The Spa – Part 2

The bright sunlight woke me gently, and the room became clearer as my eyes adjusted. It was my own. The feeling of the breeze on my naked skin took my thoughts straight back to the night before, the mysterious guy and the sex we had in the pool. Unconsciously my hand fell between my legs as I remembered the scene; lying back on the edge of the pool with the sky stretching above, exposed to anyone and begging the stranger to fuck me harder and harder. I thought back to the afternoon when I had first felt his eyes on me and how it turned me on so much. I was normally shy and quiet but I found myself rubbing my pussy right in front of him, my fingers becoming more slippery as his cock began to show through his shorts. A knock at the door shook me out of the daydream and I quickly grabbed my robe. At the door stood the blonde-haired receptionist that had greeted me on my arrival the day before, her white uniform was short and tight around her body. Without thinking my gaze had come to rest on her cleavage. She coughed to get my attention and I felt my face flush with embarrassment.
“Sorry to disturb you. Miss Harper?” She smirked as she spoke, obviously not as embarrassed as I was.
“Ye-yeah, that’s me.”
“A message was left for you this morning, from a friend I believe.” The cute girl handed me a piece of paper and then walked away. There was just a single line written on it but as I read my body tingled with excitement. ‘I watched you last night. X’. I read the words over and over again, amazed at how a sentence could turn me on like this. I thought about how I must have looked, how I must have sounded and lastly if the writer of the note was as wet as I was right now. My crotch ached with desire and my mind was filled with images of the girl that had been at my door a few minutes ago. I stripped myself of the robe and let my body fall backwards onto the bed, my hands desperate to roam over my skin. I clasped my tits and sighed when my nipples throbbed at the touch. I pinched one between my fingertips and relished the buzz along the lips of my pussy. My hand had found its way down there soon enough, greeted first by the hair I kept neatly shaved, now wet to the touch. My fingers hovered just above my slit and almost uncontrollably my hips bucked to meet them. I ran my finger between my soaked lips, closing my eyes as I did so. My fingertip slid easily as I let it follow the length of my aching pussy, down to my asshole and then all the way back up to my clit which made me shiver as I came close. My imagination raced between memories of the hard cock pounding into me and fantasies of the receptionist, her tongue replacing my own fingers. I lifted my knees up and spread them, my cunt was burning to be filled. About to plunge a finger deep inside me I froze, a noise had ripped me from my fantasies. I heard the door click shut and I scrambled at the bed covers, trying to hide myself, but stopped as my eyes met those of the beautiful receptionist as she walked into the room.
“I knew that would turn you on.”
“The note?” I was almost lost for words, sat naked on the edge of the bed. I made no attempt to cover my soaked pussy.
“Hmm.” She answered my question with a smile. “I was listening outside the door. I couldn’t wait to see you again, after last night.”
“So you saw everything?”
“Mmmm, and loved it.” She began undoing the buttons on the front of her tunic, slowly exposing more of her cleavage. After the last one she slipped the uniform from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.
“I don’t wear underwear, they always end up soaked so quickly.” She must’ve noticed my surprise as I took in her body, standing nude in front of me. I let my eyes wander across each curve, resting momentarily on the pink nipples that stood erect on her breasts. She had slender legs like my own that led up her pussy, which I could see through a small amount of hair. “Don’t make me wait, I’ve been dreaming about you all night” she said and with a quick lick of her lips the blonde stepped towards me and bent down. I was in stunned silence as she pressed her lips to mine and only responded as I felt her tongue slide into my mouth. With that she pushed me down onto the bed, I offered no resistance and she was soon kneeling above me. Our kiss continued with our tongues sliding together and in a quick motion she had grabbed hold of my hands and pushed them over my head. Our bodies met and I bit her lip lightly as I felt rough pubic hair graze my stomach. She was just as excited by the touch and rubbed her mound against my skin once more, this time it was more deliberate and the sensation lingered. Her hips were moving rhythmically, each time rubbing her cunt on me and leaving a wet patch above my own pussy. With one last bite of my lip her mouth left mine and began kissing the soft skin of my neck. She trailed kisses down my body and with each one I felt a shiver from my crotch. She reached my nipple, and sucking it into her mouth she let the tip of her tongue swirl around it, giving the same treatment to each one. Her crotch was now just above mine, and as I had done earlier I lifted my hips to meet it. Our pussies touched and together we moaned softly, shooting a quick glance at each other. As the blonde girl nibbled on my tits I hooked a leg around her waist and pushed my cunt harder onto hers. I grinded against her and felt our lips press and our juices mix. Her hands were exploring me, feeling out every inch of my skin with soft fingertips and then I would feel her nails digging in as she forced her hips onto me. She then slid down my body further, again trailing kisses along my skin. Now kneeling on the floor with her face just inches from my pussy she stopped and looked at me.
