The Spa – Part 5

As the shakes subsided we found ourselves in a sweaty and muddy heap, Sofia and I lying across David’s chest, all panting and unable to speak. Once we had regained some consciousness Sofia was the first to move; getting to her feet and grabbing a shower head from the wall. Turning the water on she first sprayed the mud from her own body, then turned and washed mine and David’s, still lying on the floor. At the shock of the water we got to our feet. As the noise of the shower subsided the sound of a door slamming rang through the almost-deserted building, turning myself and my two companions white with fear.
“That sounded like the front door slamming, someone must be inside.” Our eyes met in the dark silence and I could tell that each one of us hadn’t breathed since we heard the noise. I had never had to escape from this place before and my mind was racing for some kind of plan. Suddenly, even though I had only seen it once, I remembered the fire escape door at the back of the building, opening it meant the alarms would go off but it was our only chance of getting out undiscovered.
“Quick, come with me!” I grabbed hold of Sofia’s arm and dragged her towards the door, David following swiftly behind. On the other side of the door we found ourselves once again in the main hall and I noticed the faint flashes of torch beams on the far side; the uninvited guests were close to the top of the stairs now. Without a thought for our clothes strewn throughout the building I turned on my heels and ran for the green light of the fire exit. Although I hoped the other two were close behind I was more concerned with my own escape, after all I would be the one getting fired if I was found. I almost dived for the door as I reached it, and the shrill scream of an alarm sliced through the air exactly as my wet skin hit the cold of the world outside. I kept running with the damp grass underfoot, not stopping or even taking a look behind me until I reached the dark shelter of the trees that surrounded the spa complex.
“Wow, you’re pretty quick on your feet when you need to be.” David said as he caught up and found me panting. They must’ve been a little way behind me. It was only now I realised how far we’d run from the Chalet, looking back I could see the flashlights sweeping around the building, searching in vain for it’s midnight occupants. I couldn’t help but laugh as I thought about our position; running around naked in the middle of the night.
“Don’t worry; they won’t come looking for us up here. We need to figure out a way to get back though because it’s pretty cold.” All of our nipples were standing to attention, and David’s cock wasn’t looking as impressive as it did earlier.
“We should go back to one of our rooms.” Sofia shook with cold as she spoke so David wrapped his arms around her.
“Whose is closest?” David asked.
“Well yours is Dave but we’d need to walk through reception to get to it. We’ll go to mine.” I remembered checking where their rooms were earlier. With the plan decided upon we started making our way back, giving a wide berth to the Chalet and skirting around the edge of the complex. I led the way, holding hands with Sofia whilst David lagged behind, enjoying the sight no doubt. Luckily, because the whole place was more or less empty at this time and we didn’t have to dive for cover in the bushes, we arrived outside my building in no time.
“I’m on the 3rd floor so we’re going to have to sneak inside and up the stairs.” The others nodded in unison and we silently filed in through the front door. The corridor on the ground floor was empty and I breathed a sigh of relief as I found the stairs were as well.
“I’ll go ahead and check the 3rd floor, stay here a minute.” I whispered as we climbed the stairs. I inched the door open enough to take a good look up and down the corridor, and saw it was empty so I signalled OK to my partners in crime. I had only just got through the door when I froze.
“Sarah? Is… that you?” I recognized the voice from somewhere and whirled round to meet the wide eyes of James, stopped dead in his tracks at one end of the hallway. My mouth struggled to find words and I felt an urge to turn and run as fast as I could. It was too late though, he knew who I was. Unfortunately I also knew who he was: the manager’s 18 year old son. I’d only met him a few times, and every single time was disgusted by his slimy comments and constant staring at me. For all the time I had worked here he had kept telling me how much he fancied me and all that rubbish. Now here I was stark naked in front of him and he was taking it all in with a pervy smile across his face. It only got wider as Sofia and David bumped up behind me.
“Oh, so there’s a little party going on. I don’t think I got the invite.” I knew what a bad situation this was; he already had his suspicions about me and the way I acted around some of the customers, one word from him and I’d be out of a job instantly. I noticed the bulge in his trousers as he started to approach me and instinctively dropped my arms to cover my body.
“Well? Aren’t you going to introduce me?” He was now just a couple of feet away and I still hadn’t moved. He didn’t draw his eyes away from me as he took hold of my hand and brought it to his crotch, stroking my outstretched fingers against the hard patch that had developed there, only thin material separating my touch from his skin. I shuddered involuntarily.
“Ummm, well this is… umm… Sofia… and David. And… this is James.” I stuttered as his cock hardened further under my fingertips.
