Two and a half men

This true story is when I met with my guy friend and my wife a wanted to join with he new toy. I told her sure but there is no limits and anything could go in any hole at anytime. She said she was fine with it so my guy friend comes over and my wife starts off by watching us rub each other and stroke each others cocks. Then I got on my knees and sucked his cock while she watched and rubbed her clit.  He moved me away and took off his pants told me to stand up and he took off my pants also. Then with no warning he deep throats my cock and I was ready to burst right then and there. I’m enjoying it eyes closed and I hear my wife doing something. Then she touches me and grabs my hand and puts it on her strap on. I was in shock I almost jumped but I was excited at the same time. I stroked it while she poured lube all over it and she lines up to my ass and no going slow with her she slammed it in all of the way to the rubber balls on it. I wanted to pull away but my guy friend was sucking my cock. So I just took the pain. To help her he grabbed my ass cheeks so he could stretch my hole more for her and she was relentless slamming it in and out of my so hard and fast I had started to tear up. But Iowa wanted to make sure she had a great time and I also knew that on the side of the strap on that goes to her pussy it had a vibrator so the harder and faster she fucked me the harder she came. I hear her cry out that she is coming so I blow my load into his mouth and me and her collapse on the floor and try to catch our breathe. But he has another plan he put me on my hands and knees without saying a word. Spit all of my cum in my already gaping ass with no lube  or anything slammed his cock balls deep into my ass. My mouth just dropped In pain. My wife saw this and climbed under me and to get my mind off the pain she started sucking my cock again. she got my cum and lube from the strap on dripping out of my ass onto her face but she sucked like a champ and made me cum into her mouth at the same time he shot his hot load deep into my ass.

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Two and a half men, 5.7 out of 10 based on 14 ratings

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  1. masterhank

    Good story line. Try to develop it with more detail and come back with a second story of when you slide your cock into your guy friend’s ass while he licks your wife’s cunt..

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