Their first encounter…

She is at the grocery store, stocking up on a few items for the week. She sees him from across the produce aisle. He’s looking for a nice pineapple. He’s very attractive….tall, medium brown hair and blue eyes. “Nice…” she thinks to herself, picking up some baby carrots and moving on.

She moves to the coffee aisle and is perusing a dark French roast when he is suddenly there beside her.

“This is an excellent blend,” he points to a bag of foreign coffee beans. Long, strong fingers, hmmm.

“Really? Maybe I’ll try it.” She puts in her basket. As she leans over the cart, the v-neck of her blouse opens a little more, giving his eyes access to her cleavage. She turns to find him looking and he quickly turns away. She smiles. His face turns red and she laughs softly. “It’s ok, they are there to look at.” She smiles a knowing smile and he heads off in the other direction.

She continues down the aisle, now looking for her cereal. She collects the last few items she needs and heads to the check-out line. He’s standing in the line a few spaces ahead of her. His physique is nice….broad shoulders, round ass, nice calves. She smiles again, and like clock-work, he turns and finds her eyes on him. She reddens and it is he who smiles knowingly this time. He collects his groceries and strays behind at the magazine stand.

She pays for her items and heads out. She walks past him, leaving behind her scent of citrus and musk. He starts to follow her, trying to muster up the courage to ask her out for coffee. She loads groceries in her trunk and gets in, her left leg hanging outside the door revealing a muscular, pale calf.

“Dammit.” He hears her say…the cars interior lights flickering on and off, sounds like her alternator is on the blink.

He strolls towards her, “Something I can help with?”

“My car won’t start, ” she looks up at him with a flash of anger in her green eyes.

“Let me help.” He strolls over to his truck parked a few spaces away, loads his groceries, and comes back to her car. “Pop the hood for me?” She pulls the handle.

He lifts the hood up, his muscles flexing under his shirt. She watches him intently as he locates the prop rod, setting the hood down. His body looks soft but strong…it’s what she is attracted to as she carries a little weight herself. He bends over the car, looking for the culprit. “Try starting it again?” he asks her, he backs away from the opening, she turns the key and the lights just flicker.

“I think it’s your alternator, it will probably have to be replaced.” He looks at her. Her naturally wavy, chestnut-colored hair glimmering in the sun. She moves a curl from her face and hits the steering wheel with her hand.

A few silent moments pass by as she calms down a bit, “Well, thank you for your help.” She bites her red, lower lip. She gets out of the car, and comes over to lower the hood. He steps in to help her, and for a moment their bodies touch. She draws in a sharp breath at the touch….his body is so warm. “Sorry,” he mutters and they shut the hood.

She smiles at him, “It’s ok.”

“Listen, I was going to ask you if you wanted to get some coffee with me…” He says to her, quietly, almost boy-like.

“I’d like that,” she responds, “but I have to get my groceries home first…”

“Can I take you?” He quickly jumps in.

“Would you mind? I’d be in your debt.”

“Of course not, let’s go.” He helps her gather her groceries and his eyes are glued to her legs as they saunter to his truck. He opens her door, and helps her in to the passenger seat Their eyes meet as he holds her hand while getting in the truck. He lets his hand linger a moment too long and finds himself blushing. He shuts the door and climbs into the driver’s side, starts the vehicle and backs out. She points the way out to start toward her home.

“Are you from around here?” She asks him.

“Just moved here.” He says, his fingers drumming the steering wheel, she notices no wedding ring. He turns his blue-eyed gaze to her, “You?”

“Nope, lived here all my life.” She stares straight ahead, his eyes travel down to her breasts and takes inventory.

“Married?” He asks and the question hangs in the air.

“Separated.” This time she meets his gaze.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.” He says, almost with sincerity.

She laughs, “I’m not.” They reach their destination, he pulls into the drive way. She hops out of the car, opens up her kitchen door, and they start to bring in the groceries. He sets them on the island and she starts putting away the cold items. He watches as she bends over to open the vegetable drawer, placing the bag of carrots in the drawer. Her rounded ass accentuated in the capris she wears. She closes the refrigerator, turns to face him, her nipples beaded from the cold of the refrigerator. “Just a few more things.” She says.

