Vile Gamer rides again

I’d watched her for several weeks now. She was a cheerleader at the local college. She was one gorgeous bitch. She had tan skin and looked Asian, almost oriental. Her hair was dark and extended down to her shoulders. She was so sexy in her cheerleader uniform, short pleated skirt and sweater with the schools logo right across the cleavage. I loved the way her tits would bounce when she would jump while leading the cheers. Her legs firm and shapely, her calf muscle flexed when she would go through her routines. I made up my mind that I would have her. I began watching her, following her. She had her own apartment not far from the campus. This was perfect. After watching her for several weeks I decided it was time to make my move.

I knew she had cheerleader practice on Saturday mornings before the basketball game. This particular morning she was going to be missing. I entered the apartment building and made my way to her door. She would be leaving out in a couple of minutes and I would be there to greet her with my knife in hand. I placed my self beside the door, my back pressed against the wall ready to make my move. I heard her fumbling at the door, the knob turned slowly. The door open and she started through it in her uniform. Before she could notice me I clamped my hand over her mouth, snapping her head back against my shoulder. I jerked back into the apartment and shut the door. She screamed against my hand and squirmed in my grasp. I pushed the button on my switchblade and held it in front of her as the blade snapped open. I put it against her soft throat.

” Now you listen bitch!” I said in my roughest voice. ” I have killed five women, and all of them died because they didn’t do what I told them to do. So I don’t give a fuck about killing you, is that clear?”

This was a lie of course, I am not a murderer, but she didn’t know that. She shook her head up and down as best she could in my tight grip. I dragged her over to the sofa and shoved her down hard. Her legs flew up in the air revealing her purple panties that matched her purple and white outfit. She looked up at me her eyes full of terror.

” What do you want?” Like all the others she asked that stupid question.

I sat down beside her and groped her breast through the material of her sweater.

” Does that answer you question?”

She sucked in wind to scream but my hand came across her mouth again causing her to make this heavenly muffled whimper. She tried to get off the couch but I placed the knife back against her throat.

” Give me a reason bitch!”

She whimpered against my hand and went still. I moved my hand from her mouth cautioning her not to make a sound. I jerked her arms behind her back and slipped the handcuffs on her slender wrists. I fastened them extra tight causing her to grimace. Because the cuffs were tight, her breast protruded out further through her sweater.

” Please” , she begged, ” take what ever you want and just go.”

My hand went to her cleavage again, squeezing hard, ” I am going to take what I want bitch!”

” Noooo!!”

” Shut the fuck up!”

She started to sniffle and the tears started forming in her eyes. I shoved her so that her torso was on its side, and her legs were. I reached beneath her skirt and started to move my hand slowly up her thigh.

” Stop it!”

” I told you to shut you fucking mouth!” I slid the knife against her throat again, pressing it hard so that she felt how sharp the blade was. I slid my hand over her soft flesh. I know my hand was rough against her skin. She grimaced and whimpered biting her lip, staring at the blade. She tugged on the cuffs as I moved my hand over her purple panties. I hooked my finger under the waistband and started to pull them down. She started to struggle in earnest then, kicking her legs and crying. I clamped my hand over her mouth and slid the knife up her dress. She screamed bloody murder against my hand, but all that came out was a heavenly muffled whimper that only I could hear. I love that sound. I sliced her panties with the knife and pulled them from beneath her skirt. She tried to jerk her head free from my grip but my hand remained a tight seal over her lips. I brought the knife up and laid it against her cheek.

” Maybe I should slice your pretty face that would let you know I mean business!”

She shook her head from side to side mumbling into my hand. Tears started to fall from her eyes as they looked into mine and saw only cold sadistic lust. I wadded her panties and shoved them into her mouth. I told her I would kill her if she spit them out. I then slid the knife to her skirt and started cutting it from the waistband down. It opened down the front revealing her dark bush hair. I took the skirt and ripped a wide strip and tied it between her teeth knotting it tightly behind her head. She started to choke but then she adjusted. Her eyes looked up at me pleading. I took her sock clad ankles and tied them tightly together with another strip of torn skirt. I laid her on the sofa. She was exquisite laying the bound and gagged. She sniffled and whimpered as I moved my hand over her now bare ass.

