Wife Wants Another Man To Join Us Part Two

continued part 2
When I came home, she was wearing her sheer dress that showed everything and said she had a surprise for me. I was excited and we had a number of drinks. I was somewhat out of it and we started a session again and I enjoyed it regardless of what she wanted. This time she tied me one rite hassock in the living room, something we’d rarely done, have sex outside the bedroom. She put the hassock in the middle of the room and had me lay on it and tied my hands and feet to the feet of the long padded hassock that was very comfortable. Then she put a pillow under my hips again and we started our fun. The drinking made it that I was hazy and enjoying anything she did, including her using the bigger dildo again and making me suck on the smaller one that was under my head and in my mouth. I couldn’t really back off of it which meant I had a dildo in my mouth until she decided to remove it.

And now she was pushing that big dildo in my butt and it was going in because of her constant training with it. I was too tired and drunk to care; it’s like I drifted off for awhile and when I woke up, she was still sliding that dildo in me and it felt really good and warm, like it was softer but still hard like the dildo was. I heard her laughing and taking pictures, but the dildo was still being fucked into me over and over, and I was blindfolded with a white cloth of some kind. I was enjoying it and the dildo in my mouth was comfortable now and I started sucking on it back and forth while she continued fucking my ass with the big one. It really did feel good, and then she started speeding up and she was grunting with the effort of fucking me harder with it and she was laughing close in my ear about what a good cocksucker I had become for her and she was so proud of me.

I felt good and for that I wanted to please her sexually. Then there was a lot of pressure in my butt and the dildo pushed to the max in me and she was grunting a lot. It was a turn on entirely and I sucked the dildo in my mouth even more for her, hoping she’d see how excited and motivated I was. Then, slowly, the dildo was pulled out and she got up from the hassock and she came around to me and kissed me thru the blindfold that actually covered my face entirely except a hole where the dildo was pushed thru into my mouth. I relaxed and sort of fell asleep from all the effort and she pulled the dildo out of my mouth and I could stretch my mouth out a bit and relax. She took more pictures and then nothing, I was asleep for a bit.

I woke up to her sitting in front of me and lifting my head to slide the dildo into my mouth again thru the hole in the cloth and it was smaller and real pliable this one, I wondered where she bought it and what kind of gel was in it to make it so pliable and warm. I heard her voice say to start sucking it for her and to be a great little cocksucker for her, make her proud. I was still tied down and my ass was relaxed with no dildo in it for the first time in quite awhile tonight and I did work that dildo in my mouth. Up and down, as best I could pull back and the dildo was a new kind I guess you could inflate to make it bigger and bigger as I kept sucking it. And I smelled sex around it and in front of me, and hands holding my head guiding me up and down. I was enjoying pleasing her and she was taking some pictures again and I loved that she was so motivated to want to share with me what it looked like having sex with her like this. And the sucking went on for quite awhile┬átil suddenly she said the dildo was going to simulate a real dick and it would spurt pretend cum in my mouth.. and it did, and she said swallow all of it honey, you’re doing good, so good my little cocksucker, keep sucking and swallowing. It tasted nasty but I did as she said, surprised by the strength in her hands guiding my head up and down. Finally it finished and the dildo pulled out and I laid my head down, my neck hurting from the effort to keep sucking for so long on such a long dildo as she pumped it up. I felt her feel my ass up and she fingered me and it must have been the dildo fucking for so long but her fingers felt bigger, but must have been that I was sore from being dildo’d for so long.
More pictures being taken and then she was gone for a bit and came back and untied me and massaged me and said take a shower, let’s relax and sleep. I slept. I woke before her and was fixing coffee and got out the iPad, bigger screen that I like and she had opened her photo’s. So she already backed up the photo’s from the night before. So I pulled them up and wasn’t sure what I was seeing except me laying on the hassock with a pair of my briefs over my head, the dildo pushed into the slit for your dick in front. Well, that was odd and the pictures were hot but odd that way. I had started at the beginning of them and saw the dildo in my ass and it looked hot, me laying there with a dildo in each hole like that. I was rather proud of myself for having done all that. Then the pictures changed to the dildo on the floor and another person sitting behind me, a hairy arm with tattoos with his fingers in my butt, his other hand pulling my dick down between my legs and holding it. She must have downloaded pics from the internet to have these but it looked like my body and that looked just like our hassock I was tied over. Then the pictures changed again to this man kneeling behind some guy’s butt and pushing his dick that was rather large into the butt over and over. There were lots of pictures. It looked hot, but gay sex wasn’t my thing, irony I know after spending the night sucking and being fucked like I was.
Then pictures of the same guy sitting in front of the briefs covered head and sliding his dick in the hole in the briefs and holding the person’s head, obviously to mouth fuck this guy being dicked in his ass and mouth by a very hairy and well-endowed man. Even I was impressed by the size of his dick and his body. I finished going through all the pictures and then I saw there was a movie attached. I clicked it and it was the same two men. I really wondered why my wife download gay porn like this. I watched the movie and actually got semi hard watching the guy being butt fucked and then mouth fucked. It was hot. If the film had been longer I might have jacked off to it, it was well done, amateurish, but the people were hot, the guy fucking and the guy on his stomach being fucked. He had a body like mine. I’m not huge, but I go to the gym and work out; I’m well toned and so was the guy being fucked in both his mouth and ass…

to be continued.

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