As soon as we enter my hotel room, we embrace. You are older and that’s the way I like it because I learned about life from a teacher and a middle-aged aunt. Ever since, I have preferred older ladies. Not that you are old at all. Early forties, I would judge. But to a guy just out of college like me…well, you could be my mama. But I don’t think of you that way. To me you are just a fine looking woman who is looking for fun, and I am just the stud to give it to you good.

You have nice full breasts, and I need to see them now. See them and touch them. Lick them and suck them. Jiggle them,

As we kiss, I reach around behind you and lower the zipper on your little black dress. My tongue is stroking yours. We both have had enough to drink so that we are not going to stand on any formality whatsoever. We both know why we left the bar together and came up to my room.

I pick the spaghetti straps off your shoulders and shuck your dress down. I step back to get a good look, then quickly squat to pick up the dress that has pooled around your high heels. God, you are an eyeful for a mature lady, and you dressed in the slutty way I like. Along with those stiletto heels, you wore dark stockings and a black garter belt under your silky black bikini pants. And your bra is one of those wonder jobs that push the titties up, making them look like luscious confections just waiting to be licked and sucked.

You make a little excited sound as I squat there in front of you and then you giggle, kind of embarrassed, I guess. You needn’t be. You are just what I want on this fine September evening and, baby, I am going to let you know it.

Taking hold of you at your hips, which are womanly (you’re no skinny slip of a girl, and that’s just fine) I turn you around until you are facing the other way, and you look down at me over your shoulder as I lick the backs of your thighs, between your stocking tops and the elastics of your pants that tuck in under your cheeky buttocks. I take advantage of the opportunity to nuzzle your ass. Just checking. Your soft, springy bottom is just as sweet as May flowers.

I stand, and my tool is up. I don’t wear any underwear, and my pants are loose. My cock has pitched a tent in them. I let you feel the prod as I snuggle up to you from behind, moving your hair to the side and kissing your sweet-scented neck. My hands are all over the cups of your bra, squeezing a little, feeling your nipples harden in the cups.

I slide my hands to your back and unhook your titty harness. As it goes slack, I slide my hands inside and completely over your tits, squeezing and wobbling them, thumbing then plucking at your nipples with my forefingers and thumbs.

“Ooh, God…” you breathe, tilting your head back against me.

I throw your bra away, turn you, and admire the mature beauty of your tits. They are relaxed and full, your rosy-brown nipples extended. I take a football hold on your left titty, lift it, and bend to lick your nipple.

“Yessssss,” you hiss.

I suck your titty into my mouth and tug on it. Your hand has somehow fluttered down my body and is investigating the protrusion of my pants-front which has been pressing against you. I suck your other titty and let you feel my erect 9-incher through my baggy trousers.

“Shit!” you exclaim.

I laugh and raise my face from your titties. “Not big enough for you?” I inquire.

“God, I want it!” you exclaim drunkenly. You are loose as a goose, just as I am, and the truth is coming out.

“Unzip me,” I direct.

You sink to your knees on the carpet. I look down as you work my zipper over the peak of my pants, and my cock spears out as you yank my zipper the rest of the way. My knob is bald and rosy, swollen large atop a thick, rigid shaft that is aimed at your pretty face.

“Suck it,” I say gently as my fingers thread through your silky tumbling hair.

“I don’t usually do this,” you demur, hesitating a little. Even though you are half-sloshed, you don’t want me to think of you as a cocksucker. But hell, this is truth-time, isn’t it? You’re a cocksucker, and I’m a cunt-eater, and that’s just fine.

As I gently press the back of your head with one hand, slowly bringing you to me, I grip the base of my dong with the other and rub the spongy-smooth head of my pleasure giving tool against your lips as we make contact. Your lips part. Your tongue tickles my slit. I take both hands away and let you assume control.

You lick the bulging, juicy head of my dick all over, and I can tell that you like the taste of it. You lick up and down the sides of my flesh-pole. Now you’re really getting into it, about to take the full plunge. I reach down and cup your titties which are hanging kind of loose as you lean forward. I lift your tits and squeeze them.