I groped her ass cheek in my rough calloused hand and gave it a hard squeeze making her whimper into the gag. She looked so delicious bound and gagged there on the sofa. She wailed into the gag as she felt the blade of the knife rove over her body. I moved it slowly up her back and slide it under her sweater.

” Now lets have a look at the rest of that sexy body.”

She whimpered shaking her head as she felt the cold steel beneath her sweater. I poked the blade thorough the sweater and sliced it open down the back. She was breathing hard now her breath coming in long deep whiffs through her nose. I sliced the rest of the sweater free from her body and flipped her over on her back.

” Oh yes” , I said as I eyed her breasts, two nice small mounds peeking up at me. The nipples were hard from her fear or perhaps, hmmmm. I reached down and let the knife play over her bare breasts. I moved the blade over her nipples.

” Maybe I should cut one of these off and keep it for a souvenir.”

Her head shook violently and she whimpered into the gag pleading to me.

” Yeah I could cut it off and no one would hear you scream” . I held the nipple between my thumb and the knife blade as if I were going to slice it off. This was to get her good and intimidated. As I have told you all before I don’t really cut or kill. She screamed like mad into the gag, oh it sounded so good. My cock was throbbing in my pants. She squirmed frantically against the bonds. I moved the knife against her face.

” Now you are gonna do just what I tell you aren’t you cunt?”

She shook her head fervently up and down. Her chest heaving as she gasped fearful breathes. Tears were falling freely from her eyes now, so lovely and brown staring up at me pleading. It was so delicious. I pushed her over so that she faced the back of the sofa and shoved my finger between her ass cheeks. She whimpered against the gag and tried to squirm away.

” Ever been ass fucked?” I asked her. She screamed as I shoved my thumb forcefully into her rectum. I pushed it in and wiggled it as it slid deeper and deeper into her ass.

” I’m gonna fuck every hole you got cunt, and if you don’t do what I tell you I will cut some more holes in you and fuck them.”

I thumb fucked her ass as she lay there struggling beneath me. Her legs were quite a wonderful sight all lashed tightly together at the ankles. Her calf muscles flexed as she squirmed trying to get free. Damn this was one gorgeous little cunt I had here. She screamed into the gag as I shoved my thumb up and back in her ass. I picked up the rhythm moving it in and back faster. She let out a long low muffled wail almost like a whine. I loved it. My fingers gripped her hair and I jerked her head back,
my lips against her ear.

” Now lets get you into the bedroom so I can get to know you a little better.”

screamed and shook her head wildly. Her body jerked against the bindings but they held her firm. I jerked her up by her hair forcing her to stand with her legs tightly bound together, her hands behind her back. She struggled to keep her balance knowing that if she started to fall her hair would be pulled at the roots by my firm grip. I jerked her forward forcing her to hop and try to maintain her balance. Her tits were bouncing deliciously with each hop. I moved faster forcing her to hop even more frantically. She wailed beneath the gag. I shoved her down hard on the bed. She landed with such force that her bound legs went up in the air. Oh that was splendid. She adjusted herself and look up at me with those gorgeous baby browns pleading. I laughed coldly into her face. I let her see the switchblade and she started to scream into the panties stuffed in her mouth. I held her down and finished cutting off her cheerleader uniform.

” You ever suck a dick?” I asked her.

She started to cry.


She jerked, startled by the harshness of my voice and shook her head up and down.

” Are you any good at it?”

She was sniffling almost uncontrollably now, crying into the gag.

I placed the knife against her face and barked ” When I ask you a question I want an answer, you understand me SLUT!!??”

