transexual treat

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transexual treat

kate came home from work one day to tell me about this new guy she had met. she
sounded really enthused, but also a little perplexed by him. when i asked why, she said
something about him just didn’t add up. he was too good to be true. she felt that when
she talked to him it was like talking to a girl. anyway, she said i would get to meet him
in due course.

one night we arranged to go out to eat with this new friend of kate’s. billy arrived on time
and was charm personified. he greeted me warmly, as if he had known me a long time
instead of us only having just met. i tried to size him up, to see if there was anything
‘wrong’ as kate put it, but there was not too much out of the ordinary. he had broad
shoulders, dark hair and smouldering chocolate brown eyes. dark stubble framed his
shapely, red lips. actually, the more i looked at them, the more they seemed a little
unusual. they were almost too full and feminine. but somehow that just made him look
even more hot.

i felt my lust thermometer rise. no wonder kate couldn’t stop talking about the guy. he
was sex on legs. the meal was delicious and the wine exceptional. we had a really
interesting chat and all got to know each other a little better. things were going so wel
that we decided to order another bottle of wine. we were just a little tipsy when billy
suddenly said, apropos of nothing, ‘so, tell me something interesting.’

‘well,’ i replied, rising to the challenge ‘kate and i are swingers, and we’re both bisexual.’

‘really?’ he said, with a sexy smile.’

‘you’re turn.’ i replied.

‘i used to be a girl.’ he said.

my jaw just about hit the table. i felt my cheeks flush bright red.

‘i haven’t shocked or embarrassed you, have i.’ billy said.

‘no, not at all.’ kate explained. ‘it just happens to be john’s favourite fantasy.’

‘it is?’ suddenly billy looked interested.

‘oh yes, man, it sure is.’ i replied.

have you ever, you know…’

‘hell no. i’ve never had the good fortune to before.’

‘i have to explain, i’m not fully a guy yet.’

‘you…you’re not.’ i was going apeshit at what i was hearing. it just got better and better.

‘no. i don’t have the guy bits down below.’ he said.

‘that’s even better.’ i told him.

‘so what are we waiting for?’ he asked.

half an hour later we were all in our bedroom, lying on the bed and taking turns kissing
each other. we spent half an hour in this pleasant way until my cock demanded some
attention. i started unbuttoning billy’s shirt. dark hair grew all over his chest. his large
red nipples jutted out of this swirling mass and i could vaguely make out the scars of his
breast removal surgery. he either worked out at the gym or his testosterone shots were
giving him one hell of a body. i ran my hands over his muscled shoulders and upper arms
and he felt as hard as granite.

and then at last the time had come. i slowly unbuckled his belt and opened his fly button.
kate looked on as i unzipped his jeans and started to pull them off. only a flimsy layer of
cotton stood between me and my quest now. i hooked my thumbs into the waist band of
his underpants and started to lower them. my excitement went into overdrive as his
puffy, hairy cunt with its enlarged clit came into view. it looked like a mini cock and i
could not resist kissing it for a moment or two before whipping his undies completely off.

his muscular legs were covered in dense, dark fur. i ran my hands up and down his
warm, hairy thighs as i gazed at his perfect pussy. he was so masculine in every way
except for this one thing; this juicy slit between his legs. i had leaked so much precum by
this time i could have filled an egg cup. i rubbed my slick cock head with one hand as i
got down between billy’s legs. he and kate shared a long, passionate kiss as i started
sucking on his mini cock. i reluctantly let go of my cock and parted his puffy cheeks and
started licking into his gorgeous pink cunt. i was so horned up i could hardly think

‘sorry, i said. ‘i’ve got to do this.’

i got on top of him and stuck my cock in his cunt and started thrusting away madly. i was
like an animal in the mating season and three minutes later i had shot my wad deep into
his quim. i got off him and moved up close.
‘now i can make love to you properly.’ i said.
i took his strong handsome face in my hand and started kissing him. kate, meanwhile got
down between his legs and started licking my cum out of his cunt.

i lay there watching them. after about ten minutes i had recovered and felt my cock start
to stir. billy saw it too and reached out for it. i climbed on top of him and slid my cock
into his cunt. it felt almost as good as the first time but i was able to be a little
more controlled this time. i loooked down into his eyes; there was hunger written all over
his face. he panted and sighed softly as i stroked into him. kate was caressing my
butt and balls, adding to the pleasure i felt. balancing myself on one arm i ran my
hands over billy’s strong, masculine chest. i still could not get over how he could
look and feel so masculine yet have this sexy, wet, warm cunt.

i felt kate’s tongue dip into my butt crack and then circle my hole. the nerves
connecting my asshole to my brain sang out in pleasure. her tongue poked into my
relaxing hole, followed shortly by her finger. as her finger pressed in to me it
brushed my g spot and that was me done. my cock exploded, firing off a rapid volley
of cum spurts into billy’s cunt.

he looked up at me and sighed.

‘thanks man, that was the best.’

‘the pleasure was all mine.’ i told him. and indeed it was.


copyright daniel blue

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