Turnabout is Fair Play Part 2

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Disclaimer: The following story is a TRUE account, but contains adult content. Please don’t read if you are under 18! Otherwise enjoy!

This is a follow up to Turnabout is Fair Play Part 1, the last experience I posted a month ago. And for the record, I hope nobody is under the impression all my boyfriend and I do is have kinky sex! To the contrary, we only do it once every so often. Vanilla sex is hot too!

I’ve never liked the word fetish. It’s always been a big turn off for me; I can’t help but think of feet, peeing, and intense violent bondage (things my boyfriend and I have no interest in whatsoever, but to each their own!). The word kinky seems so much sexier and less intense, while still having a big naughty factor behind it. I mention this because my boyfriend and I have been playing around with kinkier ways of having sex. I’m not typically a fan of BDSM, but it is somewhat sexy to take turns being dominant over each other. We got the idea from watching some porn together, and reading erotic stories. We never get overly intense; we just like to be each other’s pleasure prisoner from time to time. After a few practice sessions (and a lot of laughs), my boyfriend and I have had fun dominating each other sexually, and it has gotten to be quite hot. It’s always funny to tie each other up and get teased and bossed around, but it’s hot to have control too. I love when my boyfriend has his naughty way with me, and I love being able to do it to him too. We use handcuffs, ties, blindfolds, and ticklers from time to time. We don’t really enjoy pain, so our domination is about teasing. Girls, there is no better way to build anticipation than with a little tickling and restraint, I promise! It’s really hot to surrender yourself to pleasure, and it’s an easy way to be kinky without going too far! And if you laugh at each other, even better! Sex shouldn’t be so serious!

We had yet to use the butt plug we had bought for him, I was waiting for the right moment. My first experience with my plug was an all out kink-fest for us at the time, and I wanted his to be even better. We set our play-date for a Saturday afternoon, and I spent the whole week preparing. I wanted to have a lot of fun with this, and incorporate as much fun as I could. I went to the costume store during the week and picked up a black cat mask (a nice kinky move I learned from an amateur porn couple, it really adds a certain sense of kink and mystery to your play!).

He showed up and we began our routine: a hot and heavy make-out session that made its way into the shower. My boyfriend stood behind me grabbing my chest, while I could feel his cock throbbing against my soft ass cheeks. I grinded into him, but that was all he was going to get at that point. He looked playfully disappointed, but I was sure he’d thank me later.

When we finished, I ordered him to wait for me in the bedroom in his briefs. I wore a sexy black bra with a black skirt and pumps. To top it all off, I strapped on the cat mask, and was ready to go at my lover. I couldn’t help but smile when I looked at myself. It was ridiculous and sexy at the same time.

I slowly opened the door to see my boyfriend waiting patiently like a good boy on the edge of the bed. With a quiet “Meow,” I got him to turn around.

“Ha ha, wow!”

“What’s so funny, isn’t this purrrrfect?” We both laughed as I walked over and straddled him. I began to grind against his hard cock, making his briefs wet with pre-cum. I was wet just thinking about what we were doing, and feeling his cock against my clit. Then I stood up. “Worship my ass,” I commanded as I lifted the skirt. I presented my rear to him, and he wasted no time in burying his face between my cheeks. “Mmmmmm that’s nice…” I moaned as he licked and kissed my cheeks. He ran his hands between my legs to stroke my pussy. “Ooooo you’re a good boy,” I moaned, knowing he’d get off the more I got into character. His kissing and licking started moving down the cleft of my ass, and before I knew it, he was giving me passionate wet kisses right on my butt hole. “Oh my! You rude naughty boy! Mmmmm!” We both laughed; a professional dominatrix I was not. Even though we were giggling, the sex was incredibly hot. I was so horny knowing that I had control over my kinky boyfriend, who would pleasure me any way I told him. (This may sound weird to some, but try it and see what I mean!)

I leaned over to let his tongue deeper into my ass, and I felt his finger glide back and forth between my juicy pussy lips. He would circle the opening, then rub forward until he reached my clit, massaging it a few times until he was ready to repeat. I sighed in pleasure and looked in the mirror; we looked so fucking hot. It was like one of the kinkiest videos I have ever seen. Here I was, my boyfriend’s kinky mistress, with my boyfriend’s face buried deep in my behind. I was a grad student by day, and a sex goddess by night. As I started getting close to coming, I stopped him. “That’s enough!”

