The Spa – Part 4

‘Midnight Party: Tonight
In the Chalet, all invited.

Theme: Bikinis and Champagne’

The note was printed with an official letterhead but would only be put under two doors; David’s and Sofia’s. It was to be a far more private affair than one would assume. The Chalet was a traditional-looking, wooden building nestled amongst the trees that housed the saunas and other treatment rooms. This was where my plan would hopefully take place. After giving David his ‘massage’ I spent the rest of the day thinking of it, finally coming up with the official looking invite. The Chalet closed at 10 every night, letting the cleaners tidy the place up for an hour or two, and so it should be empty by midnight.

I woke up early on Sunday morning, almost jumping with excitement at the night ahead. After a long shower I took a walk past the rooms of tonight’s guests, slipping the invitation under the door and smiling to myself. I could barely keep my hands from working underneath my uniform as I sat at the reception desk and I struggled to keep my mind away from fantasies.
“Sarah, you still on for the film tonight yeah?” A colleague was leaning over the desk. I met her with a blank stare. “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten.” I had done exactly that.
“I’m so sorry, I’m gonna have to cancel on you. There’s this thing I have to do…” The apology had little effect and with a roll of her eyes my colleague turned abruptly and walked away. Never mind, I’ll make it up to her somehow.

As 10pm rolled round I sprang from the front desk like a gazelle and trotted down the corridors to my room. My shift would have been difficult to get through anyway, even without my body pleading to be played with throughout the day. It was over now and with great joy I planned on taking a long bath and freshening up before meeting tonight’s attendees. Crossing the threshold of my door and closing it behind me I stripped of my uniform and turned on the bath tap before collapsing on the bed. My fingers drift languidly over my body as I dream of things to come, interrupting myself with a mental note to shave my nether regions. After a few more minutes of lazing I slip into the steaming bath water, cleansing my skin of the hard day but also preparing it for a harder night. I splash the bubble bath over myself, its scent wafting through the bathroom, and as I catch my nipple under my fingertip it rouses drowsily. I spend an hour soaking in the tub, occasionally drifting off but managing to tend to my slightly unkempt bush, shaving it smooth. By the time I was dry it was about half eleven, and with the quick selection of a pink bikini and some tight denim hot pants I left for the evening.

