She had a body that was smaller than I had ever thought I’d like but I did.

To tell the truth, I hardly noticed her at first. Keiko was a student clearly of Japanese descent. She had small breasts that were almost non-existent. She had a small butt and a small face. She hardly said anything and she never said anything to me and as I said before, I hardly noticed her at all.

We both had the same International Literature class in college. Lit’s not my favorite subject but I needed to take it to satisfy a requirement and this particular course seemed, at least to me, to be less annoying than all the rest of the courses I could take. That didn’t mean I wanted to take the course. It just meant that it was the best of a sorry lot.

So I suppose, you can understand why I tended to sit in the back of the classroom. Get the job done and get my grade and get the heck out of there. That was all I wanted to do.

That is, that was all I wanted to do at first.

Keiko sat a couple rows in front of me in the classroom and she always sat next to the wall. There weren’t many of us in the back of the room so I had a clear view of the girl and that was good but having a clear view of her didn’t suddenly set my loins on fire.

In fact, it took me a while to notice her at all.

She was paying attention to the professor who was droning on about something but to this day, I can’t tell you what he was talking about. What did catch my attention was Keiko’s jeans.

She wasn’t wearing a belt and her jeans were riding low and already, I could see her underwear, what little of it there was. There was just a ribbon of cloth that formed the waistband of her underwear and almost as little cloth it seemed that was plunging down inside her jeans and presumably sliding between her legs, so while she paid attention to the professor, I watched her.

It was the first time I noticed her and to tell the truth, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Now, that she had my attention, I couldn’t help but notice her cute, little butt. There wasn’t much of it, but what she had, I liked and I was learning that I liked it a lot.

By the time the class was over, all I knew was I wanted to get inside Keiko’s pants.

That was what I wanted but instead of doing anything about it, I held back. I watched Keiko stand, and of course, what little she wore in the way of underwear slipped seductively back inside her pants and then she picked up her book bag and she left.

I went back to my dorm room and I whacked myself off thinking about Keiko and her cute, little butt and I told myself the next time I saw her, I’d make some time to talk to her.

It didn’t work out that way. The next week in class, Keiko came in dressed pretty much as she had been the week before. I sat in the back so as to have my best view of Keiko’s luscious body. I was anxious to see if she was wearing the same underwear as she had the previous day and I was anxious to see if it would show.

The girl waited almost to the last minute before she set her book-bag down and only then did she take her seat and like the week before, suddenly I had a view to her flimsy, little underwear.

If anything, her underwear was even more flimsy than the week before. She leaned forward as she listened to the professor and I could see even more of her underwear pull out of her jeans. I could feel myself getting harder and stiffer. Man, I really wanted to get inside her jeans.

So did I do anything about it?

Of course, not. I just sat there and watched and when she got up to leave, I watched her get up and then I went back to my dorm room and jerked myself off until I was shooting my cum in long, powerful bursts.

That was pretty much the way it went for the rest of the quarter. I’d sit in the back of the room and I’d watch Keiko’s butt and then I’d go back to my dorm room and I’d jerk myself off until I was spilling my cum all over my sheets. I don’t think I learned all that much in that class except for one thing. I knew I wanted to see what was in Keiko’s jeans.

It might have ended right there except that when the quarter ended, I went to the professor’s office to get my grades and pick up my final exam and who do you think I saw there?

Yep. It was Keiko, doing pretty much the same thing as me. She was rooting around in the box that the professor had left on the floor outside his office and of course, wouldn’t you know it but her underwear was showing again and this one was the flimsiest one yet. I just stood there and watched as the girl rooted around in the box. Finally, she found what she was looking for and she straightened up and it was only when she turned that she saw me.

“Oh, it’s you,” she said.

I was surprised. “You know me,” I said.

“Of course,” she said. “You sat behind me in class all term long and you kept your eyes on my bottom. How could I help but notice that?”

“But, but, but–“

“Too bad,” the girl said quietly. “Maybe if you’d moved a little more aggressively, maybe you would have had a chance.”

I was surprised. I’d always thought this girl was shy and reserved but she had one more surprise for me.

“You know, I kept letting you get a look at my bottom and I thought for sure you’d make a move any day but you never did.”

I may be slow but I’m not stupid. I moved in close to the girl. “So you wanted me to make a play for you, did ya?”

The girl nodded. “I just kept waiting.”

I pulled on Keiko’s little top. “Well, I’m here now,” I said.

“It’s too late.”

