While My Husbands Away Part 1

My husband has an active life. He’s always doing something to keep himself tied up some how. Sometimes I feel that he’s only around to get some ass when he makes the time for me. Sean is not a bad looking man. He stands at 6’1, about 220lbs, brown well kept hair and a goatee.
I love him… but does he notice. He’s always telling me I’m gorgeous; that’s how he gets me to fuck him. He’d say anything to slide into my pussy. Anything that makes me feel special. I crave attention from him but he always has to work late or hang out with his friends. I’ve seen how his friends stare at my perky 36c, undressing me with their eyes and fucking me in their heads while they talk to Sean yet staring at my chest.
They would jump at the chance to be in his shoes.
Who wouldn’t want to be with a saucy puertorican. I stand at 5’1″, 124lbs, brown shoulder length hair, deep honey eyes, 36c with full poutty lips.
Sexy from head to toe, a true classy lady. Everyday he’d come home from work to a clean house and dinner on the table. After dinner I invite him to take a hot shower with me. The hot water fogs up the bathroom fast. I go in first while he gets a change of clothes ready. Sean opens up the bath curtains to find me caressing my beautiful tits under the trickling water. Automatically he gets the biggest erection. Sean rubs his 8″ dick briskly as he takes a step in the shower to join me. “God, baby you look amazing”, he said as he gropes my wet body. Already horny as hell from touching my self I rest my left leg onto the side of the tub. He’d expect it now that he had said I looked amazing that’s a shoe in… Sean squats down so he can taste my soaked cunt. Licking and teasing my hard clit made my body go crazy. I looked down into his eyes as Sean devoured my pussy, letting my sweet juices run down his chin onto his chest. I begged him to come up and let me taste my self on his lips. He smiled and licked my one more time before coming up to kiss me.
God I tasted so good… I licked the rest of my juices from his chin and chest. Meanwhile Sean rubbed his cock watching me. I took his member in my hand and rubbed it on my wet cunt. I slowly slid him into my pussy with a moan of pleasure. Sean’s dick hurts a little but what is pleasure without pain? He was fucking me so hard, I scratched his back to the point were it bled. Blood ran down his back and onto the tub floor were the water made it swirl almost like smoke. Sean had tensed up a lot so I knew he was gonna bust the biggest nut. His load exploded in my now sore pussy, and he became limp with ecstasy and satisfaction. I barely ever came with Sean if at all. It takes a lot to satisfy my sexual appetite. We finished in the shower and he got dressed. I’m not shy so I didn’t get dressed right away. I like to walk around the apartment in the nude and wet for a while. Sean sat on the sofa to watch TV and didn’t say a word to me. That’s normal to me because he doesn’t talk much to me anyway, specially when the TVs on.
An hour later his friend Mike called him up to go to a bar across town. He gave me a kiss and said he’d be gone for a few hours. Sean told me to get dressed and that he’d see me later on tonight. I went to our room and put on a redsox T-shirt. I was so happy when he left…. I picked up the phone and called up my best friend. “He’s gonna be gone for a while…. Come by and keep me company.” Ten minutes later there’s a knock on the door. My heart is almost beating out of my chest at this point. I open the door to find a beautiful smile on a familiar face.
Andrea didn’t say a word, she didn’t have to. She came in and got a long half-nude embrace. I kissed her deeply on the lips. God, I wanted her so bad. Andrea is taller than I am. She stands at 5’5″, 128lbs, she has beautiful caramel skin, sexy curly dark hair that she always keeps tied back, beautiful 36D cup tits. She’s got the most gorgeous tits I’ve ever seen. She’s for lack of a better word… perfect. Her full lips were like waterbeds, soft and inviting. She closed the door behind her. I offered her a drink while she sat on the sofa. She wasn’t interested; she just wanted my company. I sat next to her and admired her lips every move. I loved to watch her talk; her lips were almost calling out to me. I couldn’t resist; before she could say another word I straddled on her and thrust my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues were intertwined in a long soul-shaking ballad that exposed what was in my hearts desire. I move from her mouth to her neck and her breathing got heavier. I took her hands and placed them on my tits and gave them a squeeze. I could feel her hips rising and falling under mine. That made my pussy wet and my nipples so hard. I stopped kissing her neck and I looked into hey dark brown eyes. My hands were touching her face and neck. With no warning Andrea flipped me onto the sofa so now I was under her. She is dominant as she pulls my hair and kisses me harder and harder; squeezing and teasing my hard nipples with one hand she made my body tingle all over.
