She stared up at the ceiling as she caressed herself. Oh how she wished that it was his arms holding her…and that it was his chest that her head rested on…his breathing lulling her to sleep.

But he had his back to her… laying on the very edge of the bed. He was only inches away
…although it felt like miles.

She snuggled up to him and ran her hand along the length of his smooth warm thigh…across his firm stomach and up to his chest. She stopped above his heart. She began to trace circles around his nipple. She heard him sigh…almost as if he was annoyed. She moved back down to his stomach and let her hand reach for his manhood. But he grabbed it and pushed it away.

A moment later he rolled onto his back…he pushed her over onto her stomach. She heard the drawer to the nightstand open…then close. The familiar scent of wildflowers filled the air…as did the faint squishy sounds. She knew that he was applying his favorite potion to his shaft…he always did.

His fingers found her already wet entrance. He pushed past her swollen lips. She gasped and instinctively her muscles tighten around the digits. She craved his touch. She yearned for his attention. She wanted him to take her…to ram her until they were both spent. But…

He removed his fingers. The bed shifted as he moved forward. She felt his cockhead at her lips…parting them as he tried to enter her. She shuttered in anticipation. Sensations began to radiate within her. He thrust in…she pushed back. She wanted him to fuck her hard and fast. But as he drew back he slipped out of her and moved away. He sat on the edge of the bed. Unapologizingly saying that he was just tired.

It was the way he said it…the way it made her feel that it was her fault. She suspected he was having an affair. She wondered what she could do to win back his affections? She wondered if it was already too late?

As his fingers found the numbers she heard the tones on his cell phone.
“Yes… I’m checking in on my patients.”
She held her breath as she listened.
“Oh! I see. Very well. I’ll be right there.”
She let out a long sigh.
“I have to go. A patient has taken a turn for the worst.”
He quickly dressed and was gone.

She laid there in the dark. She wondered how they knew which doctor was calling? He didn’t give his name. A tear traveled across her temple and disappeared into her hair. But her need was far more consuming then her suspicion or doubts.

She was on fire…she ran her hands along her thighs…quickly reaching for her nipples. She pinched them. Hard. She imagined it was his fingers. Pulses of pleasure traveled throughout her body
…finding their way to her clit. Fingers parted her lips and she drove them into herself…over and over. She slowly pulled them out and brought them to her lips. She could smell her sex and the scent of wildflowers. As she tasted her juices it only excited her all the more. Just as she began to pleasure herself…the phone rang.

Her voice was husky…almost breathless.
“You’re alone again aren’t you?”
” What? ”’Who is this?”
“He didn’t satisfy you again did he?”
“Excuse me…what did you just say? Who is this?”
“Your husband. He doesn’t get hard. He doesn’t satisfy you. I bet your hand is on that wet pussy right now. I bet your nipples ache to be sucked…don’t they?”

She was taken back by the strangers voice. Yet she was shamefully excited by his words.

“Don’t they?” he demanded.
“Y-yes!” she managed to whisper.
“You want a big hard cock to fuck that hole of yours…don’t you? Fuck you until hot spunk fills you up?”
“Then listen…”

The sounds were barely audible. She strained her ear and could make out rustling…and something she couldn’t quite place. Then she heard the moaning…it grew louder…and there was now a slapping sound. As she listened she furiously rubbed her clit.

This time the mans voice was breathless…barely understandable…
“Can you hear that? That’s a big hard cock ramming my ass…his sack slapping against my skin. I am stroking my shaft. Oh! he is always so hard. I love it when he pulls all the way out…then rams it to the hilt. Hmmm! He has his hands on my hips…he’s holding me up and pumping me…hard and fast on his rigid rod. He’s smacking my cheeks…hes gonna shoot his load deep in my ass. I’m gonna cum…Are you ready?”
She was beyond ready. Her orgasm erupted. With each pulsation of pleasure…she sprayed out her juices…they ran down her ass and thighs. Pleasure consumed her…it spread like a wildfire out of control. She reveled in it. Not wanting to let it go. She came unlike anything she had experienced in her entire life. She kept at it until she could not coax another orgasm from her body. She still clutched the phone in one hand.

As she began to regain her senses she could hear whispering and giggling.
The man asked almost matter-
of- factly…
“Don’t you just love that smell?”
“What? What smell?”
He brazenly replied, “Wildflowers.”

Then he hung up.

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