The chalet was completely dark when I arrived but I still had a quick check inside to make sure it was empty. Walking round the deserted building I was overcome with an odd feeling, almost like the nervousness of a first date. Although I’d been working at the spa for nearly half a year now and gotten used to the slightly unprofessional rendezvous with customers, on the massage table and elsewhere, I still felt the butterflies of apprehension. Turning on some of the lights I returned to the porch outside the front door in wait. It wasn’t long before the shadows revealed a silhouette in the distance, and within a few steps a sleek feminine shape came into view. Seeing Sofia again took me back to the other morning, her body stretched out before me in ecstasy.
“Doesn’t look like much of a party to me.”
“It’s a very exclusive kind of thing, and the fun’s to be had inside anyway.” She cocked her head at my response and gave me a sly look.
“Am I the only guest?”
“There’s one more. Keep an eye out for him.” I said and her lips stretched into a smile of recognition. She was dressed in a similar bikini to mine but it was white, and it strained against her larger breasts. Her bottom half was wrapped in a loose white sarong, the tanned flesh of her legs showing through the thin material. As Sofia’s smile faded into an impish pout she stepped closer and our bodies met at the chest. We stood still for a moment, communicating our desire through deep breaths and the slow rise and fall of our breasts against one another. Synchronised, our heads tilted and our lips joined, my arms reaching around Sofia and pulling her into me until there was no gap between our bodies. Our kiss was light and I sought to stroke Sofia’s soft and plump lips with my own. As my hands explored the contours of her back Sofia slipped her thumbs into the waistband of my shorts and let her fingers lie lazily on the outside, spread across my butt. The tips of our tongues met and slid past each other, mouths pressing ever firmer together.
“I should’ve known one of you two was behind this.” Although the voice startled both of us it wasn’t enough to break our kiss, instead I opened an eye in recognition of David’s arrival. He stood quite still but with his gaze firmly fixed upon us. Sofia opened her eyes and winked at me while tightening her grip on my shorts. I got the message; she wanted to put on a show. Our kiss intensified in an instant, tongues now rubbing against each other like our lives depended on it. One of my hands left Sofia’s back and I laid it lightly on her neck, the other slid down and grabbed hold of her ass. Her own hands began to explore my body, one leaving the edge of my shorts and taking hold of my bikini-covered tit. I moaned quietly in approval. She had no difficulty in finding my nipple, having been hard and poking through the swim suit ever since I stepped out into the brisk air. Her thumb glided across it whilst her other hand stroked the soft skin of my stomach. We both had limited room to move in the tight embrace but Sofia soon found a solution; the fingers that rested on my stomach now edged their way down until again meeting the waistband of my hot pants. Pressing her hand flat against my stomach she slid it underneath both the shorts and my tight bikini bottoms. At this touch I opened my eye again to look at our audience, who hadn’t moved but was now sporting an open mouth and a visible lump in his shorts. Sofia’s hand continued to move downwards until it fully cupped my pussy. At this she broke from the kiss and looked me in the eyes with a sultry expression.
“Someone feels smooth” As she spoke her fingertips traced along the skin surrounding my slit, teasing me with her touch. Without waiting for an answer she brought her lips to my neck and began covering me with light kisses. Her fingers closed in around my waiting pussy, its moisture letting her know that I was ready, and I sighed as Sofia’s fingertip nuzzled in between my lips. I was glad to feel that it didn’t stop there, and with a slight push she entered me, cautiously sliding a digit past my swollen labia. I breathed in sharply at the visitor but Sofia didn’t stop laying her soft mouth on my neck as she pushed inside me. As I felt her knuckles press up against my crotch I knew she had filled me and my knees almost buckled at the sensation. Sofia’s kisses had now left my neck and she placed them between my breasts before hooking a finger under my bikini and pulling it to the side, exposing my bare tit to her avid mouth. She treated it with the same delicate touch and kissed all over before reaching my nipple and sucking it between her lips. With perfect timing Sofia pulled her finger past the tight walls of my slit and started to push it back in whilst she sucked on my nipple. Every movement from her sent a jolt of electricity through my body and I couldn’t help but let a few moans escape my mouth. Through the pleasure I was getting I almost forgot about David, opening my eyes quickly. To my surprise he had unleashed his cock from his shorts and was rubbing it slowly. I smiled as I caught his eye but he was too busy concentrating on Sofia, her mouth caressing my breast whilst her hands ravaged me below.

I was suddenly aware of where we were; although it was dark the impromptu display of affection was in full view of the accommo
dation block, and it wouldn’t take much for
someone to recognise me as the receptionist. I laid a hand on Sofia’s head, making her look up from my boob.
“Let’s take this inside shall we?” She nodded and with one last kiss on my nipple she took her hands from me and pulled her finger from my pussy. I adjusted my bikini and walked to David, who had stopped stroking his cock but still sported a raging hard-on. I kissed him as a hello and grabbed hold of the penis that poked out of his shorts, pulling on it slightly.
“I’m coming..” He complained as I dragged him into the building by his cock.
“I hope not, we haven’t even started with you yet.”