Still under Andrea I managed to unbutton and unzip her fly. I move on to her back with my hands gently caressing her careful not to scratch unless she requests it. It’s my turn to flip her over onto her side so we could hold each other better on the sofa. We stop kissing for a second and I reached up to her beautiful face and with my fingers glide them down her nose. Andrea closed her eyes and let out a sigh with a smile. My hands wondered down to her chest and I cupped her big beautiful tits while I presided to kiss her. My left hand left her breast and slid down to her unzipped fly. It wasn’t a surprise to find that Andrea wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I teased her hard clit and I worked my way down further into her wet pussy. Andrea let out a muffled moan since we were still kissing harder than ever. I bit hey bottom lip hard and Andrea let out another moan, louder this time. I pulled away from kissing her so that I could see her face for my next move. She kept her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open. My fingers were moving in a snake like motion between her pussy lips, teasing her wet opening. Going inside only a little with the very tip of my middle finger. Andrea’s body went crazy with anticipation and her cunt was grinding on my hand. I loved looking at her face; she looked so hot and I could see that she craved more than what I was giving her. My face was right on hers but not touching as much. I was breathing harder by then and she could feel that I wanted to give her more. Without warning I slid my fingers deep inside her wet pussy. Andrea arched her back with a deep inhalation of pleasure followed by a whimper. I held her close and she pulled my hair so that I wouldn’t move my face away from hers. Being inside her felt like heaven. I wanted to make her scream so I went faster and harder with my hands. Then I stopped to look at her. She was on a high that couldn’t be brought back from.
“I want to taste you”, I whispered to her. I sat up on the sofa and pulled down her jeans. Moving down her body I slowly kissed all the way down. She watched me as I looked into her eyes with a smile. Andrea was biting her lower lip in anticipation. I finally reached her wet pussy. I licked my lips and I gave her cunt a light tap kiss. Andrea’s head leaned back and I slid my hands up her body to her gorgeous tits. Teasing her clit with my tongue made her body move in ways that remind me of the ocean during a storm. Andrea moaned softly as I licked her pussy from top to bottom and back to the top. I couldn’t believe that I was making her pull her own hair just by eating her out. She got louder and louder and then she said that she was about to come hard for me. I inserted my middle finger into her soaked pussy and fingered her into the orgasm that made her whole body shake. Still as she was cumming I wasn’t about to stop. I had her juices all over my chin and lips. Her cum was sweeter than honey and I took it all in my mouth. Then I moved back up her body to kiss her and share her nectar with her. I s
pit some into her mo
uth during kissing and it leaked out a little from the corners of her mouth unto her chin and neck. I pulled away from her lips to catch her juices with my tongue. I licked her neck and chin clean and continued to kiss her passionately. We lay on sofa for a while holding each other in deep embrace.
About a half-hour goes by and Sean calls the house. He said he would be home soon; so with a quick goodbye we hang up. I look at Andrea and tell her that we better get cleaned up cause Sean would be home soon. Andrea kisses me again and smiles. We went to the bathroom to get cleaned up holding each other. I wash away what’s left of Andrea’s nectar off my lips and chin. She has a smile on her face the whole time. Andrea cleans up too and then we sit back down on the sofa. Still we can’t keep our hands off of the other. Andrea tells me about how good I was and I tell her how delicious she tasted and how incredible it was to watch her. We turned on the TV and pretended to be interested when we heard the keys at the door. Sean asked about what we did and we played it off as if nothing had happened. Andrea had to go home in a little while and Sean offered her a ride. I gave her a hug and bit her neck a little while Sean wasn’t looking then I told her how much fun it was to “watch TV” with her. She smiled and her and Sean left. Later he came home to find me asleep in bed, with no idea what had happened while he was gone. To be continued….

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  1. Ramrod

    Good story. Looking forward to the next.

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