we are each others favorite toy

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Her ass ground teasingly against his throbbingly hard cock while they dirty danced at the rave making them so hot it almost burned. Unable to control her self she reached behind, undid his fly and feed the hot powerful erection she grasped in her hand, while two fingers slid hungrily, exploring her pantiles and saturated crutch, seeking then rubbing a swollen clit before gliding deeply up into a red hot steaming cunt, massaging the inner walls and g spot till her sexual excitement trickles down his arm.
Oblivious to their surroundings she lifts her mini skirt then instinctively guides and mounts his pulsing hard on. She gasps, surprised by the nuclear like pleasure she feels when his hands firmly squeeze and use her perfect breasts to pull himself deep and hard into her. He pumped and she bucked furiously for several minutes standing up doggie style in that rave and as her second orgasm subsided it quenched enough of her burning lust for her to realise where she was. My god she though who saw that and glancing about she felt turned on and wild seeing they had started something. Two meters to her right a blondes legs dangled over a guys shoulders as he fucked her against the wall, and she felt wickedly dirty watching a couple in their twenties share and eat the bar girl’s pussy as she sat up on the bar legs spread wide only stopping to pull one then the other of them up by the hair to tongue kiss her or each other, the three of them highly aroused by the bar maids sex juice on their chins and lips.
“Dave” Chawney said inspired by the threes slippery sex kisses” I’m craving the flavour of hot cunt”, and moaning as his dick inside her stiffened and pulsed intensely excited by her comment and did it again and again when she dropped to her knees and though roughly licked up and devoured all the cunt cum and pre cum from his cock and balls right there in a rave while my dirty little bitch power flicked her clit and slid up and down fucking the lemon ruski she had been drinking sucking Dave and fucking her vodka and lemon faster and more rhymicly than any stripper and the muffled sounds of orgasm came from her cock filled mouth Cumming instantly when she glanced left to see two straight women friends discover they were bisexual as they watched chawney perfect body move and the dirty things she was doing. Till Chawney smiled cheekily and they smiled back at her sheepishly and curious as their hands slid under their skirts uncontrollably masturbating faster and faster horniness over coming confusion and inhibition. It was then Daves dick shuddered and pulsed near his orgasm. While her mouth watered thinking about the taste of cum till splash super hot creamy sperm flooded her mouth the taste making her cum again as savoured then swallowed each large shot of the big load he’d given her and by the way she would not stop until the well was dry he knew she’d loved every bit of it especially when she stood up and with a naughty dreamy look in her eye said “I could suck on your Cumming dick for hours, it’s so naughty and yummy actually I’d love to drink a bottle of it while taking a spa filled with your, or rather my hot , white num nums she giggles”.
If the last thing said was not horny enough. The way she licked her lips in a way that not only turned him on but everyone who was watching.
He felt like the luckiest man ever. As she led him from the rave while everyone stared jealously, “I want to take you back to the hotel room right now and fuck in every way imaginable till the sun comes up”. “That sounds like a fucking hot idea you dirty little bitch.” He laughed cheekily. And as they entered the hotel foyer the he was sure the concierge looked surprised and jealous when she begged him to “fill every hole in her body with hot slippery cum till she could take take no more”.
The moment they entered the hotel room they were ripping each other’s clothes off and then enjoyed the arousal their sexy bodies gave them to look at. Especially when she bent over, spread her ass cheeks and said seductively “see anything you’d like to eat the specials tonight are main course pussy cream delish followed tender rose bud desert” she said as her dirty little fingers danced glistening in and out of her hot cunt then traced little circles around her moist tingling ass hole. “See” she said “I’ve glazed my button with my special creamy sauce, for extra taste”.
Head buried between her ass cheeks as she bent forward, his probing tongue lashed her juicy insides and clit, only pausing in his frenzied onslaught to suck her puffy dripping lips into his mouth or enjoy her filthy ass hole desert the dirty little bitch kept begging and bucking for him to eat.
His hand wiped the excess girl come from his face as he rose from his knees licking his lips. And she felt a rush of kinkiness the way she’d always craved her own sex taste, from smelling and licking her fingers as a masturbating teen, to the electrifying way her mouth pressed against his, her tongue shamelessly devouring his mouth as if it were a hot damp vagina. “I think I’m going to come” she said aroused by the heady aroma of his warm breath combined with the surprising and splendidly sinful way she felt kissing the same tongue that moments ago ground into her ass, especially she thought uninhibitedly and proudly when I taste or smell that musky/rich tang of pussy juice licked of my ass hole, it makes me feel so wonderfully wild and out of control.
“Wow what a wicked kiss baby” he said showing her how much he enjoyed it by playfully writing I luv u on her stomach with the pre cum trickling from his throbbing engorged dick. And quick as a flash her lips were around his cock and she milked what was left of his dribbling lube, then sexily rolling it around her tongue as if it was fine caviar she said “pre cum gets me sooo hot”.