The ice cream had started to melt a bit, leaking down the side. She takes one finger, runs it up the side and sucks off the runaway drip. The melted vanilla ice cream looking much like something else, and the way she licked her finger made his manhood come alive. He moves so his lower torso is hidden by the island and hands her the last frozen items. Her nipples are hard and begging to be touched through the soft silk fabric of her blouse. He can’t stand it anymore…in two quick steps, he’s behind her, barely letting their bodies touch.

“Do you feel it, too?” He huskily asks her in his deep, dreamy voice. In response, she backs up to his body, reaching her arms behind her grabbing his thighs. His hands trace up from her wrists, past her elbow to her shoulders. He gathers her silky hair and puts it to the opposite shoulder, his lips lingering near her right ear. Through her back, he can feel her heart beating wildly. She grabs his flesh, and he says, in a whisper, “May I?” His lips linger on her ear, gently nibbling the flesh. Her nipples even more perky, he draws his hands up her sides, the flesh soft and warm. He places soft kisses on her ear, neck, shoulder blade, then slowly moves his hands to cup her breasts. She sucks in a breath at the anticipation of the attention she is about to receive. She turns her head towards him, and he gently kisses her full mouth, lips just barely brushing hers….his hands massaging the underside of her breast. She breathes harder, unable to speak. He glides his hands slowly up to her nipples….takes them in between his thumb and forefinger, rolling them. Her knees buckle at the touch as she exhales. “Oh my God,” she whispers. Her hands massaging his upper thigh. He nibbles more on her ear, pinching her nipples at the same time. She turns around quickly, and he is startled.

“I’m sorry….I shouldn’t have…” and he was interrupted with a kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her breasts against his chest. He can still feel her raging heart beat. She kisses gently….then delves deeper and finally owns his mouth with hers. She’s craved this attention for too long, he feels. She wraps her arms around his waist, pulling him to her. Grinding her hips into his, she feels his longing for her against her soft belly. She lets out a barely audible moan. She kisses him with wild abandon. He hands reach around, cupping her supple ass, grinding her further into him. He can barely breathe when she finally releases him from her kiss.

She backs him up against the island, unbuttoning his short sleeve shirt, removes it and tosses it to the side. Her lips find his clavicles….first the left, then the right….gently kissing, sucking, biting. Her fingers lightly rake up and down his back. She kisses each nipple….sucking them hard, tongue flickering back and forth like a butterfly’s wings. She moves down to his belly, she kisses the outer rim of his belly button..
.sticking her tongue out and looking up at him suggestively. His cock jumps in his cargo shorts….straining against
the cotton, beige material. Oh yes, she likes the way he looks, straining to get out. Then, deliberately….she takes the palm of her hand and strokes the hardness through his pants, careful not to wrap her fingers around it….presses his cock hard against his body. His hands in her hair, holding on to the sides of her head. She unbuttons his shorts, unzips and his cock strains against the fabric of his plaid boxers. Her fingers reach up and rake lightly down his chest. She kisses his navel, tongue swirling in the light down of his “happy trail.”

She gently plays with his cock through the fabric of the boxers. His fingers are lost in her hair. She kisses all around his rock hard manhood….then finally, she puts a finger between the elastic and his skin….gently pulling to allow his cock to spring forth….mmm. He’s full and hard….a good 7″ and as big around as a half dollar….maybe more….she explores the skin, darker in color than the rest of his body. She kneads his silky soft shaft and feels his heart racing through the throbbing of his cock. She looks up at him….and deliberately breathes hot air against the tip….he grabs a handful of her hair in response….she licks her lips and grins mischievously. She licks the crevasse on the back side of the full bulbous head of his dick. A clear dot of precum greets her kiss, she likes his taste. She looks up at him and starts to move his pants and boxers completely off….he helps her get free and she uses his clothes as protection for her knees. She resumes her place in front of him….she starts to lick slowly….long, wet strokes, like a lollipop up his cock. One of her strong but gentle hands at the base, the other gently massaging his balls…she gives him a good tongue bath. She looks up at him again….her green eyes lit up with pleasure. Still looking into his eyes, she finally takes him in her mouth. Her mouth is small and his size fills her hungry mouth. He’s careful not to come near her gag reflex, but he fully takes advantage of the whole situation. He grabs both sides of her head and maneuvers himself in her mouth….she’s ready and willing. She continues looking deep in his eyes and he fucks her mouth. He’s trembling with pleasure and the anticipation of what’s to come. Finally, he can’t handle anymore as he’s almost to the point of blowing his load, he withdraws, and he gently stands her up.

