Wife plays again

I woke up at 9:15, I was completely nude, Dave was still sleeping. I was tender and swollen down below. I quietly slid to the edge of the bed and sat up. I saw my clothes on the floor. I became horrified of what I had done. I wanted to get out of this hotel room as soon as possible. When I stood up, I felt a wetness between my legs. I touched it with my index finger, it was sticky and clear, I brought it to my nose to confirm my fear. Oh my god, It was definitely semen!
I stood there frozen, soaked with his cum. I look over and Dave was sound asleep. The covers were pull just a bit exposing his muscular legs, sexy thighs and butt. My fear turned to excitement as I though of this hot sexy guy’s cum inside of me. I hadn’t been with another man in many years. I sat back down on the bed looking at Dave’s naked body and gently touched myself, rubbing his semen around my clit, I was swollen and tender but I felt so sexy rubbing his cum into me.
I slowly got up grabbed my clothes and quietly got dressed with out waking Dave. I checked my cell phone in the bathroom and couldn’t believe my husband had not even called. My guilt was turning to anger. I fixed myself up as quickly and quietly as I could. As I left the bathroom, Dave was still sleeping, He looked very beautiful and peaceful, I stared for a few moments thinking about how sexy and wanted this man had made me feel. I grabbed a pen a wrote down my e-mail address and left.