She hunched her shoulders trying to tell me she didn’t know if she was good at it or not. Her humiliation at being asked such a question was present in her eyes.

” Well you fucking well better be.” I said again threatening her with my pearl handled switch blade.

” Now I am gonna take that gag off, and you had better not scream, cause if you do I will kill you without hesitating, you got that cunt?”

Her head shook up and down. I pulled the gag free. She sucked in some air and licked her lips.

” Why are you doing this to me?”

” Cause I want to bitch!”

” Please just take my money and go!”

” Shut the fuck up cunt, I’ll take anything I want and go when I am good and fucking ready.”

My hand went down to my fly, I started to unzip my pants.

” Please, d d don’t make me do this.”

Oh god I love it when they beg. I pulled my massive cock free. She stared at it, her eyes wide, tears falling freely. It stood erect in my hand, veins protruding on the sides, pre-cum dripping from its tip. I looked at her, flashed the knife and demanded that she ” SUCK IT CUNT!!!”

She lay on the bed staring up at my erect cock. It stared back at her, a one eyed battering ram. I have always prided myself on the size of my meat – a good seven inches and at least two and half inches thick. It would be a real mouthful. I got even hotter at the thought of her full lips around my shaft. I tightened my fingers in her hair.

” Stop whimpering bitch” , I barked, ” and open that cute little mouth of yours and suck my dick!”

I pressed the knife to her vulnerable throat. She sniffed and slowly opened her mouth and bent forward to suck my meat in. Oh it felt so heavenly as she sucked it into her mouth. Her lips stretched grotesquely over it as it filled her mouth. I rolled my head back and took in the waves of pleasure that were jetting through my body. Her bedroom was small, but nicely kept. Her dresser had all sorts of little stuffed animals on it. I barely noticed as she was sucking for her life and driving me deeper into euphoria.

” Suck it you fucking whore cunt” , I heaved the insults at her. ” Little miss hot shit cheerleader, think you are so much, well look at you now, with my cock in you mouth ha ha ha, miss high and mighty, nothing but a cock sucking slut.”

She cried at my words but kept my cock in her mouth as I had my switchblade against her throat. I started to move my hips forcing my cock deep in her mouth, face fucking the little cunt. With each deep thrust she would choke and that felt so damn good. I twisted my fingers in her hair and pulled her head down forcing more of my massive meat into her mouth. I continued to hurl insults at her exalting in her tears and humiliation.

” Suck it you fucking slutty bitch.”

She gulped on it as I forced even more in her mouth. She was really crying now, almost bawling on my dick, the vibrations nearly forcing me to cum, but I held off, this was too delicious for it to end now. Her head bobbed and my shaft stabbed into her throat. Her eyes were filled with tears. I looked down at her bound form and was overcome with excitement. Her wrists cuffed tightly behind her prohibited her from grabbing my cock, she had to take as much as I gave her. Her ankles bound, her beautiful caramel colored legs held together. It was such a sexy sight. You see to me there is nothing sexier than the sight of a bound female. She was really working magic on my cock, or maybe it was just the fact that I was in complete control of this bitch that made it feel so good.

I couldn’t hold it any more. I felt my cock starting to convulse in her mouth. I knew I was gonna cum.

” You better swallow every bit of my juice” , I warned her. She just looked up at me with those soft tearful eyes. I pressed the knife to her throat so she would know I meant business. She started to gag profusely as the first wave of jism sprayed into her throat. I laughed and pulled her hair forcing the full of my shaft in her mouth.

” Drink it you uppity fucking bitch.” She gagged and tried to pull her head away until she felt the knife press her throat again. She froze and swallowed gagging fitfully. As is my usual method I pulled out and let the remaining cum spray into her face. She cried as the hot gooey substance spattered against her cheeks, forehead, nose, eyes, and mouth. I reached into my pocket and took out my camera. I snapped a picture of her cum smeared face.

