While My Husbands Away Part 2

Waking up next to Sean at 6:00am and thoughts of Andrea flood my head. My pussy was already wet to the touch and I couldn’t help it, I had to touch it. Rubbing my wet cunt with my left hand and squeezing my 36c with the other. My breathing got heavy and loud with every touch and my nipples were hard. My loud moaning and heavy breathing awakened Sean and he was ready to go. Sean’s morning wood was enormous, just over 9″ long and 2.5″ thick. I didn’t say a word; I climbed on Sean’s hard member and began grinding hard bringing him all the way in. I swear I could almost feel him in my stomach, It hurt so good. Sean loved the sight of me ridding first thing in the morning. His hands were gripping my hips pushing him self even deeper inside my pussy. I arched my back and let out a loud scream of a combination between pleasure and pain. Sean ran his hands all over my undulating body. His face was turning red and filled with pleasure. My hands went from his chest to the wall for leverage. My body leaned forward and Sean took that opportunity to lick and tease my hard nipples. A smile came over my face, I thought I might actually cum this time. I was thrilled and I leaned down to caress his face and kiss him on the lips. Sitting back up and cupping his balls made him go crazy and he let out a grunt of pleasure closing his eyes. His balls were tightening up again, just like last time so I knew my ride was almost over. Just like I predicted… Sean exploded deep inside me. Little did he know that every time we fucked, Andrea was the only one in my mind; fueling my imagination and making me horny as fuck.
Sean cleaned up and got ready for work as usual. I laid in bed undressed and disappointed waiting for him to leave in 10 minutes. The 10 minutes that felt like an eternity. He came back in the bedroom and kissed me good-bye on the forehead. The second he was out of the apartment I rushed around and cleaned my self up. My house phone rang, my heart skipped a beat and I answered the phone to hear my lover’s sultry voice say “is he gone yet baby?” “You know it sexy” I replied trying to make my voice sound as sexy as possible. Andrea and I had a short conversation and she said she’d be coming over. My mind ran wild with all the dirty, nasty things I was gonna do to her.
There was a knock on the door and butterflies rushed into my stomach. I was nervous and exited all at the same time. Andrea was on the other side waiting for me to open up and let her in. I took in a deep breath and opened the door. Andrea looked as gorgeous as always with her crisp white tee and dark denim jeans. She looks good effortlessly. She smelled of her favorite perfume, which drives me wild. Goosebumps creep all over my body making my nipples hard enough to be noticed through my white button up shirt. Andrea smiled as she walked in to give me a hug. Holding her I bite my lips and inhale deeply taking her into my soul. Andrea closed the door and kissed me gently on the lips. We talked for a while holding hands on the sofa. The sofa that carries many memories of our intimate moments. The moments that most men fantasize about. Two beautiful women who can’t keep their hands to themselves. All the things those men think about while they jerk off.
Andrea and I are those fantasies fulfilled. I couldn’t take my hands off her gorgeous body and I craved to taste her. I wanted to make her mine that very moment and with no hesitation moved on with my plan in mind. I kissed her from head to toe and I teased her body to the point were Andrea couldn’t stop shaking. Her heavy breathing made my pussy all wet and electricity flowed through my body. The view was amazing to see. Andrea’s body is a work of art. Her skin is warm to the touch, soft as silk. My hands slid over her skin up to her breast, squeezing them and teasing her nipples made her body rise and fall. Andrea’s back arches and she let’s out a soft moan. I lay on my back now and Andrea positions her self onto me mounting my lips and grinding her wet cunt into them. Her juices were flowing free and ran all directions. I licked her and teased her. Watching her body react to my touch turned me on so much. Her body went wild as my licking went from soft to aggressive. Slipping my tongue into her pussy and tasting her was my prize. Slow and fast she moved in a rhythm that could only be compared to a butterfly landing on a rose petal, gracefully and beautifully. Andrea had a big orgasm followed by two smaller ones. And when she had her fill she laid next to me and we kissed passionately. I asked her to touch me and see the effects of her sounds on my body. She reached into my panties and felt my wet oasis, warm and silky. She was surprised that without touching me this could happen only by her sounds and movement; nothing in life was sweeter than her juices. Nothing in life was more intense than how I feel for Andrea.
After lying there for a while we took a shower together. The hot water felt awesome on our bodies. We held each other in a long embrace and let the water trickle down out bodies and unto the tub floor. We kissed gently and passionately. After the shower we got dressed and sat in the living room talking for a while. I never knew I could feel as sexy and beautiful as Andrea makes me feel. I caress her face and watch her smile that sexy smile of hers that’s usually followed by her biting her bottom lip. If only Sean could make me feel this way. If only…
Sean came home at around 5:00pm. I wasn’t really paying attention to the time and forgot to make dinner. See when her and I are alone we get so lost with one another that we don’t feel tired or hungry. So Sean decided that we all go out to dinner and drinks; we agreed. The whole time Sean looked at the menu I watched as Andrea licked her lips and I couldn’t help but stare. Sean and Andrea get along fine, If only Sean knew what was really happening… what would he say? Would he be enticed or upset?
After dinner Sean and I drop Andrea off at home and head home our selves. Sean and I went to bed and he tries to spoon with me. I close my eyes and imagine its Andrea by my side and not him. I could still taste her enough to drive insane, reliving the day’s events in my head I drift off to sleep with a smile on my face. I wish I knew what was going on in Andrea’s head every time we are apart… (To be continued…)

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