Two Lonely Lovers

She was a hot-looking woman of about 30, which was just right for me. I had turned 34 that year, had put a bad marriage behind me, and was free as a bird for the first time since my college days. It was a strange feeling.

So far I hadn’t taken advantage of my freedom much. Oh, a couple of one-night stands, but nothing serious. Truth was, I needed more than sex. I needed a friend.

Now you might say that a bar stool is not the best place to find a serious companion, but my answer to that is “bullshit”. Quiet neighborhood bars tend to attract lonely people of both sexes. I was lonely and that’s why I was there. Perhaps the same applied to the lady I was looking at. I decided to find out. One thing was for sure–she was not a professional. She had a wedding ring on her hand and was not trying to make eye contact with anyone. As for her being married…well, that didn’t negate loneliness, as I had spent a few years learning.

I moved to the stool next to her and asked simply, “Buy you a drink?”

She had brown hair which came down to her shoulders, nice eyes, and regular features. Her neckline exposed the tops of breasts that were large enough to fill a pair of c-cups. “I already have a drink,” she said in a well modulated tone.

“But you could use another, right?” I persisted. “I know I could.”

“Are you trying to pick me up?”

I liked her directness. “No. I just want to be friendly.”

“Okay, friend, I’ll have another gin and tonic, thank you very much.”

I signaled Mike for two more of the same. “Live around here?” I asked the lady. I had been patronizing Mike’s establishment more or less regularly for several years, and I hadn’t seen her before.

“No. Across town with hubby.” She waggled her left hand at me.

I liked her all the more. “And hubby is hard at work, I suppose, on this balmy afternoon?”

“Wrong. He’s at home watching the soaps, and I’m supposed to be on my sales rounds. But I have really, really had it, busting my ass to sell software to businessmen while he’s sitting on his ass not even scanning the help wanteds any more. So what the fuck am I gonna do, hm?” She carried a lock of hair away from her eye and downed the remainder of her drink. She immediately reached for the fresh one that Mike had brought. “I guess you got more of an answer than you bargained for. But shit, I’m in a bad mood.”

The blunt speech that had tumbled out of her pretty mouth was so heart-felt that I warmed up to her in a big way. I took hold of her arm and gave it a squeeze. She looked at me, and her eyes were so sad that I leaned and kissed her on the lips. My dick stirred.

As I leaned back, she looked very startled but not angry. She was really looking at me for the first time.

“I’m Chris,” I said simply.

“Marla. Are you married?” There was that directness again. Right to the point. It was good.

“Was for 10 years. Just divorced. No kids.”

“Neither have I. But I do have a husband…as previously explained.” Bitterness flooded in. “God, I don’t know what the fuck I am going to do.” She took a jolt from her glass.

I sipped at my second Scotch and signaled Mike for the bill. “I know what you’re going to do. You’re going to come up to my apartment and we’re going to talk. You need somebody to listen to you, and I’m a good listener.”

She looked at me quickly, and there was a flash of apprehension in her eyes.

I raised a reassuring hand. “No sex. No lies. Just talk and maybe a hug. Can you go for that?”

She thought for a moment as she sized me up, and then said, “Yes.”

I dropped some bills on the bar and we left Mike’s place. My apartment house was just up the block.

“I’m a free-lance writer, so this is office as well as home,” I explained as we entered my up-scale digs which I had left in a cluttered state. “Sorry about the mess, but I hadn’t expected to entertain company. Please make yourself comfortable.”

“You mean, you didn’t go to that bar with the thought of bringing home a babe?” Carefully moving some books and papers, Marla sat on my leather sofa and crossed her legs. Her skirt rode up. Nice.

“Negative. I went to the bar because I got tired of staring at a blank computer screen where I should have been putting up words. And I have learned not to crack a bottle when I’m alone at home, especially during work hours. But right now I say we should continue where we left off. I know I have some gin, and hopefully there’s a tonic in the fridge.”

“So, what do you write?” Marla asked as I set about making the drinks at my wet bar.

“Whatever sells. Right now it’s novels about intrigue. Middle East. That shit.”

“Looking around, I would say that you do pretty well with the selling. Unless your uncle died and left you a bundle.”

“No uncle. But I’m about to get very poor, I’m afraid, since wifey fleeced me in the divorce deal. Perhaps that explains my writer’s block today. I’ve had it for awhile. Maybe meeting you will help.”

Marla took the drink I offered, and we touched glasses. I placed the books and papers on the floor and sat beside her.

She kissed the rim of her glass and looked at me. “This is strange, us meeting this way. And here we sit, two strangers. Yet…”

“Tell me about Ralph.”


