The Work Place (6)

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Chapter Six

Angie rummaged through her closet, looking for her sky blue collared button-down polo shirt with three-fourth sleeves. She’d been looking for fifteen minutes, and couldn’t find the damn thing. She had considered wearing another of her acceptable tops, but she realized that the blue button-down was the only thing that would go with the rest of her outfit: a brown, knee-length A-line skirt, and sensible black pumps with two-inch heels. For luck, under her skirt, Angie was wearing Mary’s unwashed underwear.

She flipped rapidly through the hangers in her closet for the third time, and finally spotted the missing shirt hidden under a blue blazer, sharing the same hanger. Angie shook off the blazer, took the shirt, and hurriedly threw it on. Earlier, while she was driving home from the hospital, Angie called the company that was interviewing her and explained that unexpected matters came up, and she had to stay in the hospital for a day. She was relieved when her interviewer from the day before took to the phone himself, and said that, since her excuse was reasonable enough, he’d give her another chance. The difference, though, was that she had to go directly to his office, and not meet at a random restaurant. Angie had no problem with this because things would be much easier without having to make small talk. A business setting was really the key to go straight to what she wanted to say.

Grabbing her car keys from the hook in the kitchen, Angie hurried out of the house and got into her car. The meeting was scheduled for two in the afternoon, and the clock on the dash read one-fifteen. Half an hour later, Angie pulled into the parking lot of the large building that displayed “Ketel & Kline” proudly on its windows. She was interviewing for a secretariat job where she’d simply type letters and brochures, and go on errands for her boss.

Angie got onto the elevator, and punched the button to the twelfth floor. She quickly ascended, and was soon standing in a vast lobby with royal blue carpeting, and leather seats. “Nice,” she muttered. Marching to the booth across from the elevator, she told the lady at the desk that she needed to see Michael Riles.

The lady pointed to a hallway on the right and said, “Straight down there. He’s the door at the end of the hall.”

“Thanks.” Angie said and followed where she was pointing. Going down the hall was an interesting experience. There were numerous paintings that looked like they were from the Romantic era. Her heart started to skip; looking at all those paintings with naked people on them was making her sweat. She’d been quite horny for the past few days, and she didn’t know exactly why.

When she reached the door, she knocked three times and held the doorknob in her clammy hand. This reminded her of when she was put in the basement at Mary and Anthony’s house. The memory made her shiver, and she wistfully thought of the unforgettable red-head. Sighing, Angie opened the door and stepped inside. When she looked at who was behind the desk, her eyes froze. Before her sat the picturesque view of the most stereotypically gorgeous guy she had ever seen.

Michael Riles flashed his pearly-whites, and Angie didn’t know which part of his face she was blinded by: his shining, near-platinum blond hair, his flashing silver eyes, or his clean, white teeth. Angie was still lost in thought, when Michael stood up and grabbed her hand, giving it a firm shake.

“Michael Riles. Nice to meet you, Ms. Simmons,” he said, his voice not exactly male, but masculine enough to call him sexy—the description he so rightly deserved.

“Hello, Mr. Riles.” Angie said as steadily as she could. “I just want to thank you for giving me another shot.”

“No problem.” Michael said, walking back behind the desk and sitting down, “Take a seat.” Angie watched his slim waist as he bent down to sit, and saw the slight bulge at his zipper. She held her breath, and sat down stiffly across from him.

“Um… so, did you see my résumé?” Angie asked.

“Yes, yes,” Michael, the god of smoldering hotness, said. “It was… telling. Not exactly the most impressive, but really the most different.” He picked up Angie’s résumé. “I like it,” he said, leaning forward and cocking an eyebrow, shooting her a smile again.

Angie beamed and leaned forward in her chair, Mary’s underwear flooding. “So… do you have any questions?” she asked nervously.

“Not really,” Michael said, leaning back. “However, you were late last night, and I waited for an hour for you.”

Angie’s face plummeted, and she quickly apologized again, “I’m really, really sorry. It’s just—” She stopped, thinking. She couldn’t say exactly what she had been doing to the man in front of her. He was her boss (soon-to-be), and it might affect her chances at getting the job.

“What is it?”

“Well…” Angie’s thoughts raced, looking for a decent story. This is taking too long, she thought, and she came to a decision: to tell the truth. Sighing, she said, “The truth is… I was brought to the hospital yesterday because a few friends of mine and I were… having a little fun, if you know what I mean. And things got out of hand, and one of them got a little too rough and… I just ended up… hospitalized.”