I just smiled at her. “Nonsense,” I told her. “It’s never too late.” I moved in even closer to her. We were only scant inches apart.

“Wh-wh-what do you want to do,” she stammered.

I smiled. Her bravado was disappearing fast. I let my hand slide around her waist. “So you think you’ve been teasing me, huh?” I let my hand slide down and I gripped one of her firm, little cheeks. “Well, I think it’s time you let me see what I’ve been dreaming of.”

Keiko stifled a little moan. “What? Where?”

I smiled. “It’s Finals week. There are no classes in session so I’m sure we’re likely to find plenty of empty classrooms.”

“What? You want to do it here?”

I smiled. It was my time to push her a bit. “You bet,” I told her. I gave her ass another squeeze. “There’s no time like the present.”

It was amazing how quickly she’d gone from arrogant to submissive. She just looked at me and then she nodded her head. This was going to be fun.

I was right. We were at the end of Finals Week and most of the classrooms were empty. Walking down the hallway, we found row after row of classrooms and all of them as far as we could tell were empty.

I pulled Keiko into one of the empty classrooms and then I brought her up to the desk at the front of the room. “Now, I’m going to get to see what I’ve wanted to see all quarter long,” I told her and then I turned her around and I bent her over the desk.

Just as I expected, her jeans pulled down and once again, her underwear was visible again. I grabbed the hem of her jeans and I pulled it down and then there it was, her undergarment exposed with just the smallest bit of fabric flossing its way between what I could already tell was a glistening pussy.

I didn’t bother with pulling her panties down. I just pulled the wispy cloth to one side and I laid her pussy bare to my waiting cock.

In the next moment, I was pressing my cock up against her glistening pussy, pressing the head of my cock against its soft, wet folds and then in the next moment, I was jamming it home.

The girl let out a little, plaintive bleat as her pussy took the full length of my cock and then she was quiet as I pulled my cock back only to let out another of her little whimpering cries as I fucked her again. />
She didn’t have much of a butt. Hell, she hardly had any butt at all but what she had was more than enough. I rubbed my hands over her little, round bottom as I continued to driv
e myself home and all the while, she continued her little, plaintive moans.

My hands grabbed her hips and I just kept on fucking her even harder and she just kept on moaning. To tell the truth, I liked the way she made her little whimpering bleats with every stroke of my cock and that just made me fuck her even harder, and that in turn made her moan even louder. I loved it.

I ran my hands up under the girl’s shirt and I stroked my hands over the skin of her slim, little back. Damn, I thought. Everything about this girl was small and I loved it. I hadn’t known what I had been missing.

Her long hair was waving back and forth like an undulating, black wave, flowing to and fro with every thrust of my cock in her cunt. I grabbed Keiko’s hair which wasn’t hard because there was just so much of it.

“Come here,” I told her even as I tugged on her hair.

Keiko had little choice but to straighten up as I pulled on her hair. Even so, there was little chance that she was likely to pull her pussy free from my cock. Her pussy was just too tight for that, and besides, even though she might have been tall for an Asian girl, she still had to perch herself on her toes to keep herself atop my cock. No, there was little chance that she was going to get free from my cock any time soon.

I moved my hands around to the front of the girl’s body and I slid my hands up the inside of her little shirt. I could feel her little body tremble as I rubbed my hands against her skin.

She wasn’t wearing a bra because she didn’t need one. Her tits were small but that didn’t matter to me. I liked them. I gave her another stroke with my cock to show my appreciation even as my fingers twiddled her little, tiny nipples.

The girl was moaning almost continuously now and I liked that, too. “Fuck me,” she was moaning in that little plaintive voice. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh please. Fuck me.”

My cock was more than willing to oblige her so as much as I didn’t want to do it, I let go of her tits, and once again, I shoved her down over that desk, and then once again, I began driving my cock into her pussy.

Keiko just couldn’t help but moan even louder when I did that. It was a good thing that the hallways of the school were empty because as loud as Keiko’s bleating was, I was sure it would have drawn a crowd at any other time.

This time, I wasn’t going to let myself be distracted by Keiko’s cute, little body. This time, I wasn’t going to be deterred. I drove my cock into Keiko’s tiny, little cunt. I was going to cum in that tight, little pussy.

It didn’t take long. My cock had already been on the verge long before I returned my attention to her cunt, and the pathetic, little mewing of the girl only made me fuck her harder. I could feel my balls filled to overflowing. I was going to cum so hard.

And then I was. I grunted as my cock unloaded itself in Keiko’s pussy. I jammed myself forward and I grunted again. I loved the feeling of filling her up with my cum.