I stood up straight and pulled my skirt back down to its regular position. “You naughty, naughty boy, did I give you permission to lick my ass?”

“No mistress,” he replied, doing his best to suppress his laughter.

“That’s what I thought… Lay down and spread your legs!” He did as I said, and I placed the blindfold on him, and tied his wrists to the bedpost. I proceeded to lightly touch him all over his body, giving him a very sexy tickling sensation. “I bet you thought you were going to stick your hard cock up my juicy ass, didn’t you?” I kept teasing him, working around his thighs and below his stomach.

“Mhmmmm,” he moaned, as I moved closer and closer to his balls. I ran my palm lightly over his cock and felt it twitch. He squirmed in pleasure as I slid my fingers over his cock, down around his balls, near his tight ass, and back up again. I did this a few times, watching him try to buck away and bite his lip.

Then I removed his blindfold and placed my dripping wet pussy on his lips. “Mmmmm, that’ll show you to lick my ass you naughty boy.” It felt divine, his tongue fluttering back and forth along my lips. My kinky skirt hid his face, which was attending to its naughty duties. I grinded his lips until his tongue found its way inside my pussy. “Mmmmmm that’s a good boy… Oh fuck…” I reached forward and started teasing his cock with more light tickling touches. I felt him giggle and squirm into my pussy. Then I slid forward and told him to stick his tongue deep in my ass. I felt it twirl around, making me shudder with pleasure. “Oh my…” I cooed, savoring the feeling of his soft wet tongue circling my sensitive butt hole. I bit my lip and looked over at the toys on the night table. It was time for our fun little experiment.

I untied my boyfriend and told him to get on his hands and knees. Kneeling behind him, I leaned against him and grabbed his cock. He grinned and moaned as I began milking his cock for all the pre-cum he had. I spread it on his cock, using it as lube while I slowly jerked his shaft. His cock felt so hot and hard in my hands, my pussy was so wet. As I stroked his cock, I used my other hand to caress his ass cheeks. I feel like women never appreciate a man’s ass enough, I know I never used to. But when it’s masculine and toned, I can’t get enough (and it’s always clean after a shower!). I continued to tease him, licking and nibbling on his neck while my right hand manipulated his cock and my left hand gently spread his cheeks open and closed.

“Mmmmmmm…” He sighed in pleasure.

“Do you like that baby? Do you like when I tease your cock and play with your ass?” I reached underneath him, lightly touching the back of his balls, and working my way back to his ass. “That feels good doesn’t it… That feels soooo good…” I kept whispering into his ear, feeling his cock throb with every word. People often forget how mental sex can be, dirty talk can be half the fun! I licked a finger and slowly started to rub circles on his tush. He bit his lip, trying to rock into my pleasuring hand. “Oh you like that don’t you… It feels good when I tease your ass baby?”

I could not have been more turned on; I was in complete control of my boyfriend’s pleasure. I was doing things to him that were sending him off the planet. I thought how there were men who wished their girlfriends would do what I did, and my boyfriend was lucky enough to have me. I began to kiss down his neck, lightly caressing his cheeks again. He knew what was coming and leaned forward. He had his ass in the air in front of me, and I could see his cock, hanging stiff between his legs. Once again I looked in the mirror; my clit pulsed at the scene. I looked so hot in my kinky mask and outfit, and I was going to give my boyfriend pure naughty butt pleasure. I lightly rubbed my clit for a little relief, staring at my boyfriend’s fine manly ass. I loved the way it looked, so tight and smooth, leading down to his balls and cock. I sloooowly teased the opening with my finger, softly rubbing it in circles, occasionally dipping my finger in. I had to stop rubbing my clit so I wouldn’t come, we had lots more to do before that happened!
I leaned in and placed a kiss on his bottom, and I saw his cock twitch in joy. I grabbed it and held it still, and placed more kisses right on his ass. The kisses became progressively wetter and sloppier; it wasn’t long before my tongue was exploring his tight tush. I felt his ass wink in pleasure, and heard him sighing. He loves when I eat his ass (every guy enjoys it whether they admit it or not!), and I love how naughty it is. I continued rimming him while I stroked his shaft, feeling some of his pre-cum drip onto my knee. As he got hornier, his ass became more and more inviting. My tongue was inside him sending pleasure throughout his bottom.