We were just heading to my room” I realised there was no way out now, he would have to join us if I wanted to keep anyone else from knowing about tonight.
“Oh really. Lead the way then.” Recovering my hand from James’ nether regions I led the naked trio and our reluctantly-invited, new recruit to my door.
I’m interested to know where you keep your door key.” James said it in a mocking tone, almost laughing. I suddenly realised I’d left it with my clothes, in the Chalet. I turned to the small group with an open mouth, searching for a solution.
“Shit, I haven’t got the key.” I made a stupid gesture of patting the imaginary pockets on my thighs.
“You don’t say. My room it is I guess… top floor.” James turned abruptly and I scowled at the back of his head. Before following I mouthed a silent ‘sorry’ to my nude guests, they were slightly embarrassed in the harsh light of the corridor. James led us to the lift and we went in awkwardly, it felt like the hot passion of earlier had been extinguished for good. I was forced to stand next to James in the lift and almost immediately his hands had found the soft curves of my backside. With one movement he was in front of me, both hands on my hips and his face moving toward mine. We kissed deeply and his body was pressing against me. I momentarily forgot his creepy nature and the fact that I hated him as a tingle swept over my skin. I wasn’t sure if it was the humiliation that turned me on but I didn’t stop to think as my hands found the top of his trousers, instinctively unbuttoning and unzipping as if I was trained to do so. I soon held his semi-erect cock in my hand, ignoring the look of contented glee on James’ face. Dropping to my knees I began stroking his thick shaft until it stood at full stiffness, and then replacing my hand with my mouth I sucked on it. I knew he had wanted this for many months now and he took great pleasure in fucking my mouth. I wanted to think I hated it but I couldn’t help my hand falling to the growing wetness between my legs.
“Come on, there’s more space inside.” It was only then that I realised the lift had stopped. I felt a slight pang of shame as I let go of the cock from my mouth but it evaporated when I saw Sofia giving David a sucking off and a renewed flush of excitement prickled on ym skin. Within the space of just a few minutes the group that left the lift were different to those that had got on; we were suddenly hot and horny, almost unable to let go
of each others’ bodies, desperate to re
ach the privacy behind closed doors. James let us in to his spacious room and what appeared was more of an apartment really. We entered into a lounge area with a couple of sofas and a big TV, a balcony at the far end. There looked like a bedroom to the left and a small kitchen was to the right.
“Make yourself comfortable everyone.” Sofia and Dave had already settled on a sofa, happy to continue from where they’d been interrupted. I was taking a look around the kitchen when James came up behind me and pressed his still-hard cock into the small of my back. He reached around my body and took hold of my tits whilst planting light kisses on my neck. I turned but didn’t move away. In silence I stripped him of his clothes and repaid the kisses to his firm chest.
“Shall we join the other two?” I nodded in approval and followed him back out to the lounge. Sofia looked up from David’s crotch as we entered and smiled at the sight of us.
“I think I owe you something.” Said Sofia as she stood up. She took me from James’ side and kissed me passionately, her tongue immediately pressing past my lips and meeting my own. Her hands found mine as we kissed and without breaking the join of our lips she led me over to the sofa. With a light push I sat down and Sofia straddled me with her legs. My mind filled with memories of the time I had fucked her in her room, the sweet taste of her juice running down my chin earlier tonight. As she began kissing me again I knew what she owed me. With a final peck on my mouth Sofia slid between my legs, her face inches from my soaked pussy. James was behind her, furiously stroking his cock whilst David was doing the same sitting to my right. As he was within arms reach I offered him my own hand, wrapping it tightly around his dick and rubbing rhythmically. Sofia could tell I needed no warming up and wasted little time in meeting my pussy lips with her tongue, lapping at my swollen cunt and pausing to poke her tongue inside me. She stroked my thighs with her fingertips as she buried her face between my legs, the movements of her tongue becoming more furious as my moans got louder.
“Stick something inside me, please!” It came out more forcefully than I intended it to but my request was swiftly met as I felt fingers pushing inside me. I looked down between my legs to see Sofia angling her hand to pleasure me with two fingers and focussing her mouth over my clit. She sucked it between her lips and swirled her tongue around lightly. It was like an electric shock to me and I bucked my hips with a scream of ecstasy. Sofia looked up and I saw her face soaked in my juice.
