While My Husbands Away Part 3 (Andrea's version)

I hugged Vanessa and said goodbye to her. Sean was anxiously waiting for me by the door. I could see the anxiety in his eyes, he wanted to drop me off so he could come home and slip inside of Vanessa. Sean drove me home; I tried to avoid conversation with him because I didn’t want him to smell pussy on my breath. Nessa gave me the pleasure of tasting myself by kissing me with my cum in her mouth and letting me indulge my candy rain.
I got out of the car and said thank you then closed the car door, walked up my driveway with a smile on my face. Once I got in my house I called Nessa to let her know I was home and that Sean was on his way back. She told me she could still taste me. She said goodnight to me cuz Sean was on his way back and she wanted to fall asleep before he made it home. So I told her I loved her and we hung up.
My body was still quivering from the unbelievable orgasms I had just less than an hour ago. What I wouldn’t give to spend the night with that girl. She makes me feel so good! I lay in bed trying to catch a couple of zzz’s but failed miserably. I was breathing deep and heavy, desperately feaning her touch. I couldn’t even think sleep at that moment. All I could think was Vanessa touching my wet pussy with her hands. Stroking me back and forth, playing with my clit, driving me crazy, and begging her to feel me from the inside.
I closed my eyes and saw it all alone in my room. I thought about Nessa sliding her middle finger of her left hand in my warm wet cunt. She drove me crazy. She leaned over to taste me as she finger fucked me. I was going crazy, she had me pulling my own hair and begging for more. I screamed “make it hurt baby, please hurt me”. Nessa smiled at me and asked me if I was sure that that’s what I wanted. Trying to catch my breath I just whispered “yes” and she did just that. She slipped me another finger and fucked me harder than before. I grabbed my nipple rings and tugged on them causing a sharp pain that shot from my tits to my pussy. I was in ecstasy but I wanted more.
Without hesitation she added another finger. I screamed as I felt a mixture of pain and pleasure flowing through my body. I looked up and saw Nessa; to see the thrill in her eyes, she was enjoying me as much as I was enjoying her. She licked her lips as she watched me bite my bottom lip. I could taste the blood from my lip on the tip of my tongue and I loved every drop. My body started to shake and I knew I was coming as she watched my body. She started fucking me harder, she wanted me to cum for her and she wasn’t going to stop until I did. I lifted my self into a sitting up position high enough for her to pull my hair. I grabbed her right hand and placed it on my ponytail. She pulled my hair and I exploded to her touch; Screaming with satisfaction. My eyes got watery and a tear rolled down my cheek as Nessa slowed down allowing me to still feel the enormous orgasm she just gave me removing her hand from my pussy. She licked her fingers to taste her prize as I lay on the bed she leaned down, wiped the tear off my cheek and she kissed me passionately.
I opened my eyes to find myself shaking with pleasure. I had given myself an orgasm masturbating, thinking about Nessa and our escapades. I went to the bathroom, washed up and then lay back in bed exhausted. I smiled with delight, closed my sleepy eyes and fell asleep…

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