The Teaser

After the party ended Crystal jumped into her car as quickly as possible. The night was foul, rain lashing down and a howling wind made her outfit rather foolish. The St Trinians outfit she had so carefully chosen for the fancy dress now ruined – her white shirt soaked through so her black bra and full round breasts were even more prominent than even she had hoped for. The short mini skirt and stockings were soaked too. With her hair plasted to her face, Crystal started the car and had driven off into the night – barely able to see more than a few feet in front of her.

She had been sat at the bar feeling pretty horny when he had been confronted by a roman emperor. He had asked her to dance and she accepted, dragging him to the dancefloor and letting her hands roam all over him. He loved every second of it, especially when she pulled his rigid penis from his costume and toyed with it while dancing close so no one could see. Then as quickly as she had played with him, Crystal ran off out the hall and into the driving rain to her car. Slamming the door closed, she sped off as the emperor ran after her, penis bobbing up and down. Laughing hard she hurtled down the road through the driving rain.

After a few short miles the laughter died as smoke rose from the bonnet. Pulling over in a lay-by, Crystal jumped out and pulled the bonnet open. Staring down into the smoke and listening to the hissing whine of the dying engine, she knew that it was a lost cause and she had better get help. Climbed back into her car she absentmindedly pulled her shirt away from her body as it clung like a second skin after being back out in the pouring rain. Grabbing her mobile she keyed in the number of a mechanic from the emergency manual in the glove compartment. After being told that the waiting time would be around 2 hours, Crystal settled down for a long wait. After 20 minutes or so of complete boredom Crystal thought back to her emperor and the way his hands had moved up and down her body as they danced, he had pulled at her shirt trying to loosen the tie she has worn to complete the school girl look. She still felt rather horny and decided that relieving herself might be a good way to pass a few hours. Pushing her already too short skirt up, Crystal pulled her small white lace panties to one side and started to stroke her already aroused pussy. Flicking her fingers over the head of her throbbing clit, she slipped one hand inside her shirt and pinched one of her nipples. Just as she was about to tease her hole with her fingers the inside of her car lit up with the lights of the recovery vehicle pulling in behind her. Crystal straightened herself up and slipped from the car back in to the driving rain.

“Hello love, what seems to be the problem”?, the mechanic was instantly cheered up after seeing the vision of horniness in front of him. Having had a rather long night and in the miserable weather he was glad of the distraction. “My car started smoking and the just stalled”, replied Crystal more than aware that her top was once again a second skin and that her nipples were reacting to the cold night, much to the pleasure of the mechanic. “You climb back in the car love and I’ll have a peep underneath”, replied the mechanic looking appreciativly at Crystals legs. Climbing back in the car, shivering and wet Crystal reclined in her seat as the man looked under her bonnet. “I can see the problem love, Im gonna be here a while”. Muttering under her breath she pushed her seat back and settled in for another long wait.

A short time later Crystal could see her roman emperor striding down the road and then reaching through her car window and up her skirt. “I knew after you ran out of the party that I had to have you”, he said as he ripped her panties off completely. She had no complaints as he rubbed his fingers across her still wet slit and then wiped her own juices on her lips. After watching her lick his fingers clean, he ripped the car door open and pulled her legs round to him. Pushing the rest of her skirt up to her hips, he pushed her back in her seat and dipped his head to her sleek wet slit and began licking slowly. With a loud moan Crystal grabbed her emperors hair and pulled him further into her pussy, wrapping her legs around his neck while he licked and sucked at her engorged clit. Reaching up as he lapped away at her juices he grabbed at her breasts, ripping her shirt open and pulling her bra down, finally finding what he was lookimg for. Squeezing her nipples hard caused Crystal to arch her back and spray the man between her thighs with cum, but he never missed a beat. Clamping down on her hot clit he sucked away, lapping her juices and pulling hard on her nipples. Eventually she came back down to earth and collapsed in her seat, but not for long. She was dragged from her seat and back out into the stormy night. Slamming her up against the mechanics vehicle bonnet, he kissed her deeply allowing his tongue to snake in and out of her mouth. He then forced her down to her knees in the mud, as she opened her mouth to protest he rammed his rock hard cock between her lips and began to pump. Well, thought Crystal, I cant speak with my mouth full. Grabbing hold of his thighs she began to lick and suck at his cock with his ryhthm.

“What the fuck is going on”?

The man in her mouth pulled out and spun round to face the mechanic, angry at having being disturbed. “Im glad your finished my good man, shes got two holes and both need filling, pick one”. Crystal, still on her knees and with rain pouring down her face, watched gobsmacked as the mechanic struggled to decide wether or not he should take this oportunity presented to him. “What the hell are you on about man”? the mechanic demanded of this stranger face fucking the woman against his truck. The emperor told him what Crystal had done at the party, that he had followed her and was about to teach her that she couldnt go round teasing strangers without repercussions. “Well if a bad girls she been Mr, then she’d better be punished”, smirked the mechanic. “Then pick your hole”, replied the man holding onto Crystals hair and hauling her from her knees. “I’ve had never a bit of brown before to be honest, I’ll take her ass”.

With a grunt, he pulled her round, laid himself on the bonnet of the truck and pulled Crystal on top of him. Without missing a beat and pulled her legs apart and pushed himself deep into her pussy. With a loud moan escaping her lips spurring him on, he delved again and again into her hot wet slimey cunt, pushing himself deeper and deeper til he felt himself right at the very end of her. After being fucked hard in her pussy for just a few moments, Crystal felt her ass being raised slightly and then the mechanic forcing his way into her asshole – pushing deep and making her scream with the pain and pleasure of the sensation. Her stranger, feeling her tense up, rammed harder to take her mind from the pain as the mechanic buried his cock up to his balls in her rear and start pumping away. A few moments later the pain subsided and the pleasure kicked in – Crystal being pinned in the middle being fucked from the front and behind, her pussy on fire and her ass widening to take more cock from behind.

The stranger pumping away hard reached up and grabbed her full round tits and began to knead them, rolling her nipples around between his fingers. Crystal couldnt take much more of the pleasure she was recieving, she;d never been in this situation before, had never been used this way for a mans delight. She was too excited and couldnt hold back anymore, she arched her back and began to buck against both cocks buried deep inside her – the mechanic buried his hands in her hair and pulled her head back hard, biting her neck as he burst in his own orgasm, his cum spilling deep into her ass. Feeling this Crystals own orgasm ripped through her body, making her shake from head to toe, cum dripping down her emperors rock hard cock. But he wasnt finished – she collapsed across his body as he pumped away,
the mechanic pulling out from her
ass and holding her up as the other man pumped away for a while longer, taking his time and using her til he was ready to finish. Grabbing her breasts and squeezing hard as he pumped her pussy full of his hot sticky cum, as soon as he finished he threw her off him like she was a ragdoll, he rearranged his outfit and stood over the panting and now exhausted Crystal. “Thats what you get for trying to be a big girl, I suggest if you cant take the heat you dont stir it up”. With that he strode off down the road, leaving her on her knees in the mud and being pelted with rain. The mechanic walked round to the front of his truck, reached in and turned off the security camera on the dashboard which had captured everything that had occured.

Getting into his truck and started the engine,”That should keep me company on foul nights, you be careful to get home lady, and I suggest you stop teasing men you only think you can handle”, with this he pulled away leaving Crystal sat in the mud exhausted, sore and her ass and pussy tingling from the best fuck she had ever experienced.

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