They then sat on the two single armchairs the room had and put on the new porn they’d brought to watch while they had a couple of shots popped two viagra each and had a little whiz. They had even conned the doctor into prescribing a new viagra for infertile couples, apparently it was like normal viagra but it also massively increased male and female sex drives and his sperm count and her amount of lubricant though He barely needed the viagra from the way his dirty girl sat legs spread and draped over the arm rests of her chair while she enjoyed giving him the show of his life grinding her ass to and fro, her fingers plunging, tickling and spreading her perfect clean shaven lips and quivering rose. And even more of a turn on was watching her open kitty run wet trickles while watching a girl on the porn get pleasured by three guys and four girls especially when the horny porn star had 2 cocks pumping her puss and ass, while sucking another guy, having both tits sucked by two women using dildos and fingering the two wet cunts sitting on her up turned hands. “Lucky chick” she said her eyes displaying the dirty fantasies running through her amazingly kinky mind.
Four shots latter they were relaxed and highly overwhelmed by lust. The whiz and viagra were starting to work and neither of them could remember being so horny in their lives she said she could feel her come pulsing and running out of her like a sexy tap and he could feel his balls swell and expand with extra sperm. He told her he’d forgotten the box of new sex toys they’d brought and said he’d go down to the car to get the and be back in ten minutes, but when he got down stairs he realized he’d forgotten the car keys and was glad he did when he opened the room door to see his baby squatting in front of the large room mirror getting off on watching how nicely her middle finger looked penetrating her button while she fucked her twat with the only penus shaped thing in the room a banana which she was occasionally lifting to her hungry, dirty little mouth and eating while moaning to herself about how teasingly slippery and warm it felt. He stood mesmerised spying on his masturbating girl while his hand stroked his ridiculously
hardened dick.
She caugh
t sight of him in the mirror and they put on a show for each other till inevitability he was eating her banana slit clean with wide scoops of his tongue and lips around her hole sucking all the mushy banana squeezed off inside her because of how tight and muscular her vagina was. They continued playing fruit salad with her pussy, her guessing what fruit he slid up her while he ate every delicious morsel her little fruit bowl squeezed out.
Taking her horny mans hand in hers she led him to the marble spa/shower and filled it up with warm water. Then beckoning him to watch her she sat legs spread on the edge of the spa and using the showerhead on massage water blasted all the fruit remnants from her heavenly hole. Then amazing him with how kinky and free she was, spread her ass cheeks and filled her backside up with a jet stream of water walked over to the loo and pushed all the water out with a sexy bubbling noise before doing it all again with the dirtiest look on her beautiful face. “Clean enough to eat out of” she winked. She really didn’t need to do that he thought to him self she has to have the cleanest ass ever, hell her farts don’t smell. “Well what are you standing there for stud, get the fruit, some warm milk, the squirting dildo and the handy cam and play naughty milk maid with me”. Hearing that made his erection shudder with expectation and curiosity while he gathered the things she’d asked for.
She sat legs open and resting on one arm on the tiled area above the spa, while her hand leisurely circled her clitoris. “Set the handy cam on me, press record, now come here and feed grapes into my naughty, hungry pussy, button and mouth, I am your nasty roman empress slave”.
“Yes my lady” he says sitting in the spa between her legs before lifting a grape to her mouth, circling her closed lips gently before parting and penetrating them as if they were vaginal lips embracing a penus.
“Mmmm” she said “two more hungry mouths between my legs”. A rush of excitement raced through him seeing the dirty expression on her face and wetness of her pussy around his finger as he pushed the grape inside her. Not to mention how her expression magnified as another grape circled her kitty till it was warm n slippery then glided over her tingling perineum before circling her button till the muscles relaxed, becoming accepting and aroused like her throbbing pussy as the grape eased inside.
A lot of fun and giggling later she had been well and truly graped. “Now slave,” she growled, “eat my forbidden fruit” and they both felt thrillingly dirty as he sucked and she squeezed out the warm grapes from her sweet snatch and dirty but sparkling clean asshole.
“Now that’s gunna be a dirty movie” she says “butt this will make a great scene ending” sliding her sleek body into the spa next to him, grabing the back of his head and erotically tongue kissing his mouth. “You saved two for me I hope one’s from my hot ass” she winks knowingly and purrs sucking the kinky grapes into her mouth, then eating them in a sexy show for him and the camera.
“What’s this about a naughty milk maid” he inquires, “fill the squirting dildo with milk then fill me silly,” she replies cheekily, then with her bending over he pumps in the warm milk. “I feel rude like there’s loads of warm come flooding into me”. After four rounds of filling ass and pussy she says she’s full to bursting and instructs him to stand back and film her. With her head looking back over her shoulder on all fours she says “I’m horny chawney, I’ve been at an all night orgy want to see how much cum I’ve collected”. He pans the camera down to her neither regions to see her twat and button purse like lips then expand before two milky white cum looking streams shoot from her quite a distance then slow to sexy trickles and bubbles down her legs. “I’m a very good bad girl!” she says “and I love every second of it” he exclaims hornily.

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