I might have guessed that something was up. The meaningful looks, the
half hidden smiles that passed between the two of them. Smiles I was
not supposed to see, I thought. I pretended not to notice, but watched
them carefully all the same. What could they be up to? There was an
intensity about it, but also a hint of tease, as though I was maybe,
after all, supposed to see those looks.
I went out to the garden, briefly I thought, and when I came back,
they were gone. I continued with the cooking a while, but curiosity
got the better of me, and I went looking.
They were easy enough to find, but what I found rattled me to the
core. I stood, stunned, through the shock aware only of the blood
rushing to my genitals, my clit throbbing in an instant.
For there on our bed, the pair lay, naked, sucking each other’s cocks
as though they might deliver some substance vital to life. They didn’t
look up. Did they hear me come in? I coughed, maybe to announce my
presence, but more out of embarrassment. Nothing. No response. Or was
there just the smallest glance my way, the tiniest glimmer of a smile
in the corner of an eye, or the edge of a mouth? Hard to be sure –
each had his mouth full of cock, and was stroking deeply, then pulling
back and licking the head, before plunging down again.
I watched transfixed. My cunt dripping now. My nipples standing out
against my blouse. I quickly undressed, wanting, needing to insert
myself into this embrace. So I stood, naked, horrified, but so turned
on. And they did not look up. They just kept sucking away on each
other. I knelt on the bed beside them, and touched, first their
bellies, sides, backs. I draped my breasts across their faces, I felt
the join between cock and lips with my fingers, but still they ignored
me, and sucked, and sucked.
How could I feel so aroused, and yet be no part of this? I cupped my
hand full of spit and smeared it into Peters arse, following with
first one finger, then more. Ah…he noticed that! Fuck him hard.
Stretch that anal muscle. Ignore me then!
I found I could reach both arseholes, and so with my arms spread, I
pushed fingers deeply into these two men, feeling no small relief as I
became sure that they were pushing into my fingers, searching for
deeper delights. My cunt cried out for attention, but at least I was
no longer a helpless watcher…watching my straight partner of twenty
years lost in this most gay of acts.
All of a sudden, as if on cue, these two men disengaged and turned to
me. Nick sat on the edge of the bed, his cock sticking straight up.
Peter pushed me to kneel over Nick. As his cock touched my cunt, I
plunged down onto it, reveling in the wetness, the fullness, the
fuck. I kissed Nick deeply, and as I did, I felt Pete slide his cock
in from behind. His body pressed against my back, and the two cocks in
my cunt were nearly enough. I felt as they moved, sometimes in unison,
sometimes taking turns to thrust. So much skin to touch. So many hands
to be touched by. No-one knew whose hand it was that touched, or whose
skin they caressed. And all the while I thought of those two cocks,
rubbing together inside me, and of what these men must be
Then Peter pulled back, only to take me up the arse now. Juices had
spread everywhere. I don’t remember ever being so wet, and so he went
straight in, deeply, and I felt his balls whacking gently against my
buttocks. Now I was in the grip of ecstasy, and Nick lay back, with me
on top of him, and Peter fucking me from behind I felt so full I might
burst, but this was glorious. I reached down and fondled the two sets
balls, wishing I could reach to penetrate one of these men, but in the
end content just to take this enormous fuck. Like the women in City of
God, I felt I was flying, as I thrust my pelvis back and forth,
plunging first one, then the other deeply inside me
Orgasm hit us together, and so we shuddered, cried out, squirted our
stuff and gasped for breath as one great being. And then we rolled
sideways, still locked together, until I felt the cocks start to
soften inside me.
When at last we came apart, I scooped my fingers deep inside me and
brought forth a handful of my juice, and Nicks semen, which I smeared
over their faces, and mine. Peter reached in for a handful, and
smeared it about my breasts, and I fed him love juice out of my hand.

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