Once inside I locked the door and turned to the two guests of honour, who were greeting each other rather passionately. I waited a moment but decided to interject as they kissed and grasped desperately at each other’s clothes.
“Hey you two, the lobby’s not really such a sexy place. What room do you fancy?” Their lips parted and both turned to face me in disappointment. David had ripped Sofia’s bikini clean off, freeing her gorgeous, round breasts whilst she was halfway through with his shirt, which hung from one arm before falling to the ground.
“Don’t know Sarah, you’re the one who works here.” David nodded in agreement from behind Sofia, his hands had reached round her body and were cupping her tits. Her hand was around her back, wrapped around David’s shaft while it poked into her back, I guessed. I thought for a moment and then my face flushed with an idea.
“Okay, follow me then.” I decided, locking the main door before leading the half-naked threesome past the changing rooms and up the stairs to the main floor. I had only turned on a few lights when I had arrived so reaching the top of the stairs and following the corridor round we found ourselves in a darkened hall. Luckily it had a glass sunroof which let the moon cast enough light to see. It was the main pool room and it had a heated pool and a couple of Jacuzzis and hot tubs. I approached one and pushed a button on the side, it slowly bubbled to life and glowed from the lights inside. I turned to find Sofia helping David out of his shorts, which really meant she was just stroking his cock whilst he struggled with them on his own. I came up behind Sofia and ran my hands round her form and cupped her firm tits as David had done. She responded by pushing back against my body. I left her breasts and grabbed hold of the sarong that wrapped around her waist. I undid the knot and let it fall to the floor, wasting no time in pulling down the thong that hid underneath. I cradled her pert butt in my hands and ran my fingers across the smooth skin of her behind. Feeling my hands upon her she let go of the cock she was holding and turned to me, planting a quick kiss on my lips. Sofia then undressed me quickly; untying the knot that held my bikini firmly in place and pulling it over my head before letting her fingers work on my shorts, bringing them to my ankles in no time. With a final movement she whipped down my panties and exposed my glistening crotch to the humid air. With clothes scattered all over the floor I led the two naked bodies up the steps and we all slid silently into the warm water.

“Are we allowed to do this?” Sofia caught me with a worried look.
“They’ve never caught me.” I responded with a cheeky grin and pulled her towards me. My lips felt at home as they touched hers, finding again the supple cushions of her mouth. As my hands explored her body beneath the bubbling water I felt her arm shaking, its hand resting in David’s lap. I hooked my arm under her leg and pushed her towards him. Needing no more encouragement she moved over and straddled David’s lap, meeting his lips for a kiss before settling her pussy onto his cock. They both held their breath as Sofia lowered herself; David’s stiff shaft was obviously straining into her tight slit. My hand swam instantly between my legs and stayed there, finding its way around my newly-shaved crotch for the first time that day. Sofia was soon bobbing up and down out of the water, with each thrust her tits dipped under the surface and re-emerged with a slick film of water that dripped from the taught skin. My finger didn’t take long to nestle inside me, bringing back memories of Sofia’s that had only just left. I timed my finger with Sofia and David’s fuck; filling myself up at each time that Sofia’s cunt took that cock inside. My new friends were in a world of their own, Sofia bouncing ever faster on David’s lap, water splashing everywhere and our moans echoing around the empty room. Wanting to join in on the action I left my own pussy alone and moved behind Sofia. I laid my hands on her back, running them across her wet skin and exploring every inch of her body as it pounded on the shaft below. My fingers traced down her spine and when they reached her ass under the water I dragged them slowly between her buttocks, my fingertip passing over her tight asshole on its way forward. I splayed my fingers across her pussy and felt the force of David’s cock pumping between her lips. Hidden from view I stroked along Sofia’s full labia but it was difficult to keep steady as she bounced. Retreating, my fingers again passed over the puckered opening between her buttocks, this time pausing there. I felt Sofia’s body tense at the touch but her moaning continued. With only slight pressure I rubbed her asshole and felt it stretch to accommodate my fingertip. Delicately, and timed with the movements of her body, I pushed more of my finger inside. The opening was tight but in the water it stretched and let me slide in easily. With just a centimetre of my finger inside her ass Sofia’s moans grew louder, I guessed that she had never felt this before but had chosen not to complain. My finger tunnelled further and soon it was halfway inside, with another push she took my entire digit in to her ass and relaxed her muscles at the feeling. She now slowed her ride on David, and holding my wrist firm I let her decide how she wanted her two holes fucked. She raised her hips slowly and just before my finger slipped out she lowered herself again, gasping as I filled her ass. She continued to move slowly, getting used to the new feeling, and each time she slid down on my finger I could feel David’s cock pressing inside as well. Within a few moments Sofia gathered rhythm and began thrusting again. As her hole widened with each entrance of my finger I added another one and without a flinch Sofia took them both inside. It didn’t take long for the double fucking to push her over the edge and with a scream of ecstasy her body shook and collapsed, leaving her a gasping wreck on David’s lap.