When I got home, my husband and son were having lunch. I tried to hide my guilt and joined them. Frank asked If I had fun last night and I told him the truth, I had an amazing time! We finished lunch without any further discussions. Dave didn’t ask me anything about last night. I got up, put the dishes away and I went up to shower.
When I started to undress in the bedroom, I realized I was still wearing Jenn’s clothes and my husband had not even noticed. I was a little thankful that I didn’t have to explain anything but then I became annoyed. I had looked very sexy and he didn’t even comment!
As I entered the shower, I thought about last night. I had never cheated on my husband but there was something about Dave’s desire for me that was driving me crazy. I haven’t felt this wanted and sexy since high school.
I decided to give my hubby a chance. I turned off the shower and put on a tight white t-shirt without a bra and put on a sexy pair of panties. I went downstairs and Frank was watching tv with our son. I tried to be subtle, walking around in front of him pretending to clean and straighten up the house but he wasn’t paying any attention to me. I continued to prance around but still no luck. Finally I went over and sat next to him. My nipples were hard and clearly visible beneath my shirt. He sat there just starring at the tv. I finally got up and sat on his lap and kissed him on the lips and whispered into his ear, ” Do you want to have sex?” He looked at me and said
“Ok, if you want to.”
“If I want to?”
I said to him, “don’t you want me?”
He said “sure” but didn’t sound very convincing.
I was losing the mood quickly! I said “Well how about later”
in which he replied, “fine”.
I went back upstairs very disappointed and frustrated and got dressed.
At around 3:30, my husband was watching a baseball game on tv, my son was napping. I went online to check out some shopping sites. I signed on and began surfing the net.
I signed into my e-mail and saw I had 2 new messages in my mailbox.
I remembered leaving Dave my e-mail. Nervously and excitedly, I checked my mail. The first was junk but the second was from an address I didn’t recognize.
I clicked on it and smiled as I read Dave’s message. He was really sweet, he told me how much he enjoyed last night and how sad he was to wake up and find me gone. He said I was the sexiest woman he had ever me. He knew I was married and would respect that but he gave me his cell number in case I wanted to ever meet again.
I sat there reading the message over and over.
When all of a sudden, an IM popped up. It was Dave and he was saying hello. I sat there a few minutes looking at the screen. I quickly checked downstairs, my husband was still watching the game.
I responded “hi sexy”
We chatted for awhile. I had never had a sexual conversation online but I was loving him telling me how sexy I was and how much he wanted me. He told me that no one had ever aroused him so much. He told me I had the hottest and sexiest body. He wanted me so badly! He then told me that he had never cum so many times in a night before!
I sat thinking for a minute. I remembered blowing him in the elevator, and then I kind of remember him cuddling up next to me in bed. Oh my god, I remembered him sliding his cock from my pussy to my butt over and over! I can’t believe I had let him fuck me in my butt! I must have been drunker than I thought. I have never done anal with Frank, only tried a few times in high school and I had never had anyone cum in my butt before! That was the last I could remember. I was embarrassed, but asked him if he thought cumming 2 times was a lot? He quickly responded with laughter saying I was very funny. I sat there wondering how many times did we fuck during the night?
He continued to beg me to meet him later, after his wedding party was over. I told him I didn’t know how I would possibly be able to sneak away. He began detailing everything he would do to me if I came over later, I was getting way too hot and probably could have made myself cum right then. I told him I would try, but I had to go. He said he would be back at the hotel by 11 pm.
Thorough out the rest of the day I went back and forth in my head, on the one hand my husband was ignoring and on the other, there was this young, hot, sexy guy that desperately wanted to fuck! I had already fucked him so why not a second time?
My husband had been drinking beer all afternoon watching more sports. We had dinner around 7 and put our son to bed soon after. Frank was really pissing me off, he was definitely avoiding me and to top it off he was getting drunk. At around 8:45, I had enough. My mind was made up. I am going out. I just had to figure out how. Suddenly it hit me! I told Frank he should take some advil or he would have a big hangover tomorrow. He was drunk already and easily agreed.
I got up and went to the bathroom cabinet, I reached past the advil and took out 2 extra strength sleeping pills. I brought them over to him. I knew he wouldn’t have a hangover but I also knew he would take them to avoid an argument. And he did!
I was surprised how quickly they took affect. He began getting drowsy in about 30 minutes yawning away. It was now around 9:40 and it had been almost an hour since I gave him the pills, he was fighting sleep very badly. I went upstairs and put an outfit together for later. I grabbed my black lace bra, matching panties and my sexiest evening dress and went to the closet to dig up my sexiest open toe heels! I returned downstairs, grabbed Frank and said lets go to bed. By 10:00 we were in bed and he was fast asleep. I waited a few more minutes to be sure.
I quietly got up and grabbed my bag and quietly went down stairs to change. I then made a quick cup of instant coffee as I wrote him a note telling him I had gotten up early to run some errands and would be home around 2pm. I dumped the coffee down the drain and left out the mug for him to find. I also dumped out a yogurt and left the empty container. With any luck he will wake up and believe I got up early, had breakfast and went out.
I went out to the car and drove towards Dave’s hotel, arriving at 11:15. I called Dave and told him to meet me in the bar. Dave arrived moments later, he gave me the biggest hug and kiss. We sat at the bar and had a drink as we held hands, clumsily touching each others legs. Dave suggested we do tequilla shots. We ordered a round, Dave grabbed the salt and explained we were to lick the salt from each others neck, do the shot and
share a lemon between our lips.
We did one and it was awes
ome, I loved it! We quickly did two more, each one involving more and more licking and kissing! I was definitely getting drunk. I got up and told Dave I had to use the restroom. He was making me so wet and I was getting so horny, I wanted to show him. As I returned and walked over towards Dave, he had ordered another round of tequilla shots. I sat down, reached for his hand and placed my damp wet panties into his palm. His jaw dropped when he realized what I had just done. He held them tightly in his hand, bringing them to his nose, inhaling and smiling!
Dave pulled me up, kissed me deeply pressing his tongue into my mouth.
We headed to the elevator. As we rode up to the 25th floor, I reflected on what had happened in this very elevator one night ago! Dave must have been thinking the same, he pulled me close and kissed me all the way up, running his hands all over my hips, waist and breasts.
I was feeling tipsy, and very sexy! I entered the room and sat on the bed. Dave didn’t follow, instead he went over to the table. He came back with his camera, he started taking pictures of me sitting on the bed. It must have been the tequilla because I started to pose for him. He kept telling me how beautiful I looked and I was really believing him, I slowly began lowering my dress exposing my bra as I slipped completely out of it. I sat there, panty less, in my bra and heels. Seeing the desire in Dave’s eyes as he took picture after picture, I slipped off my bra and spread my legs. leaving on only the heels.
He slowly walked over, knelt between my legs and handed me the camera. He slowly licked and kissed my thigh working his way down my right leg all the way to my toes, removing my heels and licking and sucking each toe! Then he worked his way up to my thigh, rubbed his face across my clit and down my left leg removing my other heel and licked and sucked all the toes on my left foot. He was driving me crazy. Finally he made his way back to my clit.I sat there watching him lick and suck on my clit, sliding his fingers deep inside me. I couldn’t take any more, I came all over his lips and tongue! He kept licking and fingering me until I came again!
He stood up, I unzipped his pants and pulled out his beautiful hard cock. The head of his cock glistened. I licked up all the cum seeping from the tip of his cock, then up and down his shaft to his balls gently taking each one into my mouth then working my way slowly back up to the head, I took him deep into my mouth as he continued taking pictures. After a few moments of deep sensual sucking, he pulled out of my mouth and pushed me onto the bed into a 69 and began to kiss and lick me again. I was so wet, his tongue swirled through the folds of my labia then flickered all around my clit, as I sucked feverishly on this man’s hard cock! I was so turned on tasting his cock in my mouth, I came again instantly.
Dave climbed around and got on top of me as I lay there wiped out. He was aiming the camera at us as he entered me with his cock. I didn’t see the flash of the camera any more but he was still aiming it at us. Oh my god, I thought. He was filming us fucking! His cock went in and out of me slowly then quickly.
I was so turned on that he was filming us, I turned over and got on my knees so he could fuck me from behind. He continued to slid his cock all the way deep inside me then he would pull all the way out then deep inside again. Then he held my ass tight and fucked me hard and fast, I came again as he finally erupted deep inside me! His cum flowed hot deep inside my cunt. I felt so sexy and dirty letting another man cum inside me.As he pulled out, I remained with my ass in the air and let him film all his cum flowing out of me.
Dave pressed me down to the bed flat on my stomach. He reached over to the nightstand as he sat on top of me straddling me with his cock resting on my butt crack. He began to slowly rub lotion all over my back, neck, butt and down my legs then rolled me over and sprayed the lotion on my breasts and massaged the cream all over my breasts……………………………………………….

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