She’s still fully dressed and he isn’t. They look at each other and laugh together. He pulls her close and kisses her deeply. She melts into his kiss. He breaks the kiss, and starts to kiss her neck, her ear…her chest….he removes her top, and unhooks her bra with one expert hand. He massages her breasts gently….runs his thumbs over her nipples repeatedly. She places her hands gently on his naked hips, massaging the smooth skin she finds there. He bites her earlobe and she shudders in pleasure, lightly digging her nails into his hips. Her breathing is unsteady when he takes her mouth again. Her eyes closed, letting all the sensations sink into her body. He ends the kiss….gently licking her lips, she opens her eyes.

He’s staring at her with his blue eyes, the same blue as the sea after a storm. His fingers unfasten her pants and his eyes are searching for permission to explore her lower half….she kisses him, giving him permission. With a gentle motion, he moves the pants down her body….slowly. His hands are a bit rough from whatever he does for a living, but she loves the feeling. Finally naked, he moves his hands up to her waist, lifts her up and sits her on the island…her breasts at eye level now.

She feels him lift her up….his muscles in his chest and shoulders flexing, she looks down….the tip of his cock visible now from where she sits on the stone-tiled counter. Her juices are flowing, she feels herself getting wet just from looking at this stranger and his beautiful, naked body. He touches her breasts now, and she cannot reach the cock that is begging for her attention. He takes her nipple into his mouth….sucking gently at first….but then increasingly harder, and chews on the raw, dark pink tip. Mmm, she likes it a little rough and he knows just how hard to bite before inflicting pain. Her hands move up and down his chest…feeling the silky skin and dark hair on his chest and abdomen. His six-pack isn’t clearly defined, in fact he’s a bit chubby in that region, but she likes it…the skin so smooth. He turns his attention to the other breast, and as he’s suckling on her tit, he presses his cock flat against the island….a bit of precum forced out. She maneuvers enough to reach down and take the warm liquid on her finger…she tastes this little bit of him again….so nice and salty.

He feels his cock throbbing hard against the cold, stone island. Her breasts are milky white and full, soft. He feels her touch the tip of his rod, and take that long, red-painted finger nail to her full lips and lick her finger. Damn….she’s sexy. As she licks her finger clean, he sucks harder on her nipple and suddenly her hands are tangled in his hair as she pulls him closer….her legs wrapping around his upper body in a tight hold. He looks up at her…he’s got just the beginnings of a 5 o’clock shadow, and he rubs his face between her breasts, a sand-paper resistance against satin skin. He draws his arms up her sides, and she releases her hold of him. He looks in her eyes…he wants access to that beautiful V between her legs. She’s not fully shaved, but has a perfectly trimmed rectangular landing strip that matches her hair. “Ahh,” he thinks, “her hair is naturally that color.” The coppery finish bold against the pale cream of her skin.

His beard rough between her breasts, she feels the roughness of her hands come up her sides, she looks down at him and wants more of him. He places his right hand on her sternum, and gently pushes back….she leans back on the counter to rest on her elbows, the cold stone hard on her sharp-pointed elbows. He picks up his shirt , and puts it under her arms…so gentlemanly. Back in front of her, he leans into the counter, kissing her soft belly in random spots, moving lower and lower each time. She watches with anticipation, she’s nervous. She contracts her legs against his body, barely able to control her want for him….

Her legs flex up against him, and he gently massages her inner thighs to get her to relax. She bites her lower lip and he wonders if he’s gone too far. He starts to back away and she gently reaches up and grabs his hand and gives him a small nod. Smiling devilishly, he tickles the area around her strip, stroking each labia with his thumb, feeling the soft flesh there. He’s surprised to find her outer lips so wet, and he looks up at her quickly. Embarrassed, she turns a lovely shade of crimson and starts to close her legs again. He places a hard hand against her abdomen and she stops. He traces his thumb up the labia, collecting the hot juice, and licks it off his finger. Her flavor is creamy, metallic, he wants more of her.

