The solar guy gives a recommendation

I had arranged to meet the solar panel sales person at home on Thursday for a quote.  He rang to say he was running a little late so when I got home a bit early and admit to feeling horny so I pulled out my stuff (some poppers and lube) and logged on to my favourite couple of sites, sat down and started to look around.

It didn’t take too long to find a really hot scene and I grabbed the popper and took a sniff.  Man I love that feeling as it hits and you get that rush.  I reached down to stroke my cock and start the fun when,”Ding-Dong” the doorbell rang.  Fuck!

Quickly I turned off the screen and dropped a sheet of paper over the stuff on the desk and went to the door hoping the bulge in my pants wasn’t too obvious.

The solar guy was there and not too sure whether it was the rush of the popper still affecting me or not but the way the guy introduced himself, shook my hand and smiled at me had an effect that was the opposite of what I was expecting.  My cock was getting even harder and I had to move around to make sure I wasn’t going to get a fist in my face.

Anyway, Tim (the solar guy) said he’d have a look at the hotwater heaters then a look around the property to make sure of the aspect for the sunlight.  I said no problem and said I’d wait out back at the table and chairs I had on the patio.  What a releif!  That gave me a chance to sit down and try to hide my expanding cock and at least try to get my mind of shooting a load of cum.

A few minutes went by and thankfully my cock started to droop.  Tim had made a few notes and sat down opposite me and started to tell me about what he thought the options were going through solar panels for electricity and the hot water heaters and stuff like that.

I mentioned to him that because of the size of the house there were two heaters – one at either end – because when I built the house I didn’t want to have to wait forever for the hotwater.  He said he didn’t spot the other heater and I told him it was at the west end of the house.  He got up to have a look, and not sure whether I was just dreaming it, but it really looked like he was giving my an ass wiggle as he went to look at the heater.  I put it down to my heightened state of horniness.

When he came back he pulled out his tablet PC and tried to log in so he could verify something.  He sat there for a few minutes tapping away then looked at me and asked if I had wireless and if he could connect as his network connection didn’t seem to be working.  I gave him the details and he tried again.  It didn’t seem to want to work.

“Look, this is really silly, and it only helps to verify, but if you could look at Bing or Google maps for me, I just need to verify a few things before I can give you a proper quote”  he said.

Too quickly I responded, “Sure, follow me.” it was only after I stood up and started to walk to my office that I realised what was on the PC.  I had only turned off the screen.  Shit.  Well, at least it was straight porn, nice big, juicy tits and wet cunts being fucked…..shut the fuck up I said to myself….then we were in the office.

“Um…look sorry about this, but, well…” as I turned on the screen.  Thankfully the sound was down but as the screen came on it showed the scene climax of a couple of guys shooting streams of cum over some humungous tits and the woman’s face, making it drip down her chin.  Tim smiled.  “No problem.” he said smiling “Hey, we all watch it. You mind?” he reached over and grabbed the mouse and opened another browser window, just to the side so the other scene was still visible.

He opened a map application and zoomed in to my house and showed me what he was talking about with respect to the roofline and the sunlight as the sun moved overhead.  I had a bit of trouble concentrating on what he was saying as I was looking at the scene where the woman was now being double penetrated wtih cum still dripping from her face and tits.

Tim shifted the mouse again this time he moved the paper I had put on the desk to cover the popper and lube.  When he saw them, he looked at me and asked, “You mind?” and he grabbed the popper and opened it and took a deep sniff then handed the bottle to me.

“You like this?” he asked.  “Well, hell yeah.” I replied as I took the bottle.

“No. I mean this….” and Tim leaned back in the seat opened his legs, along with his zipper and pulled out his stiffening cock.

I breathed in the vapour then dived down on his elegantly long dick and sucked it deeply into my mouth and throat.

Tim moaned, “Fuck yeah…..mmmmmm” as he shifted I heard the volume go up on the PC and the sound of fucking and the womans moans mingle with my own and Tim’s.

I reached down and pulled out my hard member feeling pre-cum dripping and lubricating my strokes then I reached up and pulled on Tim’s balls before sucking and biting them gently and rolling those huge eggs in my mouth.

Tim reached over and was playing with my asshole gently prodding his fingers which were slipery and wet, he must have lubed them up already.  It felt so good to have a hard cock in my mouth and my ass being played with.  Reluctantly I released his cock and turned around.  Tim grabbed my waist then gently eased his stiff dick into my eager hole.

His pole slid into me filling me up and stimulating my prostate so I almost spurted cum on his first stroke.  I calmed myself as Tim eased up off the chair so he could fuck me.  He reached around so he could stroke my cock in rhythm with his fucking.

Then I heard a small cough and looked up from my ass-fuckingto see my cleaning lady standing there with her tits out and hands deep in her wet hole.  A grin from me and she was on the floor sucking down my cock.

Tim pulled out of my ass and dived his cock into the cleaning ladies hot hole, pumping and making her squeak every time she lifted her head from my throbbing pole.  It was too much for me and I straightened and grabbed her face with one hand stroking my hard dick with the other then shot a jet of jism into her face so hard it splashed off and dribbled down onto her tits.  Tim eagerly leaned over and licked it up and then leaned over to suck up the remaining cum dripping from my cock while he kept fucking her cunt.

Then he pulled back and retunred the favour shooting his load over my stomach and her face and tits.  Tim and I both leaned down and licked off the remaining dripping cum and sucking on her tits and even kissing and sharing his cum.

Tim leaned back and said, “Not too sure about the installation. i think I need to come back to make sure I get all the details.” He grinned.  My cock responded thinking that tomorrow was going to be too long to wait to taste his juices again.

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