You take the head of my cock into your mouth and bathe it in your saliva. You taste and swallow. You slowly begin to pump your mouth up and down on my pecker, and you are enjoying it.

Fuck but your mouth feels good on my cock. Hot and wet, sucking. Wanting me. Your fingers snake into my fly as you continue pumping your mouth on my dong, and you bring out my pendulous balls. You cup the hairy sack. Hell, I don’t shave down there and I hope you don’t either. Bushes can be trimmed but should never be mowed.

I back off a little and lift my boner so that it is standing straight up against my belly which gives you access to the family jewels. You make a sexy little chuckle and start lashing at my nuggets with your tongue.

“That’s it, baby,” I murmur and pet your head as you bob to and fro, licking my nut sack all over. You bobble the weighty contents with your poking tongue.

You move lower and suddenly my nuts straddle your nose. You lick me between the balls and asshole, which is a very sensitive area. You know your male anatomy, babe. I wonder if you learned it from hubby, and what happened to hubby anyway. You are not wearing a ring, but you are no old maid. However, all that is none of my business.

You suck a ball into your mouth and let it soak there while you jack my dick with your hand. Shit, I have had about as much as I can take right now, so I disengage and ease you onto your back on the rug. I get rid of my clothes in a flash, except for my socks, and I sprawl over you, ready to take the grand tour.

Your soft titties wobble as I chase your stand-up nipples with my hungry lips, sucking and letting them go, moving from one to the other. I lick the crinkly discs that surround them, then resume nipping at your sensitive stems, tugging them way out and letting them go, only to capture and tug on them again.

“Jesus Christ, you are making me hot!” you declare.

“What do you think you did to me while you were sucking my cock?” I growl in return, my lips brushing the tips of your titties. “Damn, but you have a hot pair of lips, baby!”

“I love dick,” you confess.

“I want to eat your pussy,” I state and scoot lower. I pull your panties down.

You kick free of your black silk pants, and I shove your legs wide apart. There it is, your sweet, hot snatch. Just as I hoped, there are hairs growing above it and along the sides but you have trimmed them nicely so that a man doesn’t feel he needs a machete to make his approach.

I don’t approach just yet but instead start licking your smooth, creamy thighs above the tops of your stockings. I get a subtle whiff of your aroused pussy as I lick your thighs round and round, front and back, across the straps of your garters, and finally I can’t resist pressing my face against the moist sweetness of your fleshy cunt. I taste you, snaking my impetuous tongue into your slit. I lick up and down your moist, velvety folds, then start teasing your clit, sucking on the sensitive nub.

“Oooh, God DAM
N it!” you cry as you pull against the back of my head with both hands, your knees up and your thighs wide apart. You are elevating your
crotch as I wallow in it, slurping noisily.

“SHIT!” you exclaim and jerk against my face. You are cumming.

I stay with my task until you have climaxed fully, then slowly turn you onto your tummy and admire the quivery rondures of your generous ass. I bend and begin to lick your smooth and springy rear cheeks. My cock remains stiff as a rocket, but that doesn’t mean I am about to blow. I have learned to pace myself, and it is much more fun that way.

My hands part your buttocks, and I gaze at your crinkly little asshole. You watch me over your shoulder, not saying anything, and I figure you are wondering what I am about to do next. I don’t keep you in suspense very long as I lower my head, my long hair tumbling to tickle your butt cheeks. You feel my warm breath in a very intimate way, then gasp at the moist caress of my tongue which travels up and down your ass crack. I pause to lick your asshole quite thoroughly. The lush curves of your bottom quiver excitedly against my cheeks.

Now I boost your ass in the air and you pull your knees forward for support. I lick along your crotch to your pussy, approaching it from the rear while my nose nestles where tongue played before. You are so sweet and fucking sexy!

I roll you onto your back again and straddle your neck. I let you lick my dick and bobble my balls with your tongue. I back up and lay my rod between your titties. You smile up at me, hot and totally compliant, pushing your tits together so that I may fuck up and down between them.