“Oh my God,” she thinks to herself, “he’s probably grossed out about how wet I am. ” Instinctively, she starts to cowardly close her legs, but he stops her…then he watches her lick her cream off his thumb….damn, that’s sexy. She relaxes again, her legs falling very open. He continues to touch her everywhere but the places she wants to be touched the most. She starts to tremble, she’s so turned on, her body vascillating under his hands. Finally, his thumb dips between the folds of skin to find her pulsating, engorged clit. The touch sends her through the roof, and her hips buck under his careful caress. She sighs audibly, her green eyes wild with eroticism. She’s hot and very wet…

It’s been a while since he had a woman that was this hot for him. She’s receptive to his every move, craving his endless stroking of her body. “She’s been painfully patient,” he thinks to himself. He gently opens her folds with
his thumb to find a beautiful rose-c
olored clit. Her essence is warm and flowing. He feels her body jolt from his touch. “How long has it been since someone touched her like this?,” he wonders. He gives her more of what she craves, gently crooking his finger and exploring her little wet mound of flesh.

His expert hands are exploring her, and she is coming close to orgasm. She can’t sit up fully, or he’ll lose the access to her most sensitive area. She lets out a low, audible moan, and in response, he strokes faster, giving her what she needs. Nearly unable to control herself, she lays all the way back on the counter, her hands going up to her hair. He continues to rub her hard clit, her wetness never-ending. She touches her own breasts, pinching her nipples. He reaches up a hand to help out with her nipples…her toes clinch, and she lets out a small scream of pleasure, her body undulating under his hand, she’s cumming long and hard from just the stimulation of her clit. Her breathing is very uneven…she’s leaving a mess all over her countertop and she has not a care in the world….

His touch firm and unyielding….her eyes are wild. He’s watching her every move….his cock wanting more than ever to be inside her hot cunt. He wants to feel her cum…to know how to make her cum before he ever enters her. She’s playing with her nipples, this excites him….he wants to help….he reaches up and she guides his hand to her right nipple and he rolls it between his fingers. He never slows his right hand, and he watches as her face lights up and she lets out a yell of pleasure. He feels her body explode under his hand, she’s cumming on his fingers…she’s a never-ending fountain of dew. He slows his touch and backs away for a moment, letting her recover. She looks up at him with a thankful look in her eyes…she sits up and he comes in for a kiss…

He knows when to remove his fingers, and pulls away before her body retracts from too much contact, she sits up and gives him a thank-you kiss, full of promises to make him feel as good as she just did. While kissing him deeply, she reaches down the front of his body, finding his aching cock. The rod is purple, its veins angrily pulsating in her hand. She rubs her pussy a little, and reaches down with her warm fluid and rubs his cock with it…such a wonderful lubricant. She strokes him as she pretends her tongue is a cock and probes his mouth in rhythm with the stroking of his cock. He kisses her harder in return, allowing her full access to his body. She kisses his neck and ear, all while stroking him. She wants him now, all of him.

“Damn, she knows how to touch a man,” he thinks to himself. He watches as she removes her hand from his cock, he’s a little disappointed, but then he sees her rubbing herself, getting her cream all over her hand…then she feels her strong hand around his shaft again, using her own juices as a lubricant for his cock. “Fuck!” he thinks and he puts his hands on his hips, allowing her to work him over. She’s kissing him like she’s never been kissed before and expertly pumping his cock with her able hands. He wants to tap that wet snatch, but he won’t allow it…not yet. He pushes her back down on the island in desperate need to taste her. He feels his cock hard on his belly against the cold stone of the island again…

She’s pumping his cock when all of a sudden she is pushed back down on to the island, mmm…she’s ready for his cock to enter her. But she feels something hot, wet, and very agile against her clit. She looks down and all she can see is his wavy, wet-sand colored hair. His tongue is licking flat, long lines from her opening to the tip of her clit. She reaches and grabs a handfull of hair; she’s never had oral sex that felt good. Most men use a pointed-tongue action that is way too hard on her clit, causing her pain. But not this man…he’s licking her like a melting ice-cream cone on a hot summer day. Then she feels a finger enter her body, and he’s finger-fucking her…slowly and gently. It’s been a while since she had a man’s touch, and she’s extremely tight…