“Uggghhhh that feels so good baby,” he moaned.

I started stroking him faster and faster, my tongue ferociously teasing his ass. I began to feel his cock throb, and feel him breathe heavier.

“Fuck… Oh fuck…” He groaned, with an orgasm imminent.

Right then I kept my tongue still in his ass, only giving light licks every so often. My hand remained wrapped around the base of his cock. When his urge to cum dissipated. I got up and went to the dresser.

I grabbed my Ryder butt plug, the Tristan plug, and some lube. I placed the Tristan on the bed, and walked over to my boyfriend. While standing, I put one leg over his shoulder. I didn’t even have to say anything, he knew to start licking and sucking my clit immediately. “Mmmmm…” I moaned to let him know he was doing a good job. As he licked and slurped, I put some lube on my butt plug and began to circle my tush with it. He licked my clit up and down as I felt the soft smooth tip of the plug teasing my ass. “Keep licking baby, keep licking while I put something up my naughty ass…” At this point it didn’t matter what I said, we were both filled with desire and lust for each other. My butt was used to anal play by now, and it didn’t take much teasing for it to accept the whole plug. With a gentle push, my hungry ass accommodated the plug. “Oooooooo,” I whined as it gave me that delicious stretch while sliding in. In an instant, my ass had swallowed it to its base. My tush winked around the plug as my boyfriend kept licking my clit. I let him go for a bit longer, and then dismounted.

“Lay across my lap for me.” It was a position I had been in several times, and it was great for giving pleasure, I couldn’t wait to return the kinky favor. I squeezed and massaged his hot ass cheeks, and I could feel his hard dripping cock pressing into my thigh. I spread his legs a little and gently teased his thighs up to his balls and tush. Each time I came closer to his butt, I felt his cock throb and more pre-cum flow out. “I’m going to play with your naughty ass. I’m going to tease and toy it until you can’t take it anymore.” Each movement of pleasure he made rocked me gently on my bottom, and I could feel the wonderful sensation of the kinky toy shoved up my butt. The more I pleasured him, the more he would squirm, and that meant more pleasure for me.

He grinned in anticipation as I lubed up my fingers. The pleasure was slow and excruciating; I used one figure to circle and rim his ass, and I felt his cock thrust against my leg for some sort of stimulation. I teased the opening for what must have seemed like hours to him, it was evident that only a few minutes in his ass was horny and begging for play. When I finally slipped a finger in, he grinded back eagerly.

“You like that baby? You like how I tease your ass? Tell me how much you like it.”

“I love it baby, please keep going.”

Clearly he must have forgotten who was in charge, so I took it upon myself to remind him. I went back to teasing his ass, only putting the tip of my finger in every so often. His cock was throbbing against me uncontrollably; I could only imagine how much hot pre-cum there was. He tried to hump my leg, once again to no avail. My ass tingled with joy as he shook the bed. There was no way out of getting teased, only I would decide when he gets the pleasure he was so desperately craving. I took a second finger, and while holding it next to the first, began to stroke his hot ass. It was so hot seeing it covered with lube, winking every time I brushed over it.

“Oh please,” he moaned. “Please no more teasing.”

I ignored his pleas only a little while longer, and I easily slid two fingers up his horny butt. He grunted and moaned in pleasure, and I felt his manhood thrusting against my leg. I started gently rotating my fingers, rubbing his prostate every few turns. I was completely lost in the experience, my pussy dripping wet as I pleasured my hot boyfriend. He let out a sound that was hard to describe, one of the most powerful moans I have ever heard from him. To tell the truth, he wasn’t the only one who wanted release; I wanted to get fucked hard.

I reached for the Tristan and poured some lube on it. He waved his ass at me, mocking the way I do it to him and laughing. Normally I would have punished this with more teasing, but I desperately wanted to get fucked. I rubbed the tip of the Tristan against his ass, lightly rotating it right in his opening.

“Mmmmm… fuck that’s good,” he moaned.

He started to get onto his hands and knees, and I grabbed the tip of his cock. It was covered in pre-cum, which I used to slide over his tip (remember ladies, the penis tip is connected to the prostate, so combining that and butt play is AMAZING for your man!). The tip of the toy disappeared inside his ass, and my pussy pulsed at the sight.

“Oooo fuck, oh fuck that’s nice,” my sweety moaned in ecstasy. I eased the plug in until it was resting nicely between his cheeks, getting off on him finally enjoying the sexy full feeling I get when I use my butt toy.

