Twins by Screw3

The Twins by Screw 3

They were getting ready for the break for the end of the semester and finals had been taken. Tim was a pre-med student while Tom intended to be an attorney. Both had hoped to play in the Majors, but those were dreams left behind when they did not make the varsity baseball team. Tom went down to the Pub for a beer and to play some darts. He was playing against the Pub’s champion, Doris Pomeroy. She was so sure of her skill she took his bet of her body for the night against $200. Tom had not played darts here before, but Doris figured he couldn’t be that good or he would have been here playing for drinks before this.
Tom took his darts out of his jacket and threw three practice darts. Doris watched and thought well he isn’t bad looking and it might be fun if he beats me, but that 200 will pay for next semester’s books. To save you the suspense he beat her by at least two turns. He led her to a table and they got acquainted. They had even been in a lecture course together along with about two hundred other students. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and Tom called Tim who laughed at Tom’s plan. He was certainly willing to go along with it.
They left the Pub and went back to the apartment they had rented. “Doris don’t worry my flat mate has left already on break.”
“This is a nice pl”
She never got to finish because Tom kissed her full on the lips and their tongues started tangoing together. “How about we make another bet?”
Doris said, “Sure, what is the bet and what are the stakes?”
“I bet I can come in your pussy four times in an hour. If I win then I get to fuck you in the ass as often as I can after that. If I lose then you win your two hundred that you can use, I’m sure.”
Doris laughed, “I didn’t think you could beat me at darts, but I know that you can’t win that bet. You’re on. Where’s your bedroom?”
She started taking her clothes off and throwing them on the floor as she followed him into the bedroom. “Doris if you have to use the bathroom there is this one and I’ll use the one in the hall.”
She started stripping him and kissed his cock, “That is a nice cock, but I am going to drain you big boy and win that bet. What is it about a 7 incher, I think, better than most.”
Tom took her hand away from her cunt and replaced it with his mouth and started rubbing her clit with his nose. “Oooh, that feels funny, but a good funny.”
He knew it was good funny when he felt her juices start to flow. He put a pillow under her ass and plunged into her and started to pump. “That’s it fuck me hard you bastard and cum like you never did before. I want to feel your hot cum in meeee.”
Her legs reached around him pulling him into her and locking them together until he shot his load of hot cum into her. Then he left for the bathroom in the hall. Tim was standing behind the door stripped down and with a rigid cock from watching them through the crack in the door. He went into the bed and Doris was surprised, “Back already.”
Tim kisssed her and rubbed her nipples at the same time. Then he broke the kiss and told her to kneel in front of him. Then he reached in and rubbed her pussy that had her pussy juices mixed with Tom’s cum and stuck his cock into her. “My god, you are hard already. I’m ready to be fucked again and this is my favorite position. So give it to me big boy, make me cummmm oh that’s it.”
Her spasm throbbed along Tim’s dick, but he was not as short as Tom since he had jerked off a couple of hours ago. He made her cum one more time before he shot his load. He checked the clock, “Doris I have another forty-eight minutes to win the bet.”
Doris started to wonder what it would be like to have a cock in her ass since she had never had one there. This guy is superman or he took viagra when I wasn’t looking. Then she thought that she might lose the bet, but she was getting the fucking of her life. Tim left for the bathroom and Tom came back a few minutes later so Doris would not be suspicious. He wasn’t hard yet, but was halfway there. And he lay down next to Doris and started cleaning her cunt a little with a damp towel he brought back from the bathroom. Doris came again while he was rubbing her clit and pussy lips. “You are starting to wear down Tom. You may make this one, but you will never get hard enough the fourth time. Whenever you are ready you can fuck me again. I am going to drain you good this time.”
“I’ll give you the chance to do just that. You can get on top and ride me right over the top.”
Doris took the clue and sat on his hard cock and moved side to side and forward and back. She came and then came again and again before she was finally able to make Tom cum up into her. He looked at the watch and said, “Twenty-three minutes to go. I’ll hurry back.”
Tim was ready and went in as soon as he felt was reasonable. “Are you ready Doris because I am.”
She looked at him from the dim hall light, “You are ready. I hope you have something to lube my ass as it has to be tight since it has never been used.”
Tim put her knees over his shoulders and plowed her as hard as he could and as fast as possible. At this point Doris was so high on all the orgasms that she started cumming when he entered her and just stayed in that state until she passed out in a rapture. When she came to Tom was in bed with her with a jar of bay oil lubing her ass with his fingers from one hand in there already the other hand massaging her clit. She started screaming from the perpetual state of pleasure that she was lost in. Ten he turned her onto her knees and stuck his dick into her. There was a scream of pain for a moment then even the cock in her ass kept her going in a state of pleasure. Tom shot a load into her ass and collapsed. Doris ran to the bathroom herself to both pee and shit. Her feces were covered with his sperm. When she returned to the bed there was Tim sitting up in the bed with a hard cock waiting for his turn in her ass.
“Oh no, I don’t believe this. Not again in my ass. It wasn’t bad when I was high on pleasure.”
Tim turned her on her stomach and washed out her asshole then he kissed it and stuck his tongue into it and ran it around the inside of the rim of the sphincter. “That feels nice.”
He poured some baby oil in and his finger followed, then another finger, then a third reopening it more easily after his brother’s dick had opened it. Then he sat with pillows behind his head. “Now slut, sit on my dick facing away from me.”
He manuevered her and shoved his cock into that still tight hole and moved her up and down on it till she started moving herself up and down on his shaft. When she started moving he moved her hands to her pussy and he then started playing with her tits. She came twice before he did. “Tom can I get some sleep now?”
“Yes, but let’s use the other bedroom where the bed is dry.”
They woke and sore as she was she had to take them on again until she cried enough..

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