“Your husband.”

“He’s Lenny, and what’s to tell? He’s just given up. He doesn’t know where he’s at. I loved him once, maybe I still do, but I’m tired of supporting him. The fucking isn’t THAT good.” She added quickly, “Does my language bother you?”

I smiled. “You ought to read my books. The f-word sells.”

“But you don’t use it?”

“Fuck yes, I use it.”

She laughed and started her drink.

The more I looked at her and listened to her, the better I liked her. In fact, we hit it off in all respects. I was rapidly getting the hots for her. I know I had said no sex, but deals could be modified, couldn’t they? As a sales person, she would know about that.

I slid a little closer. She had a fresh scent, feminine and good. Also, I liked looking down the front of her blouse. I was more needy than I had realized. Maybe that’s why my writing had stalled.

Something she had said was stuck in my mind and I asked, “What did you mean about Lenny’s fucking not being that good?”

“Oh.” Her pink tongue touched her wet lips, and I found that erotic. “Well, he’s been sort of lackluster lately. I guess there’s something about men and jobs. When they get fired, they lose their confidence, and then they get to feeling useless. Maybe it’s my fault, too. How can I respect a guy who just sits on his ass and watches TV?”

“While you bring home the bacon, to use a hackneyed phrase.”

“Exactly.” She finished her drink and set the glass down.

God, I wanted her! I set my glass beside hers, and we looked at each other. Heat was being generated, and we both felt it. I reached and took her hand. Current flowed between us. I moved closer. Suddenly she was in my arms, and she made a little sound in her throat. Our mouths met. Her tongue touched mine.

My cock went bolt-hard in my boxers. My hand stroked down her side and over her hip, which was nicely rounded in her sleek skirt. I stroked her thigh, feeling garters. That made my dick throb harder. Few women wore garters, but I loved them. My wife would never dress like that for me.

As our tongues stroked, my hand skidded under her skirt, over the top of her stocking and onto her wide, smooth thigh, traveling two garter straps, my fingertips on one and the heel of my hand on the other. My hand skidded onto her panties, and that was when she tried to stop me, pushing me away to break the kiss. She was breathing

“God, I can’t do this!” she said. “I can’t dooo this!”

I caught her open mouth and resumed our passionate kiss. My hand, which was still under her skirt, moved her legs apart,
and I petted the smooth, silky crotch of her panties. I felt moisture ooze through. God, she was as hot as I was!

I took my hand from her primary pleasure zone and moved it up to her chest along with my other one. As my kisses ranged from her lips to her chin and her throat and neck and ears, I unbuttoned her blouse and wrapped my hands around her bulging bra-cups. I gave her titties a squeeze. They were full but wonderfully yielding to my touch. I had to get the bra off her.

“Ooh, baby…baby…” I murmured at her ear, while she was moaning and breathing hard.

I slid the blouse off her shoulders and worked it down her arms. She helped. She was as fucking anxious as I was. I quickly unhooked her bra and pulled it forward, and then her tits were in my hands. I hefted them and thumbed her big rosy-beige nipples. I moved the mounds around on her chest.

“Ooh, squeeze them!” Marla demanded. “I love my tits to be played with.”

I thrilled to the springy feel of her full beautiful boobs, and the rigidity of her tempting nipples. I bowed my head, and she ruffled my shaggy hair as I licked and kissed and sucked at each of her tasty titties in turn, tugging them out and letting them snap back. When I raised my head, both of her nipples were wet and gleaming, and they were bigger than they had been before. In fact, they seemed fit to burst.

I eased Marla onto her back on the sofa, and I fumbled for the fasteners on her skirt.

“Let me,” she said. “You take your clothes off. I want to see you.”

While she squirmed out of her skirt, I tossed off my t-shirt and kicked my pants away, my shoes going with them. My rod was at full extension and tenting my boxers. I stripped my shorts down, and my rampant cock bobbed, its rosy head swollen with lust for the lovely lady who lay before me in sandy hose, white garters, and pink silk panties which clung to her ample hips and modest tummy. Marla stared at my arousal.

I dropped to my knees and took hold of her stocking-clad legs, opening them up. “Ooh!” she exclaimed. I drew her near leg to the side and pushed it back, holding it behind her knee. I kissed that inner thigh, above the rim of her stocking. I licked the tasty flesh. I turned my face to her other thigh and licked that one. I spread her even more, stretching the crotch-strip of her panties which was visibly moist. I figured that Lenny had been neglecting his duty big-time.