When Angie looked up, her face burning, she saw that Michael had left his seat and was walking to the door.

Oh, no. He’s going to walk out on me? She thought madly.

When he reached the door, though, he shut it tight and locked it. When he turned around, Angie saw that he was laughing silently. Annoyance formed in her and she said, “What’s so funny?”

“You.” Michael said simply. “You’ve got the job. But I have to give you a little warning first, just to make sure you remain responsible and vigilant when you do your job. You’re going to be working for me, after all, and being a secretary is very important.”

Angie swallowed skittishly. “Warning?” she asked.

“Yes.” Michael said, and crouched before her. He ran a hand up her leg, fingering the cloth of her panties under her skirt.

Angie softened, and her heart started beating in her ears. Michael pushed the cloth aside and started fingering her clit. Feeling the wetness of her vagina, he smiled and removed his finger. He put it in his mouth and sucked it. “Tasty.”

Angie closed her eyes, and a sigh escaped her lips. She threw her head back as Michael hooked his fingers on the waistband of her underwear, slowly dragging it down to her ankles. Angie spread her thighs wide, and Michael burrowed his head under her skirt. She soon felt his warm, damp tongue enveloping her clit and sucking on it. “Uh…” she breathed inaudibly.

The tension started to build, and Angie soon felt the need for release. Her chest was heaving heavily, and at this point, Michael stopped. He straightened up and unzipped his pants, bringing out his long, thick member. Jerking off a little, he strolled to the door in the far corner of his office, and opened it. Two guys stepped out, wearing only boxers, with their cocks already sticking out. “I prepared a little something for you, for when you arrived.” Michael said. “Seeing as you owe me something, and I owe these two guys something, I agreed that I’d let them play with you. Consider this as your initiation. If you fail, you don’t get the job.”

Angie nodded and, for added effect, removed her blouse and unhooked her bra. The three men moved toward her, and she soon found all of her orifices plugged up good. She was on her elbows, straddling Michael, whose nine-inch cock had found its way deep into her pussy. One of the two guys who had just entered was standing at her head, his penis fucking her mouth fast and hard. The last guy was behind her, his cock gliding in and out of her asshole roughly.

Angie’s sore cunt was burning a little, but she didn’t stop. She didn’t want
to. It just felt too good and… fulfilling. Angie continued bobbing up and down on the cock in front of her, but that wasn’t
where the real action was. At the other end, Angie’s pelvis was pumping up and down, up and down, filling her pussy and her asshole alternately. Every time she’d bang down on her pelvis, the cock of the guy behind her would pull completely out, while Michael’s whole nine inches would stab at her pussy. When she pulled up again, her ass would be filled with another cock, while Michael’s would exit her bleeding cunt.

“Um…!” she groaned. Her butt and vagina were both bleeding and sore, and her lips were being rubbed raw. She had cum long before, and she was just waiting to be filled with three guys’ juices.

Five minutes later, none of the three had cum, and she was starting to get tired. Michael was slapping her butt mercilessly, unaware of the painful wounds from the night before. Because of her exhaustion, Angie started to see black dots popping in front of her. Her breathing shallowed, but she continued fucking the three men. Finally, Angie felt a surge in her throat, and as the guy in front of her came. She gulped down the white liquid, and soon after, her pussy and asshole were simultaneously filled with fluid. She pulled her head back, and the cock in her mouth exited with a loud pop. She felt her elbows give out from under her, and found her face buried at the nape of Michael’s neck. The penis of the man behind her was withdrawn, and she felt his cum oozing from her wide hole. One cock was left to be removed, but she didn’t bother. She was too spent, and she could hardly move.

Angie licked tentatively at Michael’s salty neck, wet with sweat. She moved to his lips, and kissed him, their tongues clashing. “Mm…” She laid her ear on his chest, and closed her eyes, breathing deeply. “I’m so tired,” she mumbled.

Michael kissed the top of her head and lifted her off of him. Not completely enough, though, so that his cock was still in place. He turned her around and leaned her on the desk. Angie grasped the edge firmly, straightening her legs, as Michael simultaneously stood up. He grabbed her ass and started riding her slowly. His hips collided with her backside with loud slapping sounds, and the two guys started jerking off behind them. “Uh! Uh!” he rumbled.

Angie’s pussy was leaking semen and blood when Michael pulled out after cumming inside her a second time. Angie fell onto her back on the floor, staring up at the three men looming over her. “Did I pass?” she gasped, and blacked out.

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