” Maybe all the other cheer leaders would love to see that.” I said mocking her.

” Please don’t show that to anyone.” ” SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH!!!”

She whimpered and gave a start at the harshness of my voice.

” I don’t think I want to hear your fucking whining.” I shoved the panties back in her mouth and tied the strip of fabric back between her teeth. She whimpered as she laid there in shame. My hand went to her ass, and she started to try and scoot away. I brought my palm down hard slapping her bare ass.

” BE STILL YOU FUCKING CUNT!!!” She screamed into the gag, a luscious muffled sound. I slapped her ass hard again. Then several times just to hear her muffled screams.

” You are gonna make me hurt you bitch” , I said jerking her head up so my mouth was against her ear. ” I think it is time to see what you have in this room that may be worth something.”

As she lay on the bed, I moved over to her dresser. It was an old oak dresser, probably given to her by her parents or maybe it came with the apartment. I could see her reflection in the mirror as I opened the drawer. I pulled the drawer out and emptied it on the floor. I bent over and started fumbling through her belongings. I held up a pair of thong panties so she could see them. She moaned in humiliation.

” Bet you wear these for one of those faggots you call your boy friends.” Then I spotted it. My lips formed a wicked smile as I picked it up and held it so she could see it. She started to struggle wildly and screaming for all she was worth into the gag. Oh what a sexy sight. I pushed the button and phallus shaped vibrator began to whine.

” Nice little toy” , I said taunting her. ” Guess where I am going to stick this.”


She wailed something fierce into the gag as I pressed the phallus vibe between her ass-cheeks. She started to struggle furiously against the handcuffs and the cloth strip until I had to press her head down onto the bed to hold her somewhat still. She screamed into the

” No one can hear you but me” I taunted her. ” I’ll bet you never had anything in that cute tight ass of yours.”

She was bawling and whi
mpering profusely now. I felt her shivering beneath the weight of my hand holding her head pinned against the mattress. She grimaced as I gave the vibrator a shove and a twist sending it pressing against the plume. The very tip of the nose disappeared into her hole. She was shaking wildly, and sniffling, damn she was so sexy laying there so helpless, so vulnerable to my every whim. This is how a bitch is meant to be enjoyed. I gave another shove and she screamed again behind her panties stuffed in her mouth. Her head tried to push up against my hand but I held her fast. I placed my lips against her ear and taunted her some more.

” I’m gonna see just how far your ass will stretch, ha ha ha ha.”

She continued to emit the muffled screams, they were so delightful and erotic, my cock was getting harder and harder, throbbing with sadistic passion. She screamed again as I pushed the vibrator in a little further. It took nearly all of my strength to push each inch as her ass was virgin tight. She jerked at the cuffs trying desperately to free her wrist from behind her. It was such a sensuous sight. Her legs jerked and kicked at the cloth strip binding them. Oh this was so delicious. I shoved hard on the vibrator again forcing it in a bit further, nearly all of the shinny nose was buried in her ass now. I was sweating profusely as it was hard work. She was sobbing into the gag now, maintaining a low muffled wail, so pleasing to the ear. I shoved again, more went in, I switched on the power and the fake phallus started to buzz in her ass. She gave a start, a muffled scream, and then continued to struggle although she was getting tired as her struggles were not as intense. I gave another shove, she moaned.

After quite some time and effort I had the buzzing toy buried deep in her tight ass. Only the very tip of the handle, the part you turn to adjust the speed, was sticking out, and that by less then a fraction of an inch.

” How does it feel to have your ass stuffed?” I taunted her. She cried and tried to scoot away from me, but my hand on her head prevented her from moving.

” I can tell that none of those sissies you’ve been dating knew how to deal with a fucking cunt like you. You probably had them groveling before you, hoping to get the chance to fuck you. Well now you are in your place bitch ha ha ha.”

” MMpphhhffff.”

I pushed hard on the vibrator and she screamed against the gag in pain.