I boosted both of her legs up in the air and licked along the backs of her thighs,. I caught a garter strap between my teeth and snapped it gently. She had one leg stretched along the top of the sofa, and I let the other down to the floor. She was still wearing her pumps.

I touched the center of her panties and tickled her through the silky, wet cloth. She writhed and moaned. I bent and kissed her panty crotch. She pushed at my head, as if she was reluctant to let me proceed, and I knew what was bothering her. She had been out and about all day, and there was a scent. But I was so hot for that beautiful lady that it didn’t bother me in the least. In fact, it fired my lust hotter.

I pulled her panty crotch aside, thrilled to the sight of silky brown hairs lining her split, and I pressed my mouth against her soft, oozing pussy. My thumbs opened her snatch, and I let my tongue sink deep into her fragrant, tasty flesh which was very wet from her arousal. I licked up across her clit again and again, flogging it with my tongue. I sucked and slurped at Marla’s sweet, musky cunt, and my upthrust dick throbbed as I knelt next to the leather sofa on which her panty-clad bottom pressed.

She was ooo-ing and aaah-ing and mussing my hair with her hands, then grabbing me around the back of the head to make sure I didn’t pull away. I had no intention of doing that. Her honey flowed so copiously that it flooded my tongue and I had to swallow gulps of it as I licked her wide-open, excitement-puffed labia and stimulated her pleasure point to quivering excitation.

Finally I had to raise my face to gasp for air. I had Marla’s moisture smeared all over me, and she grasped me around the neck, pulling herself to a sitting position so that she could kiss my pussy-flavored mouth. We exchanged saliva and both enjoyed the tang of her excitement.

I wiggled a middle finger past the flimsy barrier of her panty crotch and stuck it all the way into her wet, slippery cunt. I added a second finger and stroked them in and out while I looked deeply into Marla’s hot eyes.

“Oooh, Christ…oooh shit!” she exclaimed. “Ooh, damn you…I LOVE it!” She bumped against my hand, and came for what must have been the second time because, judging by the tremendous flow of her sexual juices, she had also climaxed when my mouth was on her.

I rolled her over, gazed at her voluptuous bottom in her flimsy pink underpants, and couldn’t help giving her a whack right across those lovely cheeks with the flat of my hand. She gasped and her buttocks jiggled. I spanked her again.

“You fucking WILD man!” she exclaimed, and said, “Do it some more!”

I spanked her quivering, bouncy ass-cheeks, first one and then the other, and she said, “Yessssss! Ooh, Christ…ooh, wowww!”

I grasped the elastic band at the top of her panties and pulled them down, turning them inside-out as they peeled away from her ass. She kicked free of the clingy puff of silk, and I sailed it across the room. I bent and licked her bottom.

“Ooh, no…no…nooh! Ooh, heavens no!” Marla tried to reach me to push me away, but she was pretty much helpless, lying as she was on her tummy with me above her, and I succeeded in licking her lovely ass all over, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Now I sprang onto the sofa, boosted Marla’s fanny into the air, and came up behind her, cocked for action. I pushed my rigid nine-incher down, worked its bulbous head between her unfurled pussy-lips…and slowly sank inch after inch of my thick and throbbing man-meat into the lady’s snug, slippery cunt until she had it all. She howled with delight as I began to fuck her.

What a kick it was to plunge my eager prick deep into Marla’s happy hole, time after time as seconds became minutes, and I was fucking her deep and hard, sinking my throbbing cock all the way into her cunny. She wriggled her butt and thrust herself back against me.

“Oooh, fuck me…FUCK MEEEEE!” she hollered as I screwed her hard and deep, fucking and fucking, slamming my belly against her bouncy ass-cheeks. I don’t know how long the fucking went on–five minutes, twenty minutes, I just kept screwing her from the rear, while my hand was diddling her from underneath (yes, I know how to do that) and she responded by cumming and cumming until finally she rolled over, twisting around, and put ber mouth where her pussy was.

“I want it here!” she exclaimed. “The last thing I fucking need is a baby/”

I gave her what I wanted. Petting her pretty hair and telling her what a darling she was, she took my spurts, one after another, into her mouth and down her throat, until I had shot everything I had, and I tilted her face up and kissed her on her lips which were silll wet with my sperm.

We were one, she and me, male and female, cock and pussy, together…happy, her juice in my system and mine in hers…our lips together…our tongues stroking.

“My God, Marla,” I said. “That was SO WONDERFUL!”

“Yes,” she breaathed. “I love you, Chris.”

“And I love you, my sweet baby.”

Did we know what we were talking about? Wait for the next installment, and we shall see…

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  1. best story i’ve read in night. love the reality of the character’s looks, situations. good work!

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