WakeUp Call

You wake up before me after an already fantastic night of love making and your still not completely satisfied. You decide you are gonna wake me up in the most wonderful of ways. You roll me off my side where we had been spooning while we were sleeping and slide down to the end of the bed. You start kissing up from my ankle to the back of my knee then you let your tongue take over and lick up my inner thigh till you reach your ultimate destination. You lean over me slowly lick my clit in one soft whisper like motion, just barely touching me. My eyelashes flutter just the smallest fraction but you had your eyes locked on mine and knew I was starting to stir. You decide that when I do finally wake all the way up I’ll be as ready as you are for the rest of what you want to do this morning. You start licking and sucking on my clit harder and faster while you slowly easy two fingers into my slit. After last night you know the exact spot to hit with those two fingers to cause me the most pleasure, but you decide to just do some other exploring for now and not completely wake me cause you want me to wake on the best orgasmic event so far. After five minutes decide I’ve had enough sleep. You hit my G-spot with your fingers at the same time you start nibbling on my clit. You massage me with you fingers as you lick suck and nibble on my clit. With in two minutes I’m yelling out your name and opening up my eyes as wave after wave washes over me. My legs are shaking uncontrollably.
You look up and give me that devilish grin that always makes me ache for you even more. While keeping your gaze locked with mine I push you over onto your back and give you my own little wicked grin. Without you realizing it I have grabbed the handcuffs off the night stand and now have you cuffed to the bed post. I start kissing you at the point where your collar bone and neck meet. Trailing soft little kisses back and forth across your body until I reach you nipples where I take time to suck and nibble on them. I kiss slowly down the path of hair leading to your hard cock. I start playing with your balls with my fingers. I run my fingertips along the underside of your shaft and am rewarded with a shudder. Next I take the head into my mouth. It feels sooo good. I slowly inch your cock into my mouth and fondle your balls while I’m doing it. I get about half of it in before I feel it hitting the back of my throat, I relax my throat muscles and slowly let you slide down into me. After you get all the way into my mouth I start swallowing which makes my throat contract around you I feel you start to shudder as you release the first of your cum deep down in my throat I swallow like the good little girl I am and slowly start pulling you out so that I can swallow all of it easier.
When your done I let you fall out of my mouth and straddle you. You’re still hard and so I gently let just the head of your cock enter me. You thrust your hips up to get more of you inside me at the same time that I slam down on you. I feel a rush of hot desire run through me and I start to ride you hard. I decide to be selfish and cum whether you are ready or not. I move my hand down and play with my clit while riding you. In no time flat I am exploding violently around you. I sit still and let myself cum and cum over you. I then get up and take you back into my mouth. Tasting my own juices covering you, I lick them all off and then take you back deep into my throat where I suck you dry. I then decided to let you take back over and get up to find the keys to the hand cuffs. I find them and come back to the bed and kiss you passionately while unlocking you from the bed.

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