Working for the Man

I knew I wanted him the moment I stepped in for my interview several months before. He was sexy with his young face, but buzzed gray hair, a tight ass and nice shoulders. After I was hired, I couldn’t stop fantasizing about what it would be like to have him fuck me. I would give him a naughty smile every day he came in and walked by my desk. And he would smile back, as if he was an embarrassed little school boy.

Months went by and my undressing eyes and smile would continue. At a Happy Hour, I felt some sexual chemistry – especially when he gave my arm a long, slow stroke after a few drinks just as I was leaving.

A few months after that, I was still giving the naughty eyes but was getting bored with my job and the lack of progression on getting my married boss in my pussy. So I decided, I needed a raise or I’d have to look elsewhere.

I went into his office late one afternoon, everyone else had gone home early that day because of a major snow storm. I approached him asking him if he had a moment – he looked happy to see me and said “Absolutely, what’s on your mind?”

“I know I have only been here for just under a year, but I am finding my pay isn’t going to be enough, especially with all the extra work I have been doing. I was wondering if there was any way you could approve a raise or something.”

” Well, we only give pay increases once a year in the spring, so you’ll just have to wait until then , know what I mean? Otherwise, I’d be more than happy to increase your pay, but, it’s up to the big guys in corporate.”

“Well, maybe a promotion to a higher position then? I seriously will do anything to get some more money in the bank. Please Sir? “

“Anything huh? Well, I can think of a few things…hahaha!”

I gave him a naughty smile, and understood his meaning… “So can I…and believe me, I’d be MORE than willing to give you whatever help you need.”

At that he stood up and walked over to me. He stood close, and looked down at me smiling and blushing at the same time. We got closer and closer until my tits were just touching his lower chest. He put his hands on my waist, I guided them all over my body so he could feel my tight ass through my skirt, flat tummy, and full D tits through my sweater. He gasped as I placed my hand on his warm hardening cock through his business pants.

“I’ve been wanting to taste your cock since I first saw you, I want you to let me suck that cock before you fuck my pussy.”

He allowed me to unzip his trousers, releasing his large, fat, throbbing cock. I proceeded to lick and suck him off like there was no tomorrow. I played with and lick his large balls too. Getting his cock nice and wet for my yearning, soaking wet pussy. He grabbed my head and started to fuck my face, I had gagged a couple times because he shoved it in so far.

Soon he stopped and pushed my head away – “Let me fuck that pussy of yours” I stood up, he pushed me back onto the top of his desk, he flipped up my skirt, spread my legs open, ripped off my panties like a brute, and placed his cock on my pussy lips. Sliding it up and down the outside of my cunt, teasing me insanely, I wanted that cock so badly. He grabbed my waist and thrust all of his cock inside me, making me gasp for air in ecstasy. He plowed in and out of me so fast and hard as I rubbed my clit I couldn’t help but have a massive body writhing orgasm. Moaning out of control. He stopped abruptly and pulled out his sopping hard cock…flipped me over with by ass in the air, he licked my asshole while jerking off slowly, I knew what was coming next because it felt so good. I could feel my hole loosen up and open as he slid one, then two fingers inside my asshole…rhythmically ass fingering me. I squealed in pure delight. “Time to take something a little bigger in there now sweetie”

I felt the head of his cock push inside my hole, the initial feeling was a bit painful, but I knew my ass yearned for his cock and he wasn’t going to stop, even if I begged him to. Slowly inserting his entire cock in my pussy, I could feel his balls up against my pussy. He grabbed hold of my ass and started fucking my ass violently, I started to scream a little because it hurt, but at the same time it felt so good! I could tell he was about to cum and I was about to as well, I could feel his balls slapping against my pussy and I went insane, I started to cum harder than I had ever before, moaning uncontrollably, I looked over my shoulder to see his face with a naughty, controlling look on his face…I have him my naughty smile, as I started to cum, he soon followed, groaning and grunting like a real strong man. I could feel his man juice squirting in my ass and oozing out the sides. We came until we ran out of breath. He pulled out his throbbing cock, slapped my ass and said , “I think I can find a higher position for you within the unit, come see me in my office tomorrow about it.”
And with that, I thanked him, gave him a smile, and went home for the day…what a long, hard day in the office!

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