Welcum Home

My boyfriend had been away for three weeks now and he was supposed to come home today. I really missed him and I was looking forward to some hot sex with him once he got back, especially because I didn’t get any the whole time he was gone (except masturbating, auto-felatio, and self-anal against a wall mounted dildo. I mean it does the job, but it’s not the same.) So I started preparing for the moment he will walk through the door, hopefully very horny. If not, I was very determined to arouse him badly. Although I am a guy I have feminine features which I like to exploit; I have shoulder long brown curly hair, big and curved natural eyelashes, pretty big lips for a guy and I am about 5.5 feet tall and weigh 128 pounds. He’s like 6 feet tall, very muscular, and well built. He can easily pick me up. He has blue eyes, dark hair, and a body that makes you want to lick it all.

In order to look girlish I’ve already waxed my body, painted my nails and toenails fire red; that day I put on a cupless white lace corset, a pair of white lace panties, and I rolled up my white backseam stockings which discreetly let my hip tattoo of a red rose and my ankle bracelet  show. I also wore a sweet, but daring, perfume and makeup like mascara, dark grey eye shadow, and red lipstick to match my nails. Put on a pair of high heels and I was ready for a great fuck.

I was admiring myself in the mirror when I realized that I’m not wearing any necklace, so I immediately put one on; nothing fancy, just something wide and made of some kind of lace. I did the same for my cock with a colored red ring and I also prepared my back door with a 2 inch glass butt plug (which by the way I am wearing as I am writing this).

Not long after I was ready, I heard the doorbell. I opened the door just as I was and he was amazed. He just stood in the door and I had to pull him in and jump in his arms. He easily lifted me and we started kissing passionately. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and I started kissing his neck and ear, feeling his earring in my mouth. I immediately unzipped his fly and pulled out my favorite thing in the world… his 7.5 inch juicy cock.

“Hello Big Boy!!!” I said before making half of it disappear in my mouth,  slowly deepthroating myself with it and spitting on it from time to time. I wondered whom he had fucked while he was away, just to torture and arouse myself even more. I continued on sucking his dick and balls right there on the hallway until he stopped me and took me on his arms in bed. There he held both my hands with his strong arm as he kissed my neck and face, playing with my nipples, and softly whispering how much he likes the way I look. Further on he pulled off my panties as he started liking my cock saying he loves the taste of my little clit in his mouth and the way the red ring makes it so hot. I felt his fingers around my filled anus as he gently took the but plug out, replacing it with three of his fingers moving in and out and saying, “Looks like somebody is very horny today.”

It wasn’t long before we rolled out into 69 with me on top and him liking my entry and fingering it slowly while moaning from the pleasure I was giving him teasing his cock with my tongue and red lips. He was sucking my 6 inch cock making my body shiver when he suddenly stopped and said, “That’s enough! I need to be inside you now!” and pushed my ass off his face and drove his dick in it. “Welcome home, big boy!” I said while giving him a naughty look over my shoulder. He was supporting my weight as I jumped up and down on his cock like on a rollercoaster while he was moaning and I was biting my upper lip with joy. My hard cock was jumping all over from my moves and soon I found myself jerking it while I was riding him. He stopped me saying that I’m not allowed yet. I then got up and sucked more on his juicy dick with the taste of my ass on it and told him I want to be fucked by him standing and me with my legs around him. In just a few seconds I found myself being fucked hard against the wall while sucking his fingers and licking the sweat of his neck. At one point I asked him to stop because I just want to stay like this a few seconds and squeeze his dick in me a few times because it makes me very horny while I jerk off.

Being so close to him he started asking me if I remember the threesome fantasies that we were talking about some time ago and I said, “Of course I do.” “Then you wouldn’t mind If I call friend to join us, considering how horny you are, right?” he said. I panicked a little, this being the first time, but I agreed–thinking to myself that I’m going to meet the person he fouled around with and besides, two cocks are always better than one (thought the whore in me). In less than a minute a friend of his came (apparently he was waiting by the door). Little did I know about the fact that I would be having the first encounter of my life with a black cock. He quickly got undressed and I had two cocks to enjoy now. “Wow!” he said, “I didn’t imagine we’re in for such a treat! I have to say that you have a gorgeous fuck buddy whom I’m anxious to stuff with my cock!” I started sucking him immediately; it was my way of thanking him for his compliment. He was like 6.5 inches long and as I was sucking his thick ebony gorgeous shaft, I was also getting ass fucked by my boyfriend. I was jumping my boyfriend’s cock while his friend was holding my hair back and raping my mouth. They switched places a few times till some point when I had both of their cocks in my mouth. What a great feeling… It was like having vanilla and chocolate in my mouth.  They soon stopped me and bent me over the couch and my boyfriend handled my ass while his friend still enjoyed the suction provided by my lips. All this time they were kissing, except when my boyfriend got really hasty and started to hit my ass harder making that delightful slapping noise with his pelvis against my butt cheeks. After this, his friend took very good care of my ass also, as he laid me on my back, put my right leg over his shoulder and fucked me crazy while my mouth was full of my boyfriend’s cock. We were all moaning loudly, except me and my cock gagged mouth. His friend grabbed my leg and fucked me so hard that my right back garter belt snapped.

After this they stopped and let me breathe a little before they started entering once at a time in my ass for about five or six times each spitting and licking my gape like it was on fire while also jerking my cock. My asshole was so relaxed now that they decided to double penetrate me at that time. My heart skipped a beat but they have assured me that they won’t harm me in any way. If I wouldn’t have like it, then they would have stopped. So I started riding my boyfriend’s friend’s cock with my back against his face and with my boyfriend’s dick in my mouth. At one point he pulled out of my mouth, lifted me a little to get his friend’s dick out of me, sucked well,  spit on it, and then he put it back in my ass. I could feel that it wasn’t as hard as before and neither was my boyfriend’s. While biting my ear and playing with my nipple, my boyfriend entered my already full asshole as tears of pain and joy rolled down my cheeks. A visceral pain went from my bum directly to my brain making me very confused between agony and extreme horny/kinky sensation. Both cocks were gently rubbing inside me. I could feel that they weren’t as hard as before, but they were both united inside me and that made me feel extraordinary. I could feel my boyfriend’s heart beat going crazy. We stayed like this a little hearing our loud breaths and feeling our body warmth. He then easily pulled out letting his friend who was lying on his back fuck me and cum inside my ass. I could feel his contractions with my anus. After this my boyfriend made me keep the cum inside and stay on my shoulders with my legs over my head and my cock so close to my mouth. He fucked me like this till he came in my ass too, moaning like he never did before. Rivers of cum were flooding my ass. He didn’t pull out right away. He just stayed a little longer waiting for me to finish. I had two loads of cum in my ass and I was licking my cock so I could come in my mouth. It didn’t take me long at all, and my hot cum was all over my face and inside my mouth. I got up, I swallowed it all and after this they have decided to mark their territory and piss all over my face and body making me very wet. I then started gently sucking their cocks while we were lying in bed till we all fell asleep with me in the middle… between their muscular sweated bodies and their great to be fucked by cocks. Job well done…


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