The Skinny Ugly Older lady by rick

The Skinny Ugly Older Lady
By Rick

There was this older incredibly skinny and very ugly lady that worked in the same place I do. One of my buddies came to my office several years ago when she first started to work here.
“Hey Rick we just hired s woman who is so ugly that even you wouldn’t fuck her.” Dave said, after he closed the door to my office. “I mean she is so ugly my dog wouldn’t fuck her. She is so thin that if you held her up to a light bulb you could see through her!” He said.
I had to see for myself. I went out to the plant and by golly he was right. It looked like she cut her own hair with dull scissors, she had to be in her mid fifties and she was really ugly.
“Your right even I wouldn’t fuck her no matter how drunk I was!” I said.
Later that morning I ran into our personnel lady and she asked if I had seen the new girl. I told her that I had and wasn’t impressed. She told me that her name was Sandy ( NOT HER REAL NAME) and that she had several children. She also said the father had to be either blind or blind drunk ! We both laughed. It turned out that Sandy was a good reliable employee. I had spoken to her once in a while and she was as dumb as they come, but a nice person. She couldn’t read or write. She couldn’t drive because her eyes are so bad. She retired early because she had a bad back.
Well it turns out that I was wrong I would and did fuck her this past weekend.
I was in the mall finishing up my Christmas shopping Saturday afternoon when I saw her. Being polite I said hello and asked about her health. She said that she was fine and we went our separate ways. Later I was having a soda in the mall and I saw her again dragging a large box behind her. I got up and asked her if I could help her with the box.
“Yes could you help me get this to the bus stop, it’s for one of my sons.” She said in her hoarse voice.
“I’ll tell you what, I said , I doubt you will be able to get that on a city bus, If you want I’ll but it in my truck and take you home so you don’t have to bother with the bus.”
“That would be great, she said, Your kind.”
“‘Tis the season, I said, have a seat would you like a drink?”
“A cola would be nice, she said, I’m tired from shopping.”
I got her a soda and we chatted while she finished it. She was really dumb he English is horrible. She told me that she quit school at 16 she was still in the 6th grade because it was to tough for her!
I picked up her box and carried it to my truck and put it in the back. I helped Sandy get in because it’s a large 4WD pickup and she is even shorter than I am. She told me where she lived and I drove there in a few minutes. I carried the box to her second floor apartment for her.
“Than you so much Rick, she said, would you help me wrap it? I’m not sure I can do it my self it’s so big.”
“Sure, I said, it is awkward. Do you have enough paper?”
“Yes I bought a lot yesterday I knew I would need it for this thing.” She said. “Would you like a beer? I’m going to have one.”
“No thanks I have to drive home and I never drink and drive, I said, do you have any soda or coffee?”
“I have cola!” She said grinning.
“That would be great, I said and took off my jacket.”
We wrapped her son’s present and she drank two beers in less than ten minutes. She was obviously drunk, not surprising since she weighed less than 90 pounds. I was about ready to leave when she asked me to wait a second she had something else she wanted me to help her with.
“I have to go pee first, she said slurring her speech, beer does that to me. I have another large package that need to be wrapped I hope you don’t mind.”
“I don’t mind, I said, I’m glad to help.”
She came back with another large package and before we finished she went back to the bathroom. This time she came out naked. Not a pretty picture either. Her tits were so small that they were barely bigger than the nipples. Her pussy was, like the hair on her head salt and pepper and looked like it had never been trimmed. Ever her legs were hairy. Her butt was completely flat, in short, she had no figure at all.
“I need to get fucked badly!” She was unable to stand still because she was quite drunk. “Please don’t say no I won’t tell anyone you fucked me. I have rubbers and you can fuck my ass later if you like. I’ll suck your cock and swallow I’m good at that!” She was almost crying. She came over to me and sat on my lap. “Please!?” She said and unzipped my pants.
“Why not? I said and licked one of her tiny little nipples. She groaned and hugged me tightly. I picked her up and carried her to the sofa in her living room. I kissed her hard and pinched one of her nipples. And sucked on the other. She moaned loudly and wiggled a bit as I slipped my finger in her pussy. She moved her pussy as if she was humping a hard cock. The look on her face was pure pleasure she was enjoying herself! I sucked harder on her nipple and fingered her faster and harder. She came in a few seconds and made deep guttural noises and shook all over.
