Working for the Man Part 2

I had to go on a business trip to assist my incredibly sexy boss while meeting clients. I had spent every day at work since I started working there, thinking about what it would be like to get him in bed with me. He was married, but I just wanted him so badly. I would flirt with him – but only in little ways like smiling a little naughty at him, or just staring at him as he would walk by my desk. But this business trip had to be the best opportunity to see if I could seduce him into fucking the ever-living daylights out of me.

We checked into the hotel, separate rooms (DARN!) – and went about working all day. We had dinner and walked towards our rooms.

“I’m in 125 if you need me.” said the boss.

(Oh, I’ll need you…) I thought to myself.

“Great, I am in 124, looks like we’re neighbors!”

“Excellent then, well, have a pleasant night.”

We walked up to our doors, and I paused before unlocking the door. I looked over at him hesitantly. He caught my eyes burning through his clothing and smiled, then blushed.

I said, “Well, you have a wonderful night yourself, let me know if you need your pillow fluffed. Haha!”

“I will do that, thanks.” he said jokingly and blushed some more.

In my room I made all the preparations for a seduction, I had no idea how I’d approach him now that we were in our rooms. But, I took a steamy shower and shaved my legs and pussy nice and clean. I put on a sheer black negligee which accentuated my hour glass figure, 36D breasts, a 29 inch waist, and 34 inch hips. I applied a little make-up, but not too much. And a soft scented perfume. After that I sat and waited, and plotted. Almost an hour passed by and I got to thinking that he won’t come knocking – and I couldn’t think of any reason to just knock on that adjoining door to his room, where I bet he was showering that hot body or laying on the bed watching TV. So I decided to order a naughty movie to masturbate to instead – being sure to pay for it myself and not as a business expense!

As the movie played, I started rubbing myself – thinking of the boss. I turned the volume up a little louder and went on pleasuring myself slowly – then I heard a door knocking coming from the boss’ room. I quickly jumped up and examined myself in the mirror, opened the door, and standing there with a raging hard-on was my boss, God! He looked incredible!

“I heard your little movie playing, and figured we could save money and watch it together…” he said with a devilish smile.
“I took him by the cock and showed him to the bed, I got on my knees and started to suck my hot boss’ large, fat, hard cock. I got it nice and wet and ready for me to fuck.

He shoved me onto my back and began to lick my pussy, sucking all the juices out. I came hard onto his tongue, moaning loudly.

Boss put me on my hands and knees and slapped my ass before jamming all of his cock into my wet, yearning pussy. We both groaned loudly as he fucked my cunt good and hard, just how I like it. He started pulling hard my long hair as he buried that cock into me.

“You like getting fucked hard? You like being a dirty little slut?”

“YES-YES, I’m your little slut, you fuck me like the naughty girl I am! PLEASE don’t stop!”

He spit on my asshole and started rubbing it with his fingers as he fucked me. He yanked out his sopping wet cock and said, “Here, take this you little slut, tell me if you like this!”

With that, he shoved his monstrosity in my virgin asshole, all the way in. I screamed because it hurt a lot, but after a few pumps of his cock it started to feel incredible and euphoric to feel that cock ramming into my hole so hard and deep.

“I love it! Fuck my ass good and hard! Spank my naughty ass, I want you to fuck me hard!”

He slapped my ass a few times, nice and hard, then I heard him groan loudly and I felt his juices flowing inside my ass, I rubbed my clit and came harder than I ever had before, writing and pushing my ass into his hips getting as much cock as I could before it was over.

He slowly pulled out his cock and pulled me up to him, he kissed my mouth deep with his delicious tongue. “Thank- you, I needed that so badly, my wife is such an old bitch and I wanted your fresh pussy for a long time.”

“Anytime you need anything, all you have to do is knock.”

The next week he walked by my cube at the end of the day, stopped, and knocked on my desk…”May I come in?”

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  1. justaguy531

    Good and hot! I liked it!

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