The Tailgate Night

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My phone rang one evening around 7pm the sun was begining to set in the sky and I was just climbing out of the tub, having just shaved my legs and my pussy. Something had told me that I was going to have a very exciting night but I didn’t know when or where. when I answered the phone it was my Master, He told me to get dressed, wear no panties and no bra and to be waiting outside in 15 minutes, and that every minute that I was late would be 20 swats with a switch. I knew He was serious just by the tone in His voice. As I was getting dressed I knew I had to be outside by 7:15 or I was goign to get it. Well I had to use the bathroom badly so I thought I had enough time. MAster would never come to the door and maybe he would just understand that nature called…Well when I walked outside I was 3 minutes late..His face was stern as I climed into the cab of His truck, he told me to pull my dress up and put the butt plug in my ass, no lube was allowed for me today. I cried out as I pushed it deep within me and he began to drive down the road.While we were driving He reached over and began to rub my clit, he looked at me and told me. “Girl you will be getting at least 60 swats with the switch when I get you where I am taking you!” all I could reply with was “Yes Master” my hips began moving slightly as He was rubbing my wet pussy I just knew he was going to smack my inner thigh any moment and he did with a sharp flick of His wrist.
As we pulled down a dirt road he stopped and go out of the truck and ordered me out. when I stepped out I followed Him to where He was standing and he ripped my dress off of me and bent me over the tailgate of His truck and told me not to move. I heard Him walking away and it seemed like hours till he returned, he had went into the woods and found a switch from a tree and began to stroke it up and down my ass. Then when I least expect it I feel the sting of the switch upon my rounded ass. The stinging continues untill he has gotten my deserved 60 swats in. he reaches below me and begins to rub my clit, my pussy aching for His cock and he knows it. He then pulls his cock out of His pants, I can feel it pressing against me, as he pushes it into my tight wet waiting pussy. His thick cock fills me as I let out a moan of extacy. His hand smacks against my ass as He growls in my ear,
“slut, if you cum without permission you WILL get another 60 swats. Is that understood?”
I reply in a soft voice, “Yes Master as You wish”
His cock begins thrusting in and out of me. my body quivering as I beg of Him to allow me to cum, suddenly I hear Him yell for me to cum, my sweet juices flow out of me in a way that hasn’t happened before, I feel His cock throbbing inside of me. As he pulls out he pushes me to my knees, my naked body on the ground and commands me to clean His cock. I obedently begin to lick and kiss on it cleaning both of our juices off. my body still quivering as he reaches down and grabs a handfull of my hair and throws me back over the tailgate and begins to spank me again, wanting to make me remember my disobedence from today. after the spankings are over he tells me to go sit in the truck, naked and rub my clit. As I do he sits in the truck and watches, then leans over and smacks my inner thigh once more, my body quivers as I beg to be allowed to cum again for Him, as I do he starts the truck and drives back to my house, allowing me to get dressed he tells me to leave the plug in all night because he will be coming to check and se if its in when I’m asleep……

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