Top of the World

Anyone who has ever been in New York in the spring understands the pulse that beats beneath the people. Spring explodes suddenly and lovers appear from behind curtained windows onto the streets. They stroll hand in hand to Union Square where the greenmarket vendors have soft, newly budded pussy willows for sale.

The warmth in the air makes lovers steal kisses with every few steps. They can feel new passions rising as they pass other lovers. They understand the thoughts, nod at passersby and looking into each other’s eyes and smile. They are discovering that they are uniting in some new way and become lost in it.

She steps in unison with him then bounds ahead at some new enchantment, he catches her, his arms around her waist, pulls her close and understands her joy and it becomes his. Oh, how he desires her. Her smile, her laugh, the sun on her golden hair. He wants this moment, this desire, this perfection of soul and spirit to last eternal.

She sees him staring and feels her body react to his desire. She draws a quick breath and anticipates his touch. They know their yearning grows, now when he takes her hand it is electric. Dusk still comes early and he leads her to a place they can share. She follows him as he leads her high above the city.

The world has closed in around them. Only they exist now, as the lights of the city slowly turn on, they stand on the 86th floor of the Empire State building, together. The warm evening breeze circling as he pulls her close into his arms. He sought that spot below her ear and kissed softly. He felt her move into him, her longing becoming more urgent.

She needed him now. This day of playful delight was becoming too intoxicating. Her expectancy had drained her. She knew she was soaking. She could feel him responding to her, she had to have him soon lest she burst, like a night flower, releasing its scented perfume.

She led him upward to the 102nd floor. It was quieter here, no street noise penetrated the windows and the crowd had thinned to a few. She chose the windows facing south. Over the bridges and ocean, leading to other worlds far removed from them. She pressed her nose against the glass and he moved behind her. She pushed herself onto him and understood his need was as great as her own was. He slipped his hand beneath her dress and felt her panties, damp, beneath his fingers. He rubbed gently over her mound and more firmly as she moved below his touch. He pushed aside the wet silk and found her slit, hot and wet. He pushed one finger then two inside. Her hot pussy closed over his fingers and drew them deeper. She moved onto them slowly. He brushed her clit lightly with his thumb, teasing, waiting, then with more urgency. She ground herself onto him knowing he would respond to her need. He pinched her clit lightly her breath was coming faster fogging the window. She knew she was going to cum right here right now. The thrust his fingers deeper and she ground herself harder wanting, knowing, she was going to explode. He felt her cum all over his fingers, pulsing onto them, releasing them finally with a soft groan of pleasure.

She knew he needed her then. Slowly she turned and kissed him deeply finding the zipper that would allow his desire free. Once again, she turned toward the window and backed slowly onto him. She felt him penetrate deep within her. Him looking over her shoulder onto the city lights. Slowly they danced together joined as one. He pulled her closer and rhythmically released her, quickening the dance. He drew her hips against his. Pulling her hot pussy onto his hardness. He knew he was going to cum soon. She was so wet and so hot, when she shuddered again as another orgasm coursed through her he felt her closing onto his shaft. He felt her tightness building into his own release. He pulled her closer and thrust once more deeply within her. He felt himself break open within her filling her. He fell against her shoulder, his lips sought hers and she turned to meet him. They embraced and she zipped him up as he played gently with his tongue upon hers.

He held her for a moment then took her hand and led her back to the streets. It had started to drizzle but the lovers paid no heed. He watched the mist settle onto her hair and glow in the streetlight. He wants this moment, this desire, this perfection of soul and spirit to last eternal.

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