then go back to sucking up every bit of my man juice.

Not long afterward, our driver announced over the intercom that we were about five minutes from our destination…which to my surprise, wasn’t to our house and kids. The limousine pulled up into a u-shaped driveway and in front of what had to be a four- or five-star hotel. Immediately upon stopping, the doorman to the hotel opened the door for us to get out. The driver opened the trunk and got our bags out and then we were led inside to the most exquisite lobby I have ever laid my eyes. I could have sworn we were in the Waldorf-Astoria or something close to it. You took care of signing for our room, which turned out to be a rather large suite, and we were again ushered into the elevator and shown to our room.

The room was elegantly decorated with beautiful gold trimmings, long sheer curtains, a luxurious king size bed with a set of small steps on both sides to get in, and walk-in closets for both of us (as if we would really need them). Upon further exploration, we (or rather I since you had already seen the suite prior to making the final arrangements) found that we had an extremely large bathroom suite with separate shower and bath areas, a double-sink vanity, a small sitting area should you choose to use it to put on make-up (not that you really need it since you are already so beautiful), and a dressing area. Again, there was gold trim everywhere…on all the handles and knobs but done very tastefully. The tub was definitely the largest that either of us had seen before…it has jets and most certainly enough room for more than just the two of us to sit comfortably. I was in total awe and yet anxious to see what else you ad in store for us.

I soon found out that the next thing we were going to do was to go out to eat. So, we went back downstairs and got back in the limo. This time the drive was much shorter and to a place we both love to eat at, Red Lobster. We had a wonderful dinner together with lovely conversation and great food. I had to be honest to myself, even if the food wasn’t as good as it was, I still would’ve enjoyed being there. For, in my eyes, I was with the most beautiful woman in the world. You have such a great looking smile, beautiful hazel eyes that had been dancing and shining ever since we saw each other at the airport, and, although it was covered in the beautiful dress you were wearing, a great looking body that I just couldn’t wait to get to view in its entirety and feel against my body. After about two hours, we had finally finished our meal and were on our way back to the hotel.

We got back up to our suite and opted to take a shower together before we got into bed. As I got in, you told me that you would be right back and went back out to the main part of the suite to make a phone call (or two). One was to the house to see if the boys were okay and to let them know that I had made it home and that we’d see them after our mini-vacation. The other was to a friend that you had met before I came back and had gotten to know pretty well through emails and occasional phone calls. Of course, this was preset before I ever was in the air that you would call her to give her the okay to come on over and join us. After that, you joined me in the shower. As you usually do, you asked for some room to be able to wash up and shave your legs (even though you had done that before picking me up). But I didn’t mind because when you lifted your legs (one at a time, of course) I could see your big puffy lips just sticking out. I sure did miss those lips! Just as you had gotten done with your second leg, I decided to just drop to my knees and start to split your lips and flick your, by now, swollen clit with my tongue. You tasted so good and I missed that too. I continued to suck, lick, and probe your clit and pussy with my tongue and with all I could. To my surprise, and yours, when you finally did cum, you actually squirted all over my face. I opened my mouth wide to try and get all the juices I could. God I loved it! After that, we rewashed ourselves and got out to dry off. Meanwhile, your friend had gotten into our room and hid herself in one of the closets.

Stepping out in the big room, we sauntered our way over to the bed and began to get it ready for us to lie in and cuddle or whatever else that came up. Of course, it was the latter because I had been well recovered from our trip from the airport to the hotel and you weren’t done with just me eating you. This I didn’t mind. So we began to kiss deeply entangling our tongues, pulling each other close and moving our hands up and down each other’s body. It felt so good to be back in your arms and to have you so close to me with no barriers. And you could tell too, because my cock was hard again. So you had me lie on my back and proceeded to straddle me to mount my cock. This felt great to both of us. After a short while, you laid down on my chest and we kissed some more. It was during this time that your friend silently opened the closet and came out completely nude. She silently walked up to the bed and managed to get behind you without making too much of a disturbance on the bed. With my cock still in your pussy, she bent down to lick you from behind and, every once in while, my cock too. I was surprised but didn’t say anything because we were still in a deep kiss. At the same time, just as I like to do, she also would tongue your sweet ass and boy did that get your juices flowing. I could feel them really coating my balls and she could see it. As if that was her cue, she grasped the base of my cock and pulled it out of your pussy and began licking and sucking it. She was good but not as good as you are.

At any rate, you then got up and opened t
he drawer on your nightstand and p
ulled out a strap-on that I hadn’t seen yet. You put it on and instructed your friend and I get into a 69 position with her on the bottom. Once we were in position, you proceeded to push it into her pussy, which didn’t need any licking to get wet because she had already been playing in the closet. I then went down to suck on her clit while continued to suck my cock and occasionally my balls, and even try to flick my ass with her tongue. She was so excited by all the attention that her pussy was getting that she came with a great twitch and gush. Then after that good soaking, and knowing that she had tonguing my ass too, you moved around behind me and began working the head of the dildo into my ass. It didn’t take long before it was completely in because of the natural lubrication already on it and in my ass from her licking. Pushing it in and out of my ass, made my cock harder and harder with each thrust and you knew it. Occasionally, you would smack my ass and that pushed me that much closer to brink of unloading my seed down her throat.

After a little while longer of this, I told you to lie on your back and I got into position to mount the dildo to where you could see my cock pointing at you. And I told her to sit on your face, as I knew you loved eating pussy too. (Did I forget to mention that hers was completely shaved too? Oops.) This continued on for about another fifteen to twenty minutes and then both she and I came with a great force. I shot my load to just under your chin and she sprayed her juices all over your face and some got onto the pillows. I got off the dildo, unstrapped it from you, and gave it to her to put on. She did and then I told her to fuck you good with it…just like you had to the both us. First, she fucked your pussy like there was no tomorrow. Then just as you were about to cum, she pulled out and fed it into your ass. Making every thrust harder and harder and bringing you to the point of no return. In the meantime, just to make sure that my cock was nice and clean, I maneuvered myself to offer it to your wonderfully hot mouth. You gladly took it and performed your great magic…bringing him back to life. But it was short lived because it felt too good and just as you came loudly, even with my cock in your mouth, I came again too.

Then we all collapsed on the bed. We were totally dripping with sweat and exhausted from our long and wonderful lovemaking session. It didn’t take us long to all fall asleep in a nice spoon position with you in the middle. We slept until morning, ate breakfast, and then all got into the giant tub. Afterward, we dried each other off and went out to what would be the “living room” area of the suite and continued to talk. We had a lovely and lively conversation. We all decided that we would go out to club that night and get together again there. About thirty minutes later she was going home to change and run a few errands before meeting us that night.

We arrived at the club and….

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