I back up more. Now I am kneeling between your splayed thighs. I grasp your thighs at the back, right at the tops of your stockings so that my hands are partly on the nylon and partly on your bare skin, and I lift.

God but your cunt is cute, its outer lips now puffy and parted, its moist inner folds exposed. You have pulled your feet way back, your knees high, your crotch elevated. I grasp my throbbing cock and swab the fat head of it up and down your open slit.

“Fuck me,” you say simply.

I twist my tool, and the wide head seeks entry into your joy-hole. I push, popping the head in. My thickness stretches your pussy, and you catch your breath. It’s my guess that you haven’t been fucked in awhile. Slowly I continue to press as I gaze down into your warm wanting eyes and your cunt takes inch after inch of my blissfully throbbing prick.

“Like it?” I ask because I need to hear you tell me.

“I love it!” you exclaim. “Fuck me!”

I withdraw a bit, then push deeper. I pull and thrust, pull and thrust, going deeper and deeper until you have all nine inches of my wrist-thick rod pumping up and down inside you. Fucking you. Fucking you hard!

“Ooh shit!” you cry. “Ooh fucking Jesus! Ooh ssscrew! Fuck it! God damn, fuck it!”

I fuck you harder and you f uck back, your titties bouncing. I turn into a god-damned fucking machine, balling and banging you as hard as I can, boning you deeply with each thrust. My balls plop into your crotch as my slippery piston pumps in your hot hole.

You cum, your hands clawing my back, and I just keep fucking you. You start to move with me again, grabbing hold with hands and heels, your pussy pumping on my piston prick. You cum again.

I pull out of your pussy with a sucking pop and roll you onto your belly, boosting your ass in the air. I insert my prick into your pussy from behind and resume fucking you. I slam my front against your bouncy buttocks as my thick cock rubs your pussy walls, filling you with excitement, thrust after thrust.

You howl and I keep socking it to you. You cum yet again, your ass shaking. I withdraw from your front hole and eye the back one which seems small but can stretch as necessary.

I let fly a wad of spittle, hitting your ass right in the eye, and I grind my slick tool against your nether opening. “Oooh, nooooh!” you protest, but I pay no attention, continuing to work the head of my demanding dick against your resisting little nest of puckers.

“Ooowwww!” you cry as your asshole slowly opens.

“You want it, baby, don’t you?” I demand. “Say you want to be fucked this way.”

There is just a moment of hesitation, and then I hear you hiss, “Yessssssss…”

Having received my pass, I pop the head of my cock into your bunghole, wiggle it around, and gain added purchase until five inches of dick are sticking up your shit chute with more on the way. You bawl, but I keep pressing, working in and out, in and out, giving you more cock with every thrust.

“Oh, my GOD!” you cry. “It’s too much. Sweet jumping Jesus!”

“Want me to stop?” I bark as I keep pumping my prick in your tight asshole.

“Noooooh!” you wail.

I fuck your ass harder while underneath my fingers pinch and pull at your clit.

“Yesss…yesss…yesss…!” you breathe in time with my rapid cock-strokes up your bum.

I am pounding your big butt now, really giving it to you, punishing you and pleasing you, both at the same time. I can feel you approaching another climax, and I pinch your clit hard at just the right moment while I thrust nine inches of throbbing cock up your cornhole.

NOW! You cum ecstatically, and the rippling grip of your anal muscles brings me along. Jerking powerfully, I spurt over and over, irrigating your bowels with my thick warm cream.

Afterwards we lie together, loosely in each other’s arms, smiling in satisfaction, and I tell you what a fantastic piece of ass you are. That’s what you want to hear. Not “I love you” or any of that shit. Love had nothing to do with it. We fucked, every which way, and we both enjoyed it to the hilt.

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  1. Lisa

    Incredible! I’d swear you were a younger “friend” of mine…great story!

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  2. Yes, we both enjoyed it to the hilt…

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