” Shut the fuck up bitch, I am in charge here.”

I could not stand it any more. I was so hot and, my cock was throbbing. I had to have this young captive. I climbed on the bed over her. Her head shook frantically as she knew what was about to happen.

” Maybe I will give you a baby cunt, and that will stop your cheer leading wont it ha ha ha.”

She shook her head frantically and struggled with renewed vigor, but in vain as the cuffs and cloth strips held her. Her eyes grew wide as I slid the knife to her throat again.

” Now listen you fucking cunt” , I barked. ” I am gonna untie those pretty legs of yours and if you try to kick me I will fucking kill you, slice that neck of yours wide open. Do you understand?”

Her head shook up and down. I kneeled beside her bound form on the bed and began to untie her ankles. I let her see the knife just to remind her. I took one ankle and tied it to the foot post pulling the rope tight as she grimaced. I did the same to the other ankle, tying it to the other post, forcing her legs wide apart. Her eyes stared up at me trying to plead. You would think this cunt would know by now that I have no sympathy, only the sadistic drive to dominate and humiliate her. I took the camera and snapped a picture of her spread cunt.

” I am sure the basketball team will be interested in that one.”

She just shut her eyes and cried. I climbed back on top of her.

My cock dripping again with pre-cum and cum residue found its way to her pussy. I pressed it between her pussy lips amidst her muffled sniffles and sobs. Her eyes pleaded with me silently, helplessly, as I pressed my hard throbbing cock into the entrance of her pussy. She screamed into the gag as I pushed, then I noticed how wet she was. I saw her eyes lower from mine as she knew I had noticed.

” What a fucking slut” , I taunted her, ” you’re wet you fucking whore” .

She began crying again, this time in shame as she knew I had her pegged.

” You fucking bitch you are having a great time, I oughta charge your slut ass for this.”

My cock inched into her, slowly, inch by inch, pressing in deeper and deeper. Tears flowed from her eyes like a fountain as I berated her and raped her pussy. My cock pressed in to the back wall, threatening to burst through the uterus. I let my hips sway grinding my cock deep within her. She moaned and involuntarily raised her hips. Her face flush with shame but her eyes filled with her once hidden desire. I pulled back and thrust forward hard. She grunted and her eyes rolled in back of her head as she sucked in air. I let my cock grind on the uterus again and she moaned, clearly starting to lose herself in the moment. She was letting go, she was becoming lost in her passion, her passion to be ruled and dominated. It was there in most of the bitches I have hunted and snared. She was no different, that primal need had been released. She was like an animal now, humping wildly beneath me, trapped in her own passion as much as in the bonds holding her. I thrust in her hard and deep, she moaned and wailed into the gag in her mouth. I started to pump her with a frantic rhythm. I shoved my cock into her hard, viciously, relentlessly, and she took it and started to match my rhythm beneath me.

” That right” , I said, ” let go you fucking slut, you cannot resist any more, you are a slut and that is what you are.”

She cried but her body continued to rock with mine, meeting my hard down stroke with an upward thrust of her own. She was moaning from passion now. I reached up and pulled the gag from her mouth, my mouth covered hers mashing her lips against mine, my tongue found hers and began to dance around it moving rapidly in her mouth. My hips were rocking like a canoe in a typhoon. I was stabbing my cock into her over and over muffling her with my deep kiss. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and massaged her lips with mine, pressing and letting up over and over as I jabbed my cock in her. She was totally overcome with passion now. I moved my mouth.

” Look at you, you fucking cum slut” , I taunted.

She answered with a loud sigh of unbridled passion. ” You are just a fucking slut aren’t you?”

” N n no.”

I lunged deep in her and grinded my cock on her uterus. ” Yes you are slut, say it you fucking cunt, say you are a slut.”

” YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” , she screamed, ” Oh God yesssss, I am fucking slut, use me, use your slut!!!!!”

And I did. OH how I did. This one was tamed, time to find another.

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