The Work Place (10)

The Work Place
Chapter Ten

Luke Masters was sitting at his desk when his inner warning bell rang, high-pitched and rapid. As the ringing in his head continued, he felt a tingling down below. He sighed and looked down to find his cock sticking up, making a tent at his fly. For the past twenty minutes, he had been doing his work quietly and efficiently, but the image and memory of Angelica Simmons was floating around in his subconscious. For a while, he’d been imagining all the dirty things he could do to her sweet body. Images of spanking, handcuffs, and anal plugs were flashing around in his mind like malfunctioning stoplights.

Surreptitiously, he moved his right hand from the keyboard of the computer in front of him and massaged his groin, hoping to make his hard on go away until he saw Angelica again. His rubbing, however, only made his penis grow longer and larger. The smooth cloth of his cotton briefs was damp with pre-cum.

“I’ve got to get outta here,” he muttered under his breath. Standing up, he briskly walked out the door of the accounting department, and made his way to the men’s restroom. I’ve seriously got to step up, he thought, imagining his own private office, with its own private bathroom. Soon I’ll be just like Michael Riles, and then I’ll be able to see Angie more often. There was a thin note of jealousy as he thought this. Mr. Riles’ bathtub—I could make love to Angie in the water. It’d make her so fucking wet…


“I’m so fucking wet right now,” Angie growled seductively, biting her lip as she watched Michael turn the knobs on his bathtub, looking for a warm setting. As the tub filled up, he turned around and put his hands at the small of Angie’s back, pulling her toward him. Their mouths met in a soft, wet kiss.

Angie closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Michael’s slender neck, pressing herself against him. She felt his penis come back to life and poke her in the stomach.

“That’s a good boy,” she breathed against Michael’s lips.

After hearing this, Michael pulled away and gazed into her eyes. His expression was unreadable, but Angie could see the battle going on behind his silver orbs. With a pained expression, he pulled her toward him, animal-like and kissed her hard, entering her in the process. Angie gasped at the sudden intrusion into her pussy, but all was forgotten when she felt herself lurching forward. Michael was falling backward into the half-filled tub, and taking her with him. He grasped her hair as they landed with a gigantic splash, and kissed her with such force that she felt her lips start to bruise.

“Make love to me, Angelica,” he said in an urgent whisper, eyes masking an intense, indefinable emotion.

Angie had never felt like she was the one who was needed before. The men she was with were always the ones who led the way. This time, however, seeing Michael’s vulnerable side, she felt like she had an obligation to him, and quickly started riding him slowly and deliberately. She kissed his turned down lips and pushed back his hair, which had fallen into his face. She questioned him with her eyes: What’s the matter?

If this was the first time she’d been with him, she would probably have figured this as his strange way of having sex, but it wasn’t. The previous day, he’d been so put together and in control. Today had started off the same, but he suddenly fell apart. As her thoughts wandered, she felt Michael’s cock surge inside of her, causing her to cum from the fast pressure that was applied at the back of her cunt. She expelled a soft sigh and bent down to give Michael another kiss, only to find his head totally submerged under the running water. Panicking, she grabbed his shoulders and pulled him up, leaning him against the side of the tub. His eyes were closed, and he didn’t seem to be conscious.

“Michael?” she called, hoping to rouse him. “Michael.”

He didn’t respond.

Angie stood up shakily, Michael’s penis exiting her, and got out of the tub. She lifted her boss out of the water, grunting, heart pounding. She administered what she hoped was proper CPR, and the third time she pressed her lips to his, teary-eyed and with a dark feeling of dread in her chest, he miraculously jerked in a fit of coughing.

“Michael!” she squealed, holding his head and propping it on her lap. “Oh, my God, I’m so glad you’re alive!” Tears started running down her cheeks for real this time, and her hands started to shake.

When the man on the floor calmed down and started breathing normally, he sat up and turned toward her, eyes still slightly out of focus. “You saved my life,” he said incredulously, tilting his head to one side and moving toward her, as if to kiss her. Faces mere inches apart, Angie closed the distance and stroked his tongue with hers.

Pulling away, Michael saw Angie’s tears and kissed each one. “My favorite flavor,” he said, smiling wanly.

“Michael, I have to ask you something,” Angie said.

“What is it?”

“I just wanted to know… is everything okay? With you? Do you have any problems or something?”

“Why, of course not. Just the usual—but everyone has those.”

Angie could sense the armor in his voice. He’d quickly reassumed his state of calm collectedness.

“Don’t try to hide anything, Michael.” Angie said wittingly, “I saw your face earlier. Something’s up. Plus the fact that you practically drowned yourself is a dead giveaway.”

“That,” he replied defiantly, “was an accident.”

“Look, if you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine,” she said, “But, please, if you’re planning on collapsing on me every time we have sex, would you please tell me in advance—?” She stopped when she noticed the hurt look in his eyes.

“I think you should go.”

“I—I’m sor—”

“Just go, Angelica, okay? Please leave,” Michael said stonily. “Just take your clothes and get out of here.”


“Leave. Now. Or else you’re ass is fired.”

Angie was stung by this display of such shameless blackmail. She’d thought their relationship had been deeper than that, granted they’d only known each other for two days. Standing up, she walked out of the bathroom, trying to maintain an air of dignity—at least as much dignity as she could muster while naked, and leaking love juices.

In the office, she started putting her clothes on, heart hammering in her chest. She was about to pull on her leggings when Michael stalked into the room, closed the door to the now flooded bathroom and quickly dressed. His hair was neatly combed and clung to his head in wet strands. He was fully clothed by the time she had pulled on her right shoe.

“Angelica,” Michael said wearily, “Please don’t—I hope—” he sighed, trying to find the right words while Angie started pulling on her left shoe. “I appreciate your concern, but if it’s okay, I’d really like to wait until I’m ready until I tell you what the hell happened in there. All right? Please, Angelica. I hope you’ll understand.”

Angie was about to reply with a scathing come back, but the pleading, sincere tone in his voice made her bite her tongue. “Yes, Michael, okay. And I apologize for pushing. It’s just that… I feel a little… weird… around you. I can’t exactly tell what it is, but it’s different. And I like it.” She smiled up at him as she said this, getting on both knees, ready to stand up.

“I’m glad,” Michael said, going over to her and holding out his hand to help her up. She was about to reach for it when two sharp raps were suddenly heard on the door, and it started to swing open.

Angie’s and Michael’s heads jerked toward the door, eyes widening.

Luke Masters suddenly poked his head through the door, “Excuse me, Mr.—” He stopped short, taking in Angie on her knees on the floor with Michael standing over her, and the scattered pieces of paper and desk kn
ickknacks that had been shoved off the table. “I’m sorry. Was I interrupting something?”

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