After sitting back for a few minutes wrapped in each other’s arms, letting Sofia’s used body recover, I suggested a change of scenery. The other two nodded in agreement and again I led the threesome, dripping wet from the tub, into a further room. I smirked at Sofia, who was still panting as we walked.
“Was that the first time you’ve had anything up your ass?”
“It was amazing, I didn’t think I’d like it that much.” She said as we came to a glass door. I pushed it open and walked in, the other two trailing behind. It was a fairly long room, and a bit darker than the main one. Wooden benches surrounded the walls and shower heads dangled at intervals, in the centre of the floor stood a large bowl. I spread my arms in welcome.
“This is the mud room. Well, it’s kind of mineral clay stuff.” Sofia and David still looked confused so I took the naked girl by the hand and pulled her to the central bowl. I scooped a handful of mud from it and brought it to her chest, spreading the sticky clay across her tits. David approached the bowl and took his own handful, this time spreading it on my own breasts. I loved the feeling of the warm mud on my skin and I giggled as he massaged my chest. He then put a finger to my face and drew a line of mud across my cheek. I gave him a fake look of anger and pressed my body to his in response, smearing my messy boobs against his skin. We held each other t
ightly for a moment and let the clay
spread between our bodies. The hard cock poking into my thigh reminded me that David hadn’t cum yet, even after his fuck in the hot tub. Neither had I for that matter.
“I think it’s my turn now.” I begged him as I grabbed his hand and sat on the floor. He wasn’t far behind and knelt between my spread legs. I caught Sofia’s eye, who was standing just behind David with her hands clasped to her tits. In silence she realised where she wanted to go, dropping to her knees just behind my head.
“Shift up and put his cock in me.” I said to her, the order immediately obeyed and Sofia’s cunt appearing inches above my face. She leaned forward and took hold of David’s cock, rubbing it a few times before bringing its head to my swollen lips. She slid just the tip inside, teasing my pussy as I had done to her asshole. David was too eager for the games though and as he felt his cock push past the boundary he followed with a slow and strong thrust into me. I gasped at the sudden movement. My cunt swallowed every inch that he pushed into me and when I felt full my hands grabbed hold of Sofia’s hips and pulled her to my face. My tongue darted from my mouth to meet the wet lips of Sofia’s pussy, licking right across her slit. Luckily she hadn’t rubbed the mud into her crotch and I was able to eat her out with abandon. Meanwhile David had started to pump his dick into me, maintaining a slow rhythm and as he thrust into me I would thrust my tongue into Sofia. We girls moaned in unison whilst David braced himself against my legs, making each drive harder. My mouth locked onto the pussy above me and immediately I felt warm liquid cover my face, running down my chin. Sofia began to buck her hips and slid her soaked cunt over my mouth and nose, my tongue buried deep inside.

We continued fucking in our messy threesome; Sofia taking handfuls of mud and spreading it over her body and mine as David pounded into me. My face was getting soaked from the gushing pussy above me and I gladly lapped at the juice. I felt David’s grip suddenly tighten on my legs and realised he was close to coming. As he thrusted a few final times I fucked Sofia’s cunt even harder with my tongue. With one last moan I felt warm cum pump inside me and the thighs either side of my head tense up. Sensing the orgasms around me pushed my own body to its climax, and in a chorus of moans and screams we clung to each other’s bodies, riding out the waves of pleasure that shook each of us.

Thanks for reading.

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