What she deserves

Hannah was the sort of girl who liked to tease people, and with her body she was able to do it. Long blonde hair tumbled to halfway down her back and just hid perky breasts that fitted her petite frame perfectly. She had every guy on campus lusting after her and she knew it. Openly a virgin, Hannah took pleasure in teasing every man or oy she saw with what they couldn’t have.
No one knew this better than Marc – her ex boyfriend of 2 years. In those 2 years he had never gone further with her than a bit of a grope at the campus cinema. He was tall, dark and mysterious to most of the girls; on the football team with a well-muscled body and held the title of hottest boy. Marc was still pissed off about Hannah dumping him without getting any action. What hurt more was that he had seen her previously that day getting felt up by his brother in a dark corner of the corridor.
Marc didn’t like looking stupid almost as much as he didn’t like rejection. He decided to get his own back.

It was late on a Friday night and Hannah was heading back to her dorm when she heard footsteps – someone was following her! She walked faster and was beginning to regret taking the shortcut through the park. As she sped up, so did the footsteps. Matching hers step for step. Whirling around to face her stalker, Hannah saw a shadowey face before the drug on the cloth shoved over her face took effect and she fell into blackness.

She woke up naked and tied to a table. Looking around, Hannah didn’t reognise the room at all but was shocked to see what covered the walls. It was a sex den, complete with toys. Whimpering she pulled at her restraints and called out
“Who are you? Why are you doing this?”
No one answered her but the door creaked open and two guys in balaclavas walked in and stood over her. She struggled, trying to bend her legs and cover herself somehow but the restraints were too tight. The man to her left started stroking her breasts and carresing her. The other ran his fingers across her thighs and flicked her clit. Hannah shivered at the new feelings and could feel her body responding to the strangers touch.
“I think she likes this, don’t you?”
said one of the men, rubbing her clit more and suddenly stuck two fingers up her pussy. Hannah gasped and moaned as her worked them in and out rapidly, rubbing her clit with his thumb at the same time.
“I think you may just be right there”
replied the other man and carried on squeezing and licking her nipples. Hannah carried on moaning…the man carried on pumping two fingers in and out of her cunt, faster and faster. Hannah was panting and could feel it building
“I’m coming!”
she cried and wriggled with ecstacy as the man gave her one last thrust and pulled his fingers out.
“I think she’s ready for something real now…”
he told his friend and they both stripped. This was Hannahs first time seeing a cock and she was scared, they were both so big and she didn’t quite believe that they were going to fit in her, she didnt quite believe that they were actually going to try! One man stroked his 9inch cock and walked around to the bottom of the table, perfectly arranged so that it was at the right height. Hannah sucked in her breath as he rubbed the head of his cock over her wet opening and suddenly thrust in all the way, pulling out and doing it again. Hannah screamed, she was so tight and he was so big but it just felt so right. She loved that big cock in her as he pushed in all the way so his balls were slapping her ass. In and out he went, picking up pace as he went, the pure need driving him on. Faster and harder he went, she was screaming out in pleasure as he pounded into her. She could feel her orgasm building and one last deep thrust pushed her over the edge. Feeling her all ready tight pussy contract made the man come aswell. Grinning, the second man took his place and pounded her as hard as the first guy. His cock was even bigger and fatter than before and Hannah loved the feeling. He was going even harder than the last man and she could only sqirm in the table as he fucked her with all he had, pounding deeper and faster and more aggresivly than she had ever imagined. Groaning, the man stuck his cock in as far as he could and came. Screaming, Hannah had her third orgasm.
Moving around her, the first man untied Hannah then pulled her back against him, one finger up her cunt as he watched the second man lie on the table. He made Hannah stradle the first man which she did so willingly and watched as she began to ride him. Just as she was getting into it, he mounted the table to and pushed her down, his large cck finding her second hole. She struggled as she felt him trying to enter her bum but he forced her down. She was pinned with one mans cock in her pussy and the second now all the way in her ass. She moaned as he started to pump, he was too big! She tried to protest but he pushed her down so the was lying on the man beneith her and he began to pound her, matching his thrusts with those of the man in her ass. Hannah had never felt so full as she felt the two men fucking her mercilessly. This went on for about ten minutes with each man going harder and faster than she’d ever thought possible. Finally they call came together, filling Hannah with come. They lay there for a while, Hannah still impaled on both cocks.
“We should do this again sometime”
said one of the men, taking off his balaclava to reveal Marc.
“Great idea”
agreed the other man, showing himself to be Marcs best friend.
Hannah smiled, thinking of all the great fucking that she had missed out on. Well, that can be fixed, she thought as she grinded on their cocks and felt both becoming hard again….

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    Very clever story

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