“That was good! You finger me better than I do!” She said, as she watched me strip.
“It’s just normal foreplay, I said as I sat next to her, Now lets get you off again.”
I kissed her again and played with her tiny tits again and she was moaning and wiggling and enjoying her self. I put my finger in her pussy again and moved it around some more and she was cumming over and over. I then put three fingers in her pussy and she pushed her tiny hips against them and came very hard and screamed. I got on my knees and spread her legs and licked her clit, which was surprisingly large, and she pushed my head into her crotch and came again. She was sweating and moaning and groaning as I fingered her pussy and licked her clit.
“Please do my ass to, she said.”
I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and put one in her ass as I sucked on her clit. She wrapped her legs around my head and came again as I fingered her ass and sucked on her clit.
“OH SHIT!” She said and almost passed out when she came again. “Please Stop I can’t breathe!”
She was shaking all over and was almost out breath. I stopped and got up and sat on he sofa. It took her about five minutes to settle down.
“That was great ! No one has ever done anything like that before to me! All they ever seem to want is a blow job or a quick fuck in my cunt or my ass. But no body has ever done anything like that tome before.” She said, her face was bright red. I put a condom on and she got up and sat on it. My cock slipped into her dripping wet pussy and she rode it like a porno star. I pinched her nipples as she rode my cock. She came very fast she kept on bouncing on it until I came and it went limp. She had cum five or six times before I went limp. She got off my cock and puled the condom off.
“Now I’m hungry. I’ve never had so much fun fucking before.” She said.
“Well I’ll order a pizza and we can do it again after we eat, I said., what do you like on pizza?” She told me and I called a local pizza place and ordered a pizza and salad and soda.
“You shouldn’t have done that they will see you naked when they get here! She said. That won’t be good!”
“I’ll get dressed before then, I said grinning., don’t worry I’ll get the pizza at the door downstairs so they won’t see you naked.”
“Oh silly me I don’t think well, she said pouting, I’m sorry.”
“Don’t worry you fuck very well, I said, and that is more important.” She just blushed and grinned.
We ate the pizza and salad and she had another beer. She told me her life story as she ate. She never got dressed and seemed to not even notice that she was naked. After we finished she started to take my clothes off me as if I couldn’t do it my self.
“Now can we do it again , she asked, I’m horny again.”
I reached out and fondled her flat ass and slipped a finger in her ass and another in her pussy and licked her nipples at the same time.
“Wow That’s perfect, she said, do it some more!” She
came again and I kept on playing with her until my cock got hard again. I put on a condom . “P
lease I like it in my ass please fuck my ass!” She said and bent over. I couldn’t find any lube so I just put my finger in some of the grease from the pizza and rubbed it around and in her ass hole. She liked the way it felt. “That feels good! She said.
“I’m glad you like it.” I said and slowly pushed my cock in her ass. She pushed her butt into my cock and moaned and wiggled it around and moaned and came very quickly.
“Harder and faster please!” She said and was cumming about every fourth stroke.
I pumped her ass as hard and fast as I could. When I came and went limp she almost fainted. She kissed me and thanked me.
“You have been nice to me why? Most guys aren’t interested in what I want.” She asked me.
“I guess I’m just different form other guys.” I said playing with her nipples. ” I love it when a woman comes it turns me on.”
“I wish you could spend the night but my land lord won’t allow it.” She said frowning.
“Well why don’t you come over to my home tonight and we can fuck some all weekend.” I said as I was getting dressed.
“Really? That would be wonderful! I’ve never spent a night with a man!” She said.
“Well get dressed and get some clothes for tomorrow and we’ll spend the weekend together.” I said wondering how poorly she had been treated by men.

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  1. Mr Chicken

    Maybe I should have titled this “Never say Never”

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  2. smile08

    this is a wild story only thing this happens! and now you have to work with them smiling at you or comming to youre desk.

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  3. boss hog

    I dream of fucking older women. I’m 41 and would love a tryst with my mother-in-law who is 65. She would be as grateful as this gal was.

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