Waking up is "HARD" to do

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As the sun began to invade our Saturday morning, I awoke well rested from the fucking frenzy the night before. I stretched and continued to rest without fully waking up. You were still sound asleep. I listened to your body exchange easy breaths. Life was good and I was happy. I hoped that when you awoke from your slumber we might go out for a nice brunch. I contemplated getting in the shower but decided to savor the peaceful moment. As I looked over I smiled at how much I love watching you sleep. You look comfortable all stretched out with just a cotton sheet over you. I begin to wonder what you are dreaming about. The more I ponder your possible thoughts, the sexual fantasies begin running through my head. Are you dreaming of me like I dream of you?

I feel my loins getting warm and I hope that you will be waking up soon. My body heat rises and moisture begins to seep from my aroused slit. I try to push my thoughts away but instead I have found myself fondling my nipples. Instead of slowing my body down, it begins to surge. The hell with it, I decide, and shut my eyes and engage in titty play. Rolling my nipple back and forth and then reaching my tongue out to wet the blood filled tip.

“Uhhmm!” I catch myself moaning and check to see that you are still sleeping.

I can feel my thighs start to rub against each other from the building excitement. This causes my pussy to secrete more moisture. I am still manipulating my tits and when my pussy begins to demand attention. I push my tits in each direction as if your were man handling me. I can no longer resist the urge to stroke my clit, and I once again check to see that your breathing is still undisturbed. As my hand slides under the cool sheet I pant quietly as my fingers reach their destination. The target is enlarged and eager to be fondled. I use my four fingers spread in a “V” and rub my shaved pussy lips without touching the begging clit. Now I am even more excited and use my right hand to open up my blossoming flower and use my left index finger to just strike the top of my clit.

“UUUmmmm.” Be quiet, I think to myself. Even though I want you, I strive to let you sleep a little bit more. I keep my full lips spread wide for easy access and poke and stroke the clit causing me to become fully aroused. To add to the excitement, I use my finger like a mechanic checking the oil and run it in and out of my liquid filled hole.

I feel my thighs closing in and know that my orgasm is now eminent. I am rubbing my clit harder and press my thighs to get a nice tight feel. I am using one hand to tug at the nipples and use the other to make constant contact with my clit.

“uum uum oh yes uunnnggg” my hand is cupping the overflow of cum as my orgasm lets go.

You stir slightly but do not wake. I am breathless for the moment but I find that I am still wanting more.

I lick my lips as I look at you and extend my hand to reach for your body. As I get near I can feel the heat of your body. I run my hand over your stomach and head for your hot spot. I snuggle up and put my head on your chest as I arrive at your limp cock. I can hardly believe how different it is right now. It is flaccid and slightly bent, that is, from what I can feel. I pick your cock up and it falls into the palm of my hand. I run my thumb around the loose skin and do it quietly and softly keeping you sleeping. As I gently caress your folds of skin, it suddenly twitches a little, almost startling me. Now I am not sure if you are awake but you make no moves. Your cock is involuntarily starting to grow. The length begins to fill my playful hand. As you reach full capacity I can feel you take in a deep breath and I am sure you are starting to wake up. I hope that you don’t mind me taking advantage of you while you were sleeping.

You make no moves and appear to be content to lay there and let me have my way with you. I now run my hand around the base and pull to fill each inch of your now thick hard cock. I run up the middle and settle in on the plump head. The excess skin has retreated and your sensitive skin is exposed for my touch. I use the fluid to lubricate my hand as I start running my hand up and down the entire shaft. Each pull allows the head to feel like it is coming out of my pussy with tight pressure. I can feel your breathing get heavy and I know that my pussy is jealous of my hand gripping your cock. I keep stroking and you are still motionless other than the jolts of passion that cause you to flinch.

I can take no more and have to have you in me right now. I throw the sheet back and you open your eyes slightly startled. I swing my leg over and place a knee on each side of your hips. I raise up and hover over your pleasure stick. You place your hands behind your head and just watch as I look at you lovingly and run my hand over shaved pussy and I slip my finger in my already cum filled cunt. I then take my sopping finger out and put it in my mouth and you moan as I suck it dry. I then put my finger back in my hole and this time I offer it to you. You use suction to pull my finger all the way to the back of your mouth.

“You taste so good my love” you finally speak

Now I start to sweep your cockhead back and forth over my clit. Even though I want the full effect I use great self restraint and cum only using your head and my clit.

“Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how hard I can come just using your tip” I pant as I begin to work open the drapes that cover my sweet window. I spread wide open and pop your head in and right back out.

“UUUUMmmmm” I say

Now I lower a little more with each bounce. Your cock spreads the moisture slicked walls of my cunt and they spasm against you. The contact must feel good to you because I can feel you trying to thrust all the way in. I am working my clit with my fingers as I finally land on your base.

“Oh yes baby, ride me like a cowgirl.” You say with excitement. “Fuck yourself using my hard cock to get yourself off.”
I am using the power of my thighs to rise and lower against your rigid cock. I am challenged by your words and start to rise and collapse on you, allowing my clit and mound to strike your pelvic region. I am now supporting my upper body by putting my hands on your broad sexy shoulders.

I am fucking you like a mechanical bull ride. Each stroke makes contact with clit and my g-spot.

“Oh yes, I’m cumming!” as my pussy surges against the force of your pumping. You still are doing everything hands free. I am trying to control the pace but I can tell that I have lost control and you are pumping with all the force you can and I am just hanging on for dear life. The passion continues to erupt in my pleasure palace.

“I am going to cum in your tight little pussy, my bitch.” you say as our bodies continue to square off.

Now your ass is lifting off the bed and you have incorporated your legs for more slamming power. The motion is now directed on my g-spot.

“Yes right there, make me cum just like this.” It is too late for requests, this was a mind-altering orgasm and just when I started to catch my breath I could feel your volcano erupt with hot juices spewing inside me allowing me to continue the orgasm train ride.

Once it started to subside, I collapsed in your arms. We were both sticky with sweat and hot from the activity. I kiss you on your forehead but must roll free to let my body calm down. You roll on your side and run your hand sweetly across my body causing tiny shivers. We kiss like the lovers that we are and I suggest that we both need a shower.

I am pretty sure that it was better than sleep for you, I know it was for me.

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    very well told. Great-keep up the good style.

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