I was beside myself in pleasure. In front of me was my hot stud of a boyfriend, with a kinky toy in his ass. I was so horny thinking of how hard he was going to cum inside me. I ripped off the cat mask; it was time for him to take control. “Fuck me now.”

With animal intensity, my boyfriend pulled me towards him and kissed me. It was deep and passionate, and he rubbed my clit and plug at the same time to get me ready. I laid on the edge of the bed with my legs in the air, letting him get a view of my horny wet pussy and full ass. I reached for the vibrator and set it on my clit while my baby slipped his cock inside of me.

“Fuck… Fuck that’s good,” he groaned. Every thrust sent a reminder to my boyfriend about the kinky toy in his ass. I received the same treatment, feeling his balls slap against the base of my toy. He thrust his cock in and out while I circled my clit with the vibrator. I looked in the mirror and saw his muscular frame pumping away into me.

“Fuck me baby, fuck your naughty girlfriend hard! Fuck me and my naughty ass!” I screamed and moaned in pleasure as I came closer and closer to coming. I let out a high pitched whine as my boyfriend sped up. His cock throbbed and pulsed inside my hungry pussy. My clit tingled from the vibration, and my ass sent pleasure throughout my whole body. My toes curled and I screamed as I had one of the single most intense orgasms of my life (not even kidding!).

When I finished, I was breathing heavily and sweating. My boyfriend smiled at me, waiting for me to catch my breath. “What are you waiting for? Fuck me!” I exclaimed.

I slid back on the bed and he got on top of me. I squealed as his cock slid into my tight pussy, putting yummy pressure on the toy up my butt. He began slowly sliding in and out, letting me feel every sensual inch of his cock. I couldn’t get enough of the pleasures between my legs; each thrust sent bliss through my body. Then I remembered the toy in my boyfriend’s sexy ass. As he pumped me, I reached down and grabbed the base. I gently tugged on it, letting it stroke his prostate with each move.

“Oh FUCK that’s good,” my boyfriend groaned, bearing down on me to pound away.

I felt his strong arms hold me close to him as his cock pleasured my pussy. I started rubbing the plug just as fast as he fucked me, pushing it deeper against his prostate.

“Fuck,” he cried in pleasure, “I’m going to fucking cum, I’m going to fucking cum.”

I bit my lip and squealed as he fucked me faster than he ever had. I kept jamming the toy into his ass as his cock throbbed and jumped. A large amount of cum shot into me as my boyfriend did his best to shove his cock deep inside me. I was completely his, feeling him hold me tight as he fucked the breath out of me.
We were both sweating when he pulled out, and he stood up to get a drink. I was looking at my Adonis, my sex god with whom I could do everything. “Fun isn’t it?” I asked, referring to the toys lodged in our bottoms.

“Fuck yes,” he replied between heavy breaths.

This experience was to date the kinkiest sex we have ever had. It’s funny to think that only a year ago, I was a girl who absolutely positively did not like anal play and toys. The idea of kinky sex made me uncomfortable, and I secretly hoped it would not be a huge deal to my boyfriend. I only decided to explore my sexuality after seeing how badly my boyfriend wanted to try things, and hearing how some of my girlfriends have experimented with their men.

The biggest part for me was getting past mental hang-ups. It’s hard to get past thinking a certain act is deviant or strange. But really, there is no shame in pleasure. I love the fact that my boyfriend and I enjoy kinky sex like anal play, toys, and some domination. It’s between him and me, nobody else. It doesn’t matter what anyone else would think; all that matters is that we both have a happy and healthy sex life (and believe me, we do!)

For any women who’ve read my journals, it’s good to explore your sexual boundaries every now and then! You might end up loving something you’ve never tried before! However, never force yourself to do anything! Any significant other who truly loves you will understand no means no. If you can’t get past your hang-ups, there are plenty of other things you guys can do together!

But if you want my verdict, go for the butt! It feels amazing for both partners, and leads to some hot and wild encounters! Toys only add to the fun, and can help when your hands are occupied with your lover! They’re a sexy addition to anybody’s sex life, and definitely give couples something extra to look forward to every so often! And remember to try and get into mindset of your sex! It becomes that much better when you’re mentally captivated! Good luck to everyone out there, and I hope my experiences have helped some lucky guys and girls!

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