Working in the field…

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I work as a field technician for a mobile phone company, and that can take me to some pretty isolated places. Also, it means having to wait around while the geeks in the central office site do their magic and get me to verify things are OK.

So, one time when I was in one of those “holding patterns” for a couple of hours at a really remote spot on the side of a mountain. I was making some test calls then told to wait while they did some other stuff. I was just sitting there and I started to play with myself. First, I just rubbed my hand across the front of my jeans, then squeezed my balls through the material. I didn’t have any intention of really doing anything, as at any tick of the clock someone could call me, but the more I rubbed my cock through my jeans, the better it felt and the harder my cock was getting.

Just as I was starting to think about pulling long john out for a real play in the sunlight, you got it, the phone rang.

I was talking to the guys in central office while I was stroking myself, then all of a sudden, the call dropped. I looked at the handset. No signal. Well….I thought to myself, I guess I’ll just have to wait till they fix it properly.

Waiting for another five to ten minutes looking at the phone, and still nothing. My hand drifted across my cock again, so I continued where I left off. I undid my belt buckle and the zip then flopped out my semi-hard dick into the sunlight and let the seat back in the truck and closed my eyes and felt the warm sunlight bathe my cock while I gently ran my fingers along the hardening shaft.

While I was lying there, an urge to drop a log came. Problem was I didn’t have any tissues or even normal writing paper with me. I did have a large water bottle with the squirt top on it, so that gave me the idea of using that as a portable bidet. That led to the next problem, if I’m going to wash instead of wipe, how do I stop my jeans getting drenched? Easy I thinks…..take ‘em off!

I got undressed at the back of the van, but kept my boots on to go walking into the bush. I take my small shovel and find a good spot to hang my butt over a log. I dig a small pit then I’m sitting there dropping a turd thinking that there is nothing quite as satisfying as releasing a long, hard shit, feeling it slide out of your bum. Jeez…thinking like that was getting me horny and my dick started to get hard again.

I took the water bottle and sprayed some cold water across my arsehole. Made me shiver, but it felt exciting. I had never really done anything like that before. I could feel the water running down my legs. I sprayed more water rinsing around the hole, and then poked the top inside and squirted so I could feel the cold water filling up inside. It feels a bit weird but kind of exciting, so much so that my cock is now hard as steel.

Slowly I ease the tension on my ring and feel the water come back out, then I force it to squirt out behind me. I let out a sigh then lean back on the log lying naked in the sun and stroking my hard member.

Suddenly I hear a laugh from behind me and I spin around to see four people, some women and a guy. The women have their tops off, showing their breasts (and rather nice at that….no tan lines that I could see…) and the guy is naked. Not too sure if they have seen me or have been watching me, I drop behind the log.

Then I hear them call out, and realise that the game is up.

“Hey there….it’s OK…we were just wondering if there was more to the show?”

Kneeling on the ground behind the log, a bit shy now to show myself naked in front of the people I reply, “Sorry folks. I didn’t realise anyone else was around. Not sure what you mean by a “show”. I was just relaxing. I gotta go back to my truck.”

As I was talking, two of the women were walking toward me. I can’t say that they were beautiful or attractive, but the fact they had their tits hanging out definitely had my attention.

One started talking to me, “Well, seeing as you are already naked, we thought you might like to come over and join us.”

“Join you with what?” I ask

“Well, you could just watch if you want to. I know that Ralph likes to be seen and Terri also likes to put on a show whenever she can.” she said with a grin tipping her head toward the other woman that was now standing next to me.

I had my hands covering my dick in a pretty useless effort to cover up, feeling a bit silly that I had been caught like this. “Well, I dunno about that. I’m not really used to being with a crowd when I’m naked. Pretty uncomfortable with the situation as it is right now. So, as far as any shows go, I think you better count me out of it.”

Terri, the one with the brunette hair, sat next to me and ran her fingernail across my naked chest then down my arm. “Aww, c’mon” she coaxed, “just sit here. We won’t mind a bit.” She looked down at my semi-hard cock and said, “I think you might just like what you see any way.”

While she was talking she spread her legs and the split skirt she had on fell apart to reveal her shaved cunt and I could see that the lips were swollen and moist, pretty much waiting for some action. She ran the same fingers down her tits hers along her inner thigh then up inside her slit moistening the digits.

She then ran them under my nose so I could smell her wet sex. She could see my cock hardening up again and a drop of pre-cum oozing from the slit. She bent over and quickly wiped it off and licked it off her fingers. “Seems like your better parts want to join in.” she said with a wide grin. Right now, it sounded appealing, especially seeing her moist cunt lips right in front of me.

