Wife is shared with old boyfriend

My wife Shannon and I have been married for twelve years now, we were married young and dated off and on all throughout highschool. We had periods where we were unfaithful to each other when we were dating, we would break up and get back together, But for some reason when ever she told me about her being with another boy it really turned me on. Before we were married and since sex life has always been really good, but like any marriage or long term relationship, it gets somewhat stale and needs a boost. over time i told her about what my fantasies were and how I thought about her with other men. It was recieved as you would expect, she had a hard time with it at first, but over time it started to play a big part in our sex life. I would give her oral to get her off and then during sex, she would tell me a fictional story about how she got laid that day. That always did the trick and I always have explosive orgasms. But recently (thanks to one of those social networking websites) she found one of her old boyfriends,Sean. Sean was a very polite quiet boy, and they did little more than kiss when they were dating. They talked on the website a few times and decided to go out for lunch. When Shannon told me about it I was happy she was going to see him again. Over the next couple of days my mind went crazy thinking about the possibility of her actually hooking up with him. The problem was that they way Shannon talked to me in bed only worked for her because she did not talk about anybody in particular, now i’m actually thinking about her doing it for real. So now i had to find a way to bring it up to her, Sean, being all grown up now, had been obviously flirting when they talked. I could tell he wanted to fuck her, I just had to get her on board. When she was getting ready to see him for a second time, I was at work and started texting her telling her to get sexy for him, and she texted me back saying that she had on her pink thong, and was excited for him to see it! I nearly exploded right there, never in my life had I ever been so turned on. I told her “I don’t care if you really fuck him or not, you need to make me believe that you did. On her way home she wrote how much of a mess he made and that she gave him her panties. When she got home we embraced and kissed passionately, I reached down and damn, she had on panties, she hadn’t fucked him at all. I appreciated the story and all but that was just wrong to tease me like that. she told me that she wanted to make me happy, but that was asking a lot. I asked her if she wasn’t married to me would she fuck him, and quickly and emphatically she said yes. I knew with the right incentive I could get her in bed with him and It was time for me to raise the stakes. I had to give her something she wanted to get what I wanted. My wife is not a drinker, she hates when I drink because of the smell of beer. So I offered her a deal. If you kiss him passionately, I will not drink for one month, If you Blow him and he finishes, two months. If you let him fuck you, I will not drink for three months. When I got the text back, I was nervous to read it. It had one simple word, “deal”. Holy Shit! it worked. We discussed some of the details, how I needed to shave her, and she needed to bring a condom. I offered to buy it for her but she wasn’t having that. They got on the web after some small talk they decided to meet again for lunch in a couple of days. “don’t blow up my phone with texts on Wednesday (the day she would see him)” my wife told me, refering to the last time she was going to see Sean. “OK, but you have to text me about what you’re putting on and how you’re getting sexy for him, and then on the drive down there i’ll leave you alone. I know the last thing you want to think about when going to bang an old boyfriend is your husband”. The next couple of days were the best sex we ever had, I was incredibly turned on and that turned My wife on too. So Wednesday I went to work and could not focus on anything. I knew my wife was out possibly getting boned and it was driving me crazy. before she went down she told me she was putting on a sexy top, Her favorite little skirt, her very pretty open toed sandals and her thong that says “slippery when wet”.They decided to meet at a quiet restaurant for lunch, they had been seriously flirting online so there was a definite sexual tension between them, Sean was a good looking guy and it was easy for her to be drawn to him. After they were done eating he said “are you in a hurry, do you have to go?” “no, I don’t have to be anywhere for another five or so hours, why, what do you want to do?” she replied. “well it’s early afternoon on a weekday, probably a good time to catch a movie, the theater certainly wont be crowded.” he said. ” Sure, there is movie I’ve been wanting to see anyway. They bought their tickets, got a soda and went into the theater, even though it was just about empty, they went all the way to the back row and sat down. Now her heart was racing as she knew what they were about to do. About ten minutes into the movie they both reached for the one soda they were sharing and their hands touched, they looked at each other, then slowly moved in and thier lips met softly. Closed at first, then they opened and their tongues met as they started to kiss more passionately. Step one down she thought, but how far could she go in a movie theater, it wasn’t crowded but still. Their tongues danced playfully yet lustfully in each others mouths when he reached down and put his hand on the inside of her leg, just above her knee. Her legs opened wide, inviting his hands in further. By now her panties were starting to get wet from just the anticipation of his touch. He worked his way up under her skirt and felt her freshly shaven mound, then he gently pulled her panties to one side and penetrated her with his finger, as he did she let out a soft moan. She took her hand, unbuttoned his jeans and then pulled down his zipper. Now my wife has never complained about my size, I guess I’m on the long side of what they call average, But she said when she pulled his cock out, she could tell right away that he was not only longer, but thicker then I am. She gently caressed his head with her hand, spreading around the precum that was already there. Everything about him made her hotter and hotter as she stroked him and his finger was working magic in her, her thoughts were no longer on our stupid deal, it was more on how much she wanted his body. Suddenly she released thier kiss and smiled at him, he smiled back and she raised the armrest that was between them, blocking full access. She then lowered her head into his lap with her tongue extended, she circled the head of his manhood, tasting and savouring his wetness and salty sweetness. She teased the under side of his head then put as much of him into her mouth as she could. His one hand caressed her head while the other worked steadily bringing her closer to orgasm. My wifes mouth could only take in some of what I gather was his nine inch penis so she used her hands in unison with her mouth stroking up and down feverishly. Then her motion on him all but stopped as now he had two fingers inside of her and her body was brought to full climax, Her legs were shaking as juices came flooding out of her. After a minute of regaining herself after what she called a mind blowing orgasm, she said to him, “now its your turn, did you bring a condom?” “No, I left it at home” he said. “So did I” she replied, lying through her teeth. Just tell me when your going to cum, and I’ll let you finish in my mouth. My wife then took off her panties, moved him to the middle of two seats, got up and straddled on top of him, pressing her swollen lips against his rock hard member, she kissed him deeply again. Reaching underneath she grabbed his cock and slowly worked herself down on top of him, burying all he had to offer. This time she let out a louder moan as he penetrated her, she was not used to someone with this much cock. after her body adjusted, My wife started to ride him faster moving up and down steadily, Sean was a
e to time his motion with hers as they made love in perfect unison. Thier wetness was audible and could be heard if anyone had been close, it was hard for Shannon to stay quiet as she reached another orgasm. By now he was ready to explode. “You better get down there, I’m going to cum” he said, She got off of him, knelt down and started sucking on his slippery cock, within thirty seconds he erupted totally in her mouth. As she swallowed what had already come out, she continued to stroke him and try to milk him of what was left and swallow that too. when they were finished, my wife put her panties back on and they finished watching the movie, holding hands and occasionally kissing. When Shannon got home she said she would tell me the story after I cleaned up the mess he made, so after I licked clean the juices of my wife and her new lover and brought her to climax again she told me everything and wouldn’t let me have sex with her because she was too sore, but she would blow me. the only part I didn’t like was when she pulled my pants down she let out a little chuckle and said ” aww, how cute”. I guess I’m sober for the next three months, but I have images that’ll last way past that.

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