The Work Place (9)


Chapter Nine

Angie reached the elevators and punched the number twelve. On her way up, the elevator stopped at the third floor, and a man stepped inside and pressed for the ninth floor. Silence reigned for a while until the guy introduced himself. He turned toward Angie and held out a hand, smiling crookedly, “Hi, I’m Luke Masters,” he said, “Accounting.”

“Um, hi,” Angie said, taking his hand, “I’m Angelica Simmons—just Angie or Anj for short. I’m just a secretary.”

“Hey, ‘just secretary,’ your job’s important. Whom do you work for?”

“Michael Riles.”

“Wow. Pretty high up.” Luke said. “How come I’ve never seen you around here before?”

“It’s my first day.” Angie replied, smiling.

“Well, I hope you have a great one. First days can be tough. Oh—this is me,” he said, getting off on the ninth floor. “See you around?”

“Yeah, sure.” Angie nodded.

The doors started to close when Luke stopped them with his hand. “Say, you know what? I’d really like to get to know you a little more.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah. There’s a thirty-minute break at eleven. What do you say we meet at the library? It’s on the fifth floor.”

“The library?” Angie asked, thinking how much of a dork this guy was. Then again, she wouldn’t mind checking it out—libraries held a special something that attracted her to them; some kind of quiet peacefulness that made you wonder and imagine all the possible things in the world. “Sure!”

Luke grinned and drawled, “Great.”


Angie got off on the twelfth floor and strode to her desk. She was conscious of the people staring at her, but she didn’t mind. She was, after all, the woman who waved her underwear about. She figured the rumors—if there were any—would die down after a few days.

Plopping down onto her chair, Angie felt the uncomfortable stickiness that her orgasm had left in her panties. She was glad that the wetness hadn’t completely leaked out onto her skirt, though. Getting down to business, Angie picked up the folder that someone had left on her desk. A Post-It was stuck to the front, and it read:

Please type these and make thirty copies. Send to the whole department. Thanks. —Michael

Angie glanced around, making sure no one was looking at her, and stuck the short note into her purse. She opened the folder and recognized the same handwriting as on the Post-It. The message was written on long yellow paper, and was quite lengthy, though it was only giving reminders about the upcoming company party that would be held at Beachend Village on the coming Saturday.

She was starting to type the lengthy memo when someone came up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder. “How’s it going? First day all right?”

Angie immediately recognized the familiar feeling of that hand, and the smug, smirky voice that came along with it. She turned around in her seat and met Michael’s adorable smile with her own. “I’m doing fine. I actually just got in. Almost done with my first assignment. Do you have anything else for me to do?”

“Actually, I kind of wanted to see you,” Michael started. “In my office. Kind of a private matter.”

Angie’s heart sped up. Oh, no. I wonder what I did. I wasn’t late or anything. She thought frantically. “O-okay, sure,” she finally stammered.

Michael led the way to his office and sat down at his table. “Take a seat,” he said, gesturing to one of the two chairs at the front of his desk.

Angie sat and plastered a smile onto her face, “Is anything wrong?” She asked politely, crossing and uncrossing her legs. She couldn’t stop fidgeting.

“No, not really,” Michael said, getting up and walking around the sturdy, oak table. “I just wanted to discuss a few serious matters with you.” His voice came from behind her, and Angie suddenly felt his moist breath on the back of her ear. She turned her head and found her lips mere centimeters away from his. Michael’s tongue shot out and jabbed at them. “Is this okay with you?”

Angie nodded, “Uh-huh.”

Michael suddenly straightened up and swept all the papers off his table. He grabbed Angie under her arms and slammed her on top. “I’ve always wanted to do that,” he said quietly, climbing on top of her and stroking his hand up her thigh until her skirt rose to show the sexiest lingerie he had ever seen. He pulled the narrow crotch aside and started fingering her clit. Feeling its wetness, Michael grinned and pulled Angie’s blouse from where it was tucked into her skirt. He ran his hands up her torso and leaned forward, tentatively licking her belly button and kissing it. His tongue trailed a moist path from her stomach to the hook of her bra. He popped it open with his teeth and cupped each breast tenderly.

Angie’s back arched like a cat’s as Michael gently traced his tongue around each of her nipples, kissing each one softly. “I like that…” she whispered. Michael rolled his tongue around her left nipple and nipped at it, his teeth grazing around it slowly. Angie felt her lower half tighten, and she sat up. Quickly, her hands flew to Michael’s belt and started unbuckling it. In less than five seconds, he was back on top of her, his erect manhood stroking her thigh stiffly.

Angie pulled his head down and pulled him into her, his tongue entering her mouth smoothly. Below, Michael rubbed Angie’s clit rapidly as she took sharp pulls on his cock. Squeezing it, she felt his huge dick grow stiffer and longer in her hands. This caused her to gasp, realizing she was ready to cum.

Not just yet, she thought.

Angie pulled Michael’s cock into her, guiding it until it was locked firmly in place. Taking huge, steady thrusts, Michael introduced Angie to more pleasures than she had ever experienced before. New realms and dimensions of orgasm erupted inside of her, and she was soon screaming in ecstasy. “Ah—mmph!”

Michael stifled her excitement by kissing her urgently and passionately. He wrapped his tongue around hers, making a sort of promise and commitment. His dick covered in white, he pulled out of Angie slickly and straddled her torso.

“I want to make love to your breasts,” he said. “Pull them up for me, would you?”

Angie, breathing heavily, got a grip on Michael’s nine inches and gave it a hard pull. “Ah!” He yelped as a small spurt of cum was released from his cock, right onto Angie’s nose.

The woman under him took her now cum-stained hand to her lips and licked off her own juices. Following his instructions, Angie pulled her breasts around Michael’s long member.

Michael started slowly moving back and fourth, in and out from between her breasts. Angie was making short, sharp sounds that made Michael feel hotter by the minute: “Ah—ah—ah—ah…!” After a few moments, sweat started to gather on his forehead, and slipped down his face. He was definitely getting there. Finally, he felt a pressure at the base of his genitals and a long, sharp spurt of cum erupted from his dick, right into Angie’s open mouth. This caused the girl to cum a second time, but harder and longer. With a giant grunt (“Urgh!”), Angie came suddenly and swiftly. It splattered onto the windows and dripped down silently. Michael’s carpet would soon be stained forever.

“I want to lick you all over, you sweaty boy,” she said breathlessly. “Where have you been?” she scolded, like a nagging mother. “You’re dirty all over!” With this, she sat up and bit one of his Michael’s nipples roughly. The man on top of her bent down and licked his cum from her face and placed his mouth on hers. Angie leaned into him, prolonging the kiss. It ended sweet and sincere.

The two got up off the desk, and Angie started to fix herself up, straightening out her clothes and pushing her hair flat.

“Wait.” Michael said.

“What’s the matter?” Angie saw that his pants were
still down, and his now limp cock waggled at her. “Got more plans for me?” she raised an eyebrow.

“Do I ever,” he replied, pulling of his suit and taking the
rest of his clothes off. He soon stood in front of her, fully naked, showing off his well-toned stomach and lean—almost skinny—frame. “Take your clothes off. I’ll meet you in the bathroom. It’s my own private one, and it has a tub. Prepare to get wet—very wet.”

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