I grinned back at her, “Yes, it does sound like fun, but, I really am not into the group grope thing. I am willing to watch though.”

I had no sooner said that than the other woman, Dana, kneeled down in front of Terri and started to suck on her clit and running her tongue around those already moist lips. Terri leaned back against the log and spread her legs apart. Dana then took her hands and spread Terris wet lips apart to get better access to the small throbbing prize within. She had a remarkably long tongue that flicked into Terri’s wet hole and around the clit.

Then she dropped lower and Terri arched her back to allow Dana to tongue fuck her other tight little hole. To my surprise, Dana then inserted a finger and twisted it around. Then another disappeared in there, and then another and finally she had four fingers sliding in and out of Terri’s now slightly stretched ring.

Terri was moaning quite loudly now, obviously ready to cum, then she opened her eyes and looked toward the other guy, Ralph, and called, “Please sir, I need some more. Please cum here baby, feed that cock of yours into my hot cunt. Please.”

This was way beyond anything I had ever witnessed before. Maybe on a video in a booth when I was jerking off dreaming about having a million sluts around to service and pleasure me. Never thought that these type of people really existed. Now, here they were. Right in front of me. Without realising it, I was stroking my hard cock in time with Ralph fucking Terri. I could clearly see his dick wet with her juices. She was so wet, clearly having orgasm after orgasm just having his hard meat fuck her.

Dana and the other woman were on the ground next to them. Dana was giving another good licking to the cries of, “Yes, ooh, yes, right there, yes, suck that little fucker, yes, mmmm, ahhh.”

Ralph looked at me while he was sliding in and out of Terri’s hot hole. Watching my strokes. He then lifted my hand away. I was in a kind of trace and watched him as he leaned over and sucked on my cock.

I couldn’t believe it. I had never had a GUY suck me off before. But it just seemed so natural. He was fucking Terri and I was now getting into the swing
of things. I held Ralph’s head lightlly pulling him on to my dick, feeling his tongue and spit around the head.
Ralph looked up at me, then lifted off my cock with a string of spit trailing from his mouth to the head of my cock. I almost came right then, but he looked at me and then sucked on one of my nipples.

He stopped and asked me to go behind him. I knew what he wanted. I had never done this before, but with my cock so hard and wet, I just knew what to do. Ralph arched his back and stoped fucking Terri for a moment while I eased my member into his ring. It was very tight, but with his spit and the pre-cum oozing from my slit, it went in easy enough.

Wow. This was unbelievable. I was fucking the guy that had sucked my dick. I wasn’t gay, I had never done anything like this before, but this crowd just managed to make everything seem so normal.

Normal, at that point went right out of the window. Dana had stopped giving the other woman, Rachel, head. Rachel then went over and spread her legs to let Terri give her a good licking while Ralph sucked on her tits while I fucked him.

Dana stood in front of me and I saw the wierdest thing. She had close to the best set of tits I had ever seen, but below that stood a hard cock of at least 7 inches staring right at me.

As I continued to fuck Ralph, I reached over and fondled her(?) tits. She said to me, “Looks like you couldn’t help but join in. Seeing as you have taken this option, I guess it’s only right that you help me out too.”

Now, before today, I had never been with a guy. I had seen some videos and thought about it, but now I had had my cock sucked by a guy, I was fucking that same guys tight ring and I had a hard dick right in front of me. No option I thought. Day for firsts, may as well keep on going, so I leaned over and took that hard thing into my mouth.

It felt strange to be doing that, so I thought about what I like and did that. I ran my tongue down the underside of the shaft then came back up and ran my tongue around the head and bobbed up and down while I ran my hand down the length.

I pulled out of Ralph’s arse and continued to suck on Dana’s cock. Then Rachel came around and started to suck on my cock and balls. Ralph then turned his attention to Rachel’s hot snatch and filled it with his hard member.

We all rotated for about another ten minutes ot hot fucking, sucking and licking.

The three cocks then exploded in a fountain of cum across all of the bodies. Dana was unbelievable. It seemed like rivers flowed from that cock. And for my final introduction to batting for the other side, I was licking up that cum from Rachel’s tits, and from Terri’s hot cunt and Dana’s cock.

We lay on the ground for a while and chatted, doing some formal introductions (never too late to be polite) and agreed that we should meet up again soon for another encounter!

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    very nice, love this kind of story.

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    love the story i would love to be ia a situation like that

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