Keiko must have loved it too because almost from the moment that I started to cum inside her, her bleating changed its tone, becoming deeper and harsher, and then I felt it, her pussy squeezing my cock, squeezing and holding it, and I knew she was cumming, too.

I finally pulled my cock out of Keiko’s pussy but even as I did, I could feel myself getting hard again. Damn, that had never happened to me. I’d known this girl was hot but I hadn’t realized just how hot she was.

I pulled the girl up off the desk and I turned her around. This time, I wanted to see her face while I fucked her. I pulled off her shoes and then I pulled her jeans all the way off. I pulled off her flimsy, little thong and I tossed it aside and finally, she was completely bare to me from the waist down and I loved it.

I brought my arms up under the girl’s legs and pulled her legs up even as I looked her in the face. My cock was hovering just a few inches away from her hot, little pussy. She was so exposed to me and I loved it. “This time,” I told her, “I’m going to watch your face while you get fucked.”

The girl looked up at me and she blinked at me. “I want you to do it,” she said in a tight, little voice. “I want you to do it. I want you to fuck me.”

That was all I needed to hear. Actually, I didn’t need to hear her say that, but if the little tease had told me no, somehow, I would have pulled myself free, but anything less than a flat out denial and no matter what the hell she wanted, I was going to stick my cock in her pussy.

And that was exactly what I did.

The girl started moaning almost as soon as I entered her and I loved it. Her eyes were deep and dark as she watched me and her eyes never left mine as I continued to pound her pussy but what I liked most were her plaintive, little moans. Just hearing her moan like that made my cock jump and that made me fuck her even harder and what was really cool about was that was the harder she got me to fuck her, the louder it made her moan.

“Play with your tits,” I told her.

At first, I wasn’t sure if she heard me because she just laid where she was and she just kept looking up at me but then her hands began to move. One of them lifted up her flimsy, little top just high enough to expose of her little, tiny tits and then her other hand moved in to grab what little there was of her tits.

She sure did have small tits and I found myself being turned on even more by them than I had thought I would. She didn’t need a bra. That much was clear. It was just that her tits were so small that they were so fucking cute.

She lifted her shirt even higher exposing her other breast to my questing eyes. I watched her slide her hand over to her breast and I watched her fondle her other tiny tit, and all the while while I watched her fondle her tits, I knew she was watching me, and all the while while she was watching me, she just kept right on moaning as I kept on fucking her cunt.

She didn’t say anything but somehow, I knew. Somehow, I knew she was close. I knew she was close to cumming.

That made two of us. I could feel the cum welling up inside me. I’d just cum a few minutes before so I might not have been as quick as I had been as when I had been pounding her from behind, but with the way she was moaning and as cute as she looked and especially with her pussy as tight as it was, there was no doubt that I was going to be cumming, too.

I think Keiko knew it, too. She pulled on one of her little, tiny nipples. “Are you going to cum,” she asked in a plaintive moan.

I didn’t say anything.

Keiko moaned again as I stuck her with my cock. “Are you going to cum,” she asked again. “Are you going to cum inside my pussy?”

All I could do was grunt as I stroked her pussy with my cock yet again.

The girl let out a plaintive moan. “I want you to do it,” she moaned. “I want you to cum in my pussy.”

Well, if that was what she wanted …

I couldn’t help but groan as my cock swelled inside her pussy and in the next instant, I was groaning as my cock filled her up with my seed.

Keiko gasped as she felt it and then she let out a long, low sound, kind of like a half-scream and a half-sob. She paused only long enough to take a couple of breaths and then she was doing it again, and all the while, her little, tiny pussy was gripping my embedded cock.

I kept my cock where I was as the cum continued to flow and only when it was clear that both of us had cum as much as we were going to cum did I pull my cock free.

Keiko just stayed where she was, sprawled out across that desk as I went to retrieve my clothes. I got my clothes and I put them on and still it seemed, Keiko hadn’t moved all that much. I kissed her before I left but she was still lying there sprawled out across the desk with my cum dripping from her cunt when I left the room.

Keiko and I we
ren’t in the same major so it turned out that that Lit class was the one class we ever had together. We tried to get together a few times after that but
it was never quite as good as when I fucked her tight, little pussy right there at the front of the classroom but let me tell you this. I will never forget the view of Keiko and her cute, little thong underwear peeking out from behind her jeans and I will never forget how it felt to stick my cock in Keiko’s tight, little hole.

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