Mmm, he loves her flavor…he licks her long and hard. He moves a finger to her entrance, rubs along her clit to get his finger wet and then enters her body. She’s hot, very wet, and tight. It’s almost a struggle to get just his one, large finger into her cunt. She draws a quick breath in as he starts to delve his finger in and out of her willing body, like he wants to do with his cock. She feels her reach down and pull his hair a bit. He smiles to himself, he’s happy to oblige. Then his flat tongue concentrates on her clit and he adds another finger…only slower and harder. She’s losing her breath, and he feels her tighten her legs around his head…she holds her breath, and then he feels her body climax, her cunt massaging his fingers as she cums deeply, he continues to lick her sweet spot until her orgasm nearly subsides….and he continues to pump her with his fingers until he can’t feel her pulsating any more and then he stops…leaving his two fingers inside her…

She feels him add another finger, and he’s licking the same spot he rubbed a few moments ago. He’s unrelenting and seems to know her body better than she does. His fingers wet with her cum, and she imagines how his hard, throbbing cock will feel inside her. She keeps imagining how good he’ll feel and suddenly, she can barely see anymore as she cums long and hard from his masterful touch. She can feel her pussy hugging his fingers…wishing it were his cock and milking his seed from him. She’s entirely satisfied. He leaves his two fingers in, massaging gently, and he adds his thumb to her clit….small circles, this man is very good with his hands. Finally, she sits up, he gently removes his fingers from her body, touches her nipples with the wet fingers, and sucks the dew off her nipples. She wants him….all of him, now…

She moves forward on the island, but he’s not quite tall enough, just the tip of his cock peaking from down below. She puts her hand around him, strokes him long and hard, and then takes the head of his cock and rubs her clit with it. He’s throbbing madly, and this turns him on further…if that’s possible. He wants inside her….now. He looks around and sees a small step stool she uses to put things on high shevles, he brings it over, stands on it, and it is the perfect height. She pinches his nipples as he strokes his cock and makes her watch. He rubs the head against her entrance, her cunt still wet and insatiably hot. Then finally, he thrusts deep inside her. Both of them let out a moan…she from the girth and warmth of his member, and he from the tightness and wetness of her cunt. She leans back on her elbows again, giving him full access to her.

He has a perfect view watching his ramrod move in and out of her unbelievably tight cunny. He fills her completely, her body tight around him. He knows he isn’t the longest man in the world, but she doesn’t seem to mind. He is losing his patience and he begins to pound her furiously. He anchors his upper body on the top of the island, and she grabs his forearms in utter submission to his will. She wiggles under him, to move her ass up to the very edge of the island. He places her legs on his shoulders and re-anchors himself to the island. He is slamming her, balls-deep, with everything inside him. She starts to moan, and whispers, “Yes, right there…” and he continues pounding her with the same hard, fast thrusts.

Her fingernails dig into his forearms and she’s about to release again, he drives her harder, and he feels her cum….her cunt milking his cock in it’s pulsations. He wants to cum deeply inside of her, but he holds it. She’s breathing hot and heavily and moaning, unable to control her body. He withdraws suddenly, pulls her too him, and kisses her hard on the mouth, with his free hand, he takes his cock, strokes it against her swollen clit. Soon, she is cumming again, and he strokes his cock, cumming i
n long streams against her clit. The hot
streams of liquid bathing her sweet cunt with his seed. She is watching as he’s doing this and it makes her orgasm stronger. He yells in pleasure, his grip tight around his cock.

She collapses against his chest, spent from their tryst. His spent cock starts to soften and he pulls her to him in a warm embrace. It seems forever that they hold each other there. Finally, she releases him from her clasp and looks him in the eye. Both of them wearing happy, satiated smiles.

She laughs huskily, “I don’t even know your name….”
“I’m Jack,” he says in the quietest voice, looking in her green eyes, calm with release.
“Lily,” she says and kisses him again.

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  1. vacation

    this is one hot story,its like you can blend yourself into the story because you know its been time like this,just do it no bed no nothing just read each other let yourself go!!!!!

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    great story. better written and more realistic than many.

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    What an exciting story, and very well written!

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    Fantastic and very wellwritten

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