“I want you to beg me. Like you begged the guy to fuck you in the pool.” I was desperate for her mouth to be on me, I raised my hips to her face but she pulled away.
“Please, I need this. I need you inside me. Fuck me, please. I want your tongue deep inside me.” With this the girl between my legs smiled, but instead of the tongue I pleaded for she ran her finger up my inside leg and around the edge of my aching pussy. I could feel the wetness running from my slit and across my ass. I twitched under her touch.
“So you’re a dirty little slut then?”
“Mmm yeah, I’m your slut. Do whatever you want with me, I’m so fucking hot.” This time it was her tongue that made its way up my thigh and I moaned with relief as her lips met my cunt with a light kiss. My head fell back against the bed, enjoying the feeling of the girl’s tongue exploring my pussy. She first parted my lips with her tongue and lapped at the juices that escaped, flooding into her mouth. She explored the length of my lips, licking up each one before spreading them with her fingers and then pushing her tongue into me. I let out a gasp as I felt her inside, but before I had a chance to adjust she began pumping her tongue in and out. I was writhing under the movements of her mouth and she knew that she was in complete control of my orgasm. Her tongue, which had quickened in pace now slowed down, and it was soon replaced with her finger, which pushed further into me. She now fucked me with her finger, the walls of my pussy tightening around it with each thrust, and her mouth found my clit. She licked lightly at the top of my slit whilst pounding her finger in below, my moans now filling the room. Although tight her finger slid easily inside me but I still needed more.
“Two fingers.” I managed to whisper between breaths, and my hole was soon filled a bit more. I knew I was close, my hips bucked wildly, and the girl eating me out was barely able to stay attached to my pussy. My moans had turned to screams and as my whole body tensed I grabbed and held onto the bed below me. My ass was in the air and the fingers in my pussy were held in place as the soft walls tightened on them. My body shook a few more times before I finally collapsed in a gasping heap. My hair was wet and my skin was covered in droplets of sweat. Opening my eyes I saw the bl
onde girl now standing, just a
s sweaty as me and with her fingers in her mouth. Her face seemed to be soaked.
“Was that me?” I asked with all the strength I could muster.
“Uh-huh, that guy obviously didn’t finish the job last night.” She said with a giggle. I was still shaking as she lay down beside me, her arm crossing my waist and pulling our bodies close. Holding each other we kissed and I tasted my own cum on her lips. I moved to straddle her and repay the favour but I was stopped.
“It’s nice of you to offer but I honestly can’t. All this time I should’ve been working, I need to go.” She took her arms from me and lifted herself off the bed. Although satisfied I suddenly felt disappointed and looked at the beautiful naked girl with sad eyes. She picked up her uniform and wrapped it around her body, adjusting her dishevelled hair in the mirror.
“I’m not just the receptionist you know, I do massages as well. Book yourself in and ask for Sarah.” She smiled and turned to leave, doing up the buttons on her tunic as she went. Again I was alone, spread out naked on the bed with sweat and cum drying on my skin. The sun was still streaming into the room and a light breeze came from the open window.

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