The Sex Shop

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I was feeling particularly horny this day. I was visiting an area that I did not really know, but managed to find a small shop selling videos and magazines.

I had not been away from my wife for a long time, and this day I was really in the mood to play with another cock. But as I was not familiar with the terrotory I didn’t know where to go or hang out.

I checked out the booths in the shop, but there were no glory holes and most of the stuff was ordinary straight sex, some gay stuff and little else. I checked the shop hours and noticed that it was close to closing time as well, so I thought the guy behind the counter was not really keen to sell me any time in a booth anyway.

Seeing all of the material on display, and in my state of horniness, needless to say, my cock was rock hard and ready to go. The guy behind the counter was watching me and I figured, as I was in an area I didn’t really know, thought that I had little to lose, so I started to talk with him.

“How’s business?” I started.

“Bit slow today. I was going to close when you came in. Anything that you need?” he asked. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Me standing in front of him with a cock at full mast wanting nothing more than some kind of release. I glanced down and happened to see a pissing magazine. I picked it up, thinking that at the very least it could be some wanking material. I looked behind him and saw a range of poppers as well.

“Can I get a bottle of Rush as well?” I asked.

He looked at me a little odd, probably thinking why I would be purchasing that. He stood from his stool, turned around to the cabinet and reached up to take a bottle. He was wearing some tight biking shorts that showed his butt and a nice package in front as well. I just had to touch myself when I saw that, lingering on my cock while he had his back turned.

I figure he must have seen me in the mirrior behind the cabinet. Because then he dropped something and bent over to pick it up. He bent over his stool with his legs apart thrusting his hips back at me and did a little grinding motion into the seat of the stool.

That was all I really needed. A cock tease….I almost had to stop myself from cumming in my pants. Now there was no hiding my hard cock pressed in my trousers. When he turned around again, he had a grin on his face, and I thought I’d ask for a booth anyway. The worst he could do was say no.

To my surprise, he gave me a hour, but warned me that the cleaner would be coming through soon. She usually did the booths last.

So, armed with the magazine and the popper I made my way to the nearest booth. I love to be naked in there, so I undressed before starting the movie, my cock already hard and leaking pre-cum. I wiped it off and licked it off my finger. I dropped the token into the slot to start the selections and changed through the channels. One was a woman with huge tits being fucked from behind with her tits hanging down allowing another guy to grab them and give her a tit fuck.

I sniffed on the popper, which gave me a great rush. I always feel brazen when I sniff, so when I spread my legs out and nudged the door open a little I started to fantasize about the guy behind the counter coming into the booth to feed me his hard cock while I watched the giant tits being fucked and sucked. I flipped open the magazine to see a guy with a huge flaccid dick letting go a long yellow stream onto another guy’s cock while he was sucking on another cock. I drew in another sniff of the popper and started to feel incredibly high and mighty and stroking my hard member.

I was concentrating on the magazine and the fucking scenes on the TV in front of me that I didn’t notice the door opening. I don’t know how long he was standing there, but I think he was enjoying the show that I was putting on, judging by the long hard bulge in his shorts by the time I actually noticed him standing there.

I reached over and pulled his shorts down and sucked on the shiny head of his hard cock, letting my tongue lick around the rim. He stepped out of his shorts then pulling off his t-shirt to be naked with me in the booth.

With his dick in my mouth, he spread his legs a little allowing me to slide a finger into his tight hole. He took the popper from me and inhaled as well and I heard him moan softly as the drug filled his lungs and I continued to suck his cock. He reached over me and started to play with my hard cock, wrapping his hand around mine then squeezing my balls.

I licked down his hard shaft and sucked on his balls. He then lifted his leg and allowed me to continue licking around his starfish then tongue fucking and bathing it with my spit. He took another snort from the bottle then turned around and moved outside of the booth saying, “Stick that fucking hot meat into my hole and ride me, fuck me.”

Needless to say, I stood, parted his fleshy cheeks and drove my member home between them, feeling the head of my cock pop through the sphincter then slide in. I was fucking him and he was pushing back onto my cock. He still had the popper up his nose and he was now yelling at me, “Fuck yes, oooohh, fuck yessss, sink that hard cock in there, fuck me”.

I looked back to see if I could see the TV screen as well, but got another surprise when I looked around.

There was a woman standing there. Her cleaning smock was wide open showing she had nothing on underneath and her tits were hanging out and she was pinching her nipples with one hand and diving her other hand in and out of a very wet, shaved pussy. I indicated for her to come closer so that I could play with her as well. This looked like a usual occurence at this particular establishment.

The guy then saw her after I managed to quickly lick her tits and commanded her to kneel on the floor in front of him so he could fuck her while I continued to fuck him. The arrangement lasted only for a few minutes before I had to get some of her as well. We both managed to get our cocks into her pussy to give her a double fuck. She then started to leak juices. At first I thought it was just an extra cum rush from her, but then the stream continued and she was pissing while we were fucking her. That was making things extremely wet and slippery, so much so, that the guy then easily slid his hard member into her waiting arsehole and while I was still fucking her hot wet cunt, he was sliding around her back passage. I could feel his cock inside her and it was too much for me.

I pulled out and grabbed my cock, stroked it and let out a grunt as I sprayed my hot load over the guys cock while he was still fucking the cleaning lady. Then he pulled out and shot over her back and managed to get some on my chest and belly. The cleaning lady then ran her tongue across me, cleaning off his cum while the guy licked her back and cleaned around her arsehole and had a small cream-pie.

The guy was lingering on the cleaning lady’s wet cunt giving her a good licking out and nibbling on her clit. She was breathing heavy and she turned to me and started stroking my cock back to life, then sucked it into her mouth. She was moaning with my dick in her mouth and as I watched, she started pissing again.

She was pissing into the guys mouth while he was licking her cunt. Then he stood and came to me and kissed me and as he did, he let her piss dribble out of his mouth. Some came into my mouth where I tasted the salty fluid and let it run down my chin and drip onto the cleaning lady’s face while she was still sucking my cock. That did it again for me and I blasted another load into her mouth and watched as some of my jism leaked out of the side. The guy quickly licked it off her chin then fed it back to me.

I looked at the hot mess around me, and at the racks of magazines and movies and thought that this was not such a bad little shop after all and would have to fi
nd reasons to cum back!

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  1. creameaters

    damn, I want to go to that shop, my dick is so hard now. I need to feel that shop clerk pump my ass, while I eat that cleaning lady.

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