Went to club at different times so I could see her with others

It has been a fantasy that I’ve had for quite some time and finally decided that it was time to fulfill it.  My sexy girlfriend and I have been together for 14 years, we love to have fun and explore the erotic side of life.  I get very turned on and horny when I see other men finding her attractive, so we decided to finally implement and carry out an action plan.   

One night, as we decided to go out to a club for a few drinks and dance, we thought up a game that we could play that would be sexy and exciting.  I suggested that we should show up at the club individually at different times so that nobody would know that we were together as a couple.  She agreed with the plan and was very excited as I was to make it happen. 

I would arrive at the club first and then she would arrive later, after getting dressed into a sexy outfit that would be a surprise to me.  We live near a Navy base, so the club is frequented by a lot of single young men that have recently returned from war after being out to sea for an extended period of time.  These sailors return from being out to sea very horny and ready to play. 

My idea was to watch her being flirtatious towards the young men, as they provide her a lot of attention so that I can watch the action from a distance and get very turned on.  I enjoy very much when she becomes an exhibitionist.  She enjoys all the attention from other men also. 

I had my first beer while I waited for her to arrive.  During the wait I noticed that the club was packed with men due to the recent return of an aircraft carrier.  The women were limited this night.  I could feel the sexual tension in the air which was being driven by all the testosterone in the club.  I noticed that my bombshell girlfriend had arrived and was at the door showing her ID to the bouncer and preparing to enter and make a grand appearance.  My girlfriend has a sexy Latina booty, green eyes and long flowing hair.  She is absolutely stunning!  After noticing what she was wearing, I knew she was going to be the center of attention of all the guys.  She wore a purple corset that accentuated her curvy sexy torso and tits, high heel “fuck-me” pumps and a black micro mini free flowing skirt.  She looked absolutely incredible! 

As she walked into the club, she sexually sashayed, getting the attention of all the men as they stopped in their tracks and watched her entrance.  I became so turned on by seeing this if gave me an erection.  Two men immediately approached her and bought her a drink.  They were mesmerized by how sexy she looked and they could not keep their eyes off of her.  One of the men decided to ask her out to the dance floor and I watched as he grabbed her by the hand and led her out to the middle of the floor.  She moved her body very sexually as she danced to the rhythm of the beat.  This caused the other guy to also get out on the dance floor with them.  Once both men were out there, they created a “sandwich” with my beautiful girlfriend in the middle of it.  I saw as they took turns grabbing her waist and feeling and squeezing her ass with their hands as they danced with her.  On several occasions her free flowing mini skirt would be lifted by the men’s hands, causing her sexy ass to be exposed.  One of the guys became so horny from this dance that he placed both hands on the cheeks of her ass and raised the mini skirt up completely.  That immediately caught my eye and I noticed that she was not wearing any panties underneath her sexy skirt!  Wow! That sight almost made me cum in my pants.   

Throughout the night I noticed that different guys had danced with my girlfriend and felt all over her sexy booty.  There were some that even slipped some fingers in her wet pussy from time to time.  I had a VIP view of all the action and this really turned me on. 

I wanted the action to continue and raise another level before the end of the night.  Since the club was an “on-premise” swingers club, there were playrooms in the back of the dance floor. There was a room that had a clear Plexiglas window that allowed people to observe the action from an adjacent room.  I noticed that three guys were now escorting my girlfriend to the back room.  They were all laughing and carrying on while they had their hands all over her body as they moved their way to the back.  I went in ahead of them and got a front seat in the observation room to watch the show.  I saw as the guys stripped her clothes off piece by piece leaving her completely naked except for her sexy high heels.  After one guy had licked her pussy and the other two guys sucked and licked on both of her nipples, the heat began to rise.  One guy stuck his cock in my girlfriend’s ass from behind as she raised it up towards him.  The other guy was lying underneath her with his cock now in her pussy.  They were both penetrating her at the same time.  She was being dp’ed (double penetrated) which she enjoys so very much.  The third guy was standing near her head and she had his cock completely in her mouth sucking it vigorously!  This was an awesome, awesome scene that I rewind and constantly play in my mind over and over again.  I watched as she moaned in ecstasy and finally reached an explosive orgasm where she squirted all over the bed.   

Wow, unforgettable!  We are looking forward to fulfilling other fantasies we have, stay tuned.   

Is there anyone else out there who would love this type of fantasy?  Please leave us comments, thank you.

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Went to club at different times so I could see her with others , 7.5 out of 10 based on 32 ratings

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