“I want your cock now.” She looked straight at David and I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist that kind of request, especially with her puppy dog eyes and cheeks shiny with cum. I let go of David’s penis so that he could take his place behind Sofia. As he moved she replaced her mouth on my pussy, her fingers still pounding inside me. I knew David had thrust himself inside her when I felt Sofia moan into my cunt, her body beginning to ride the cock. Almost instantly James had appeared to the side of me, kneeling on the sofa with his stiff rod pointed at my face. Without question I took hold of it and pulled him to my lips, greeting the head of his cock with a kiss. The sight for him must’ve been amazing; my own eyes staring up with his cock in my mouth, my legs spread and a girl eating my soaked pussy, not to mention the fact that she was getting fucked as well.
“In my ass!” Sofia screamed between moans. I was shocked at how quickly she’d taken to anal penetration, not as shocked as David though, whose eyes lit up at her demand. He slid his cock from her dripping pussy and lightly pressed against her puckered arsehole. Sofia had held her breath and with a slight push the tip of Dave’s cock had stretched the hole. I had stopped sucking on James to watch as each centimetre disappeared inside Sofia, her eyes closed and her moaning muffled by the folds of my pussy. David had hold of Sofia’s hips as he pushed even further inside.
“How does it feel?” He was about halfway inside her when he asked. She looked over her shoulder.
“It’s amazing, keep going slowly.” He started pushing again into the tight hole. James had leant over and grabbed some kind of bottle, he handed it to David.
“Here, use some of this.” Dave took the bottle and slowly withdrew his cock. He opened it up and poured a decent amount of lube between Sofia’s buttocks and over his own dick. After rubbing it on himself and the butt in front of him David brought his cock to Sofia’s arsehole once again. Although he still pushed slowly inside it seemed to be going easier. I found myself counting the inches as I stared; 5… 6… 7… And then with one final thrust the cock disappeared completely, and Sofia let out a sigh.
David paused for a moment as he caught his breath and Sofia looked almost exhausted as her head rested against my thigh. I reached down and stroked her hair, eliciting a cheeky smile. I realized I had neglecting James, who still kneeled eagerly to my side, and as Sofia watched I gave long licks to his shaft. The display inspired David to move again, and with a slow movement of his hips he pulled his cock from Sofia. Just before it came out completely, and keeping the same slow pace, he pushed back in. With every stroke the motion became more fluid and as a rhythm developed I was again treated to Sofia’s eager mouth on my pussy. Once again the room was filled with grunts and moans. James’ cock was coated in my saliva, perfect for what I needed him to do. With a swift spin and an apologetic look at Sofia I turned to face James, my legs wrapping around his waist and pulling him towards my waiting loins. He got the message quickly and in one thrust I felt the head of his cock sliding into me, followed by his long shaft. He was soon pumping into me with abandon, my cunt easily swallowing his every move. I looked over at David who was still thrusting behind Sofia and caught his eye. In one wanton look he knew I needed him, James just wasn’t enough for me.
“Hey James, want a swap?” James looked puzzled at the request, stopping mid-thrust. Sofia didn’t look up from her position on all fours; I could see she was rapidly rubbing her pussy in a world of her own. James got up reluctantly and without a word kneeled behind the girl on the floor. She barely noticed the change. I smiled as David lowered himself to the sofa, pleased as his raging hard-on led the way between my spread legs. This time I felt my lips stretch to accommodate his bigger cock but as it was still slippery from the lube there was no effort in it sliding into me. I gasped as he pushed, my hands holding tightly to my breasts. Although it was only an inch or two longer, David’s was a much tighter fit than James’ penis and my body tingled in thanks as it filled up. Without hesitation David’s balls slapped against my bare ass cheeks, he picked up pace quickly and the sound of slapping skin mingled with the growing moans from my mouth.
“Oh fuck yes!” Although he didn’t need any encouragement David drilled even harder at my cry and I had to brace myself against the sofa. It took just one look at the couple on the floor to send me over the edge. Having swapped positions Sofia now rode on top of James, her tanned body sliding up and down on his cock whilst her breasts swayed with every move. She was closer to an orgasm than I was, humping vigorously astride James’ stiffness. Suddenly, and with a final moan, Sofia shook and collapsed on top of James, her spent pussy releasing his cock from its grip. The two lay panting next to each other, they’re eyes now fixed on me and my own impending orgasm, Sofia fingering the cum that dripped from her pussy and bringing it to her tongue. At the sight my legs tensed against David’s body and I felt the soft walls of my pussy contract around his cock. I screamed with each wave that swept my body, writhing under the swift and deep pounding of David and the intense gaze of my audience. With the final jolts of pleasure leaping through
my limbs David pulled h
is cock from me and rubbed it as fine spurts of white splashed up my body. He moaned as the cum sprayed over my chest and face, the sight of me covered in his juice fuelling the last embers of